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He wears the Kuoh Academy boys' school uniform, which consists of a black blazer with white accents over a white, long-sleeved dress shirt with a black ribbon on the collar, matching black pants, and brown dress shoes. Yuuto ends "Chimera" Freed once and for all. When she finally made her return years later, Kiba was so overjoyed by the fact that she had survived that he ran and forcibly hugged her.

Issei, at first, disliked Yuuto, mainly due to his good looks and popularity with the girls, but as time passed they became good friends.

In Volume 23, Yuuto and his team had won continues victories over the course of the tournament, when they then faced an Ultimate-Class Devil on their next match, he had defeated the opposing teams Knight in the blink of an eye. One day, when giving tribute to his deceased friends, he was confronted by a Stray Devil and fought a hard battle until his master, Okita, comes to rescue him. Yuuto and Issei began their clash and used their respective swords to strike at each other, with Yuuto noting that Issei can keep up with him in his DxD form, causing Yuuto to increase his aura to use his other Balance Breaker Glory Drag Trooper to summon armored knights that wore dragon-like armor and each of them held a demonic sword such as Balmung, Nothung, Dáinsleif, and Tyrfing. Yuuto, Rossweisse, and Xenovia then faces Sairaorg in a three-on-one battle but lost to the latter (although they managed to cut off one of Sairaorg's arms). Issei reminding Yuuto to not die in the upcoming fight. Magic: Yuuto has shown some skill in magic.

After all the fights were settled, Yuuto and the Occult Research Club celebrated Christmas and it was announced that he will succeed Akeno as the new Vice-President of the club. As a Knight, he has pride, chivalry, dignity, and honor befitting one, and is shown to enjoy fighting fellow swordsmen like Karlamine. He can fight against stronger opponents such as Ewald, a master swordsman who could wield all Excalibur's abilities at the same time. He later goes to Romania along with Rias and Azazel in order to find out more about Gasper's unknown power. Yuuto, later, assisted Issei and Asia to find their parents by clearing a path through an army of Evil Dragons fighting alongside Irina and Xenovia. Yuuto and his team celebrated at the Hyoudou Residence for Issei and his team’s victory and told them he’ll help as much as he can and ask Vasco about what he’ll do from now on, which he revealed he’ll stay at Kuoh Town because he senses a disturbing atmosphere. Yuuto's swordsmanship is based around the Tennen Rishin-Ryu, though it isn't entirely the same sword style since he learned how to wield swords and fighting posture from.

Yuuto has a friendly relationship with Asia, being sympathetic with her plight from being banished by the Church and readily assist Issei to rescue Asia from Raynare. Yuuto is overall an upbeat person and cares deeply for his comrades. Upon arriving to Kyoto, Yuuto and the others were greeted by Yasaka and the Youkais to lead them to the traditional giant mansion to meet with Suzaku and Sun Wukong for a discussion, with Yuuto and the others who weren’t attending waited at the guest rooms. Flight: Being a Devil, Yuuto can use his wings to fly. In Volume 11, Yuuto received a promotion recommendation along with Akeno and Issei. While the group was resting after the test, they were ambushed by Cao Cao and Georg who came to steal Ophis' powers. Yuuto appeared at the Oppai Dragon Stadium with his team for their match against Issei and his team and as the match started, Yuuto went together with Rias, Gasper, and Lint to plan an ambush and successfully took out Bova Tannin and Roygun Belphegor. Before the time was up, they reconfirmed their plan and Yuuto ended up pairing with Tsubaki of the Sitri group and fought against the mass-produced Evil Dragons. Being the counterpart of Sword Birth, he can create numerous holy swords with different attributes.

Initially, he had a deep hatred towards the Holy Swords or their wielders. Affiliations Originally, Yuuto and Xenovia were on bad terms due to Yuuto's hatred of the Holy Swords and Xenovia's position as a Church Exorcist and an Excalibur wielder.

In Volume 6, during Rias and Diodora Astaroth's Rating Game that was interrupted by the Khaos Brigade, Yuuto fought Freed Sellzen, who had turned into a Chimera, easily cutting his body to pieces before destroying his head, killing the latter. In Volume 22, some time after completing their end of semester tests, Yuuto and the rest were later seen the club preparing it for the new semester he hands the new president Asia documents for the new school year. Cover of the third DVD/BD volume of High School DxD New featuring Yuuto Kiba … Originally an orphan named Isaiah, Yuuto was taken in by the Church and was chosen to be a part of a project called "The Holy Sword Project" under the supervision of Valper Galilei.

In Volume 24, The entirety of the ORC and Hyoudou Residences came to the school pool for a relaxing time, Yuuto was primarily quietly swimming by himself, switching his form From freestyle to butterfly and blissfully swam on his own. In Volume 7, after fending off the Sacred Gear users and anti-monsters sent by the Hero Faction of Khaos Brigade, Yuuto tagged along with Rias, Asia, and Gasper to spy on Issei and Akeno's date, but soon lost them when Issei and Akeno escaped. This was shown in Volume 3 when she was willing to go along with Issei's plan of destroying the remaining Excalibur fragments by teaming up with Irina and Xenovia, without Rias' permission, all in order to keep Yuuto from becoming a Stray Devil. Before the fight, Issei reminded him not to take his life for granted and that he should return alive. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

(Episode 6, Season 2 New) Trivia. He requested to transfer to the group that would fight against Ewald Cristaldi saying that he doesn't want to fight against him for revenge but as a challenge against the former wielder of Excalibur.

Sword Birth (魔剣創造ソード・バース, Sōdo Bāsu): Yuuto's primary weapon and Sacred Gear, it has the ability to create numerous demon swords each with its own attributes and properties at his disposal, such as the Holy Eraser and Flame Delete. Yuuto later devised a creative manner to lessen the effects of Gram, similar to Excalibur acting as the sheath of Durandal and using Gram against Dragons as revealed in Volume 18.

When he finds out in Volume 4 that Freed was experimented on to wield a Holy Sword, he feels a certain amount of hatred against him due to the fact that his once fellow comrades had previously died, being branded "failures" by a similar Holy Sword experiment.


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