young sherlock holmes andrew lane

Flip to back Flip to front. This was a quick, entertaining read - an enjoyable kids' historical action/adventure/mystery (with a nice amount of educational information sprinkled into the plot without it coming off too pedagogical).

The story begins promisingly with Sherlock's brother Mycroft coming to inform him that Sherlock would not be spending his vacation at home, but instead, with his uncle and aunt, whom he had never seen. This was a really enjoyable,fun, actionfilled Sherlock holmes set story. And that is why I liked the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt like reading it one night, though, so I picked it up and I'm really glad I did.

Sherlock is fourteen years old and he's been sent to stay with his Aunt and Uncle in the country. Sherlock is learning the villion for a man called Mr stone. The series was developed in conjunction with the estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. “I am a . He has not yet developed the lack of emotions for which he is so famous. This is the first book in the series that I have read, but I may consider picking up other books of this series in the future. But I digress. With his father sent to India with the Royal Navy and his brother Mycroft working in the busy city of London, Sherlock is shipped off to relatives who he. It appears to me that Justin Bieber is Sherlock Holmes. The novel, Young Sherlock Holmes: Rebel Fire, written by Andrew Lane, is a marvelous read.

Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published Virginia's voice is horribly irritating and the ending was just very vague.

Rumor has it that John Wilkes Booth didn't die in the barn fire but has made his way to England and is being used in a secret plot. I find Sherlock Holmes MUCH more interesting as an extremely educated, arrogant drug-using eccentric than as a smart, highly coiffed, but not-particularly-peculiar teenager. Young Sherlock Holmes red leech is the second story in the series by Andrew Lane.

[4] Black Ice won the 2012 Centurion Book Award. Lane has written articles, reviews and interviews for various magazines, including: DreamWatch, Radio Times, SFX, Starburst, Star Trek Magazine, Star Wars Magazine, Star Wars Fact Files and TV Guide (United States). For instance, when Sherlock, Matty, and Virginia were cornered by giant monitor lizards, Lane showed that Sherlock was fearful by describing that his spine was tingling with fear, sweat was dripping down his forehead, his heart beat was increasing, and his bones were jittery.

Mr. Crow is in the employ of the Pinkertons and has also been charged with finding Booth. Refresh and try again. I wish there was a movie. Meh.

I enjoyed the simplified bits on the USA Secession War, which is the story line in Red Leech.

The things that I like that the auther did was when he wrote worlds that like british people say and like back then there was not good english around the world, and I also liked him because he did such great detail he should turn into a movie.

I can see why young readers would like this book- adventure, creepy bad guys, mysterious and cool little facts about things,(Like bees and history)but this genre and this book were not for me. I have my own perceptions about how young Sherlock Holmes would be and this one isn't real close to my ideas. The series was developed in conjunction with the estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Death Cloud follows Sherlock during his summer vacation from boarding school. But Andrew Lane has written novels about it.

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Lane studied physics at the University of Warwick, where he was a contemporary and friend of writers Justin Richards and Craig Hinton. Zeyn Joukhadar’s follow-up to his The Map of Salt and Stars, which was a 2018 Goodreads Choice Awards Finalist in Historical Fiction and won... 1868 England.

Personally, I'm 22 and found it entertaining. I like the series so far and plan to finish the other two books this year. Its the first in a series of adventures featuring young Sherlock Holmes and, naturally, with that name comes great expectations of a story that can bring you to the edge of your seat and mysteries that make you scratch your head.

Sherlock Holmes fights the most menacing villains who kidnap his friend for uncovering their plans. As far as I know, it's Young Adult, not Middle Grade, but there are no scenes that I'd consider to be disturbing for, say, a 12-year-old. This was loads better than the first book! The first volume in this series, Death Cloud, starts off a bit slowly but soon turns into an intriguing murder mystery. Black Ice book. we’re here. I enjoyed it oh so much and honestly could barely put it down, especially the last 5 chapters.

So, Sherlock must go to America with Mr. Crow & daughter Victoria to try and track him down.

I liked the story and I liked the characters. I liked this book. Andrew Lane (born 17 April 1963), as Andy Lane, is a British author and journalist best known for the Young Sherlock Holmes series of Young Adult novels. Lane had already shown an extensive knowledge of the Holmes character and continuity in his Virgin Books novel All-Consuming Fire in which he created The Library of St. John the Beheaded. Americans logical tutor Amycus Crowe and daughter Virginia in well-fitting breeches help. Although I do enjoy the Sherlock Holmes canon, I am far from being a true Sherlockian and am perfectly happy to dip into the occasional Holmes pastiche for some light reading. The explanation of the Death Cloud itself is quite intriguing. This book has mystery and action throughout the entire book. It seems to purposely try to relate to what teenagers might be going through in their real lives at schoold. I quite liked this book. Welcome back. Andrew Lane was born in 1963 and is a British citizen. We’d love your help.

Listen Playing... Paused You're listening to a sample of the Audible audio edition. However, I wasn’t all that excited to read about Sherlock as a kid. This book was definitely exciting and filled with revelations.

This is the second book in Andrew Lane's "Young Sherlock Holmes" series. This leads a journey across the Atlantic Ocean, a duel on top of a train and much more.

a travesty. for the older reader such as myself i have enjoyed the first two books as a nice easy quick read with a decent story behind them. The book has been approved by the Sir.


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