working with metatron

Day:You can work with Metatron any day of the week. It will usually then stop for a time, but recur whenever you are making a large leap forward spiritually. You can also connect with Archangel Metatron in meditation or contemplation time by holding a crystal merkaba. When you ask Metatron for his healing or to raise your spiritual vibration, this is what he will essentially do, so it can help to visualise a shape you resonate with travelling through your chakras, but is not essential. All of the Glory is, as always, to God, our creator. philosophy . I was hurt so badly and deeply inside, and I felt I had no one to go to for help. Me too. Archangel Metatron is associated with the Kabbala, the Tree of Life and sacred geometric shapes – none more so than the so-called “Metatron cube” or, as I prefer, “Metatron star” – the 3D merkaba or Star of David, otherwise known as the ascension vehicle. I was once told that I have been spiritually awakened and working my way to ascension which, to be honest, I am not really aware.

I have always associated electric blue with Archangel Michael.

I’m glad you found it!

It is heavy, thick, and overpowering, as he holds the records and design of all things. I come to tell you, that I am assisting you by shrouding you with my resilient outer light, to clear and cleanse your energy field in order for  you to be equipped with the perfect balance of energy, to continue this mission. i am in need of assistance. You were also being shown that you would be healed, in time, that your pieces would be put back together and you would feel peace again, at a time when it would have been challenging for you to imagine it. Last night when I fell asleep, my wife said I woke up and yelled 314!!! Where did all this come from? Really interesting perspectives. But I was flooded with a feeling of understanding of peace and acceptance; the message (much more plainly put than the feelings transmitted by the dream) was that all things happen for a reason, a reason well beyond my understanding, but the “waves” I felt from the object filled me with understanding that cannot be verbalized. . I channel through my Angel in human form, Alura. I asked my daughter if she was ok?

Sacred geometric shapes include the platonic solids or basic building blocks of life – the cube, tetrahedron, octrahedron, icosahedron and dodecahedron – but also others including the sphere, pyramid, and 3D heart and cross forms. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. And I have tried for a long time to write it off as just that. Animals: Metatron’s animal is the elephant. Jesus knew the significance of this too, when he said “I will tear down this temple and rebuild it in 3 days”.

I asked him to show himself to people around me as they are thinking I am crazy talking to myself. I don’t know if it’s related but just another thing that stood out. Xxx. The only thing i clearly remember from that experience was the three beings saying ” Don’t Document Us ” right before i woke up again! I’m glad the articles helped in some way. There is no one specific failsafe way of contacting an archangel so far as I know.

He is an angel of the earthly heavenly spheres. I felt as though the jewels on the necklace I was wearing were significant to a particular star system. I asked what is that? Thank you for replying, Well between some old coins and ideas of greater beings and a helpful book called dictionary of Angels and fallen angels and the half of internet community lost in this shit , I just afraid I missed my opportunity to establish , and not for the money or not even to be known , I have to sum it up what’s the purpose , will the enlightened rise to power , is the other fucks gonna be taken by the deceitful, “rapture ” or will the find common ground and understand that ones or the other , and in history , let’s just sum it up with gillotines lots of gillotines, But back to my idea paralyptic sleep. Next my attention was drawn to my own hands out in front of me. He was here, as Enoch. Thanks for sharing Cody. New Membership Subscription needed for premium content… Coming Soon! If you don’t have conscious recall of the end of the sentence, I wouldn’t worry, because your soul will know, and it’s your soul that needs to know, to carry out Metatron’s wishes. This information is likely very important for your path right now given that you were drawn to contact me at this time. They were grouped in 3 different colour robes. I lay there continuing to pray from my heart for God to show me my purpose in life. Like Metratron is nine and the shields out.
Then a woman dressed in all white stepped forward and said I am 2 of 13. Then I heard applause, the great applause of thousands and thousands and thousands! He is all knowing. At the time, I assumed that this was my brain trying to comfort me about the recent unexpected death of a loved one. I am 1 of 13. Are you seeing things? It could have been Archangel Metatron, or any higher guide or angel, though there is nothing characteristic there to determine, really. (or what signs to look out for). , …….n they think I’m loosing it , , ALL THAT SHOULD BE COMMON SENCE , But it’s a type of person , a almost lost but not person , like when you have an outta body experience and wake up before your back inside , your spirit is lost and the spirit needs do wander , for its what comes back with the knowledge , I’m not a religious person but I’m not stupid either , and Jesus may have been a real dude , but mart wasn’t a virgin , anyways what I’m saying is my facts arnt present nor solid and never have i completed on theory or whatever ,but starting with dream stuff to predicting things to knowing when your buddy is about to text or what songs gonna be next on the station , when you look at someone and they immediately look back cause they feel it or how you just know that, the object of desire isn’t an object but a common mystery of why , my wanders alone through towns and hills and a feeling that draws me to a certain place or parking lot lol, collided me with objects , pendants , old religious medallions , lol I’ve always found since I was little . Hi Corey This may have been a message from your loved one, showing you that real true love is still out there for you, and not to lose hope. I was not told anything about the Lion, and for some reason I did not ask about it. also he had a gold belt. There are many layers of meaning with it – as you had recently experienced the death of a loved one, it was likely partly a reminder that love transcends death and that love never dies. Channels, incidentally, do not contact spirits, in the sense of deceased people – that is the job and the skill of a medium. I am happy to discuss your dreams further with you if you ever feel like telling me more details – you can email me at Suggestions? (Side note: I work with tarot and had just started to learn about it more) anyway metatron looked at me and said “listen up he has something important to tell you” and then I looked in the mirror and Michael grabbed me from behind and wrapped his arms around me and I collapsed onto the counter crying, him never letting go and I woke up from my dream sobbing and saying no don’t make me wake up yet. Xxx. Any one claiming to know such, he keeps a firm eye on, and this knowledge is only meant for select few under his rulership.

When I first started working with Archangel Metatron… I quickly noticed geometric shapes and blocks of colored light spiraling around me.I later realized that Metatron's cube and these sacred geometric shapes of light were powerful tools used by Metatron to facilitate healing, energy balancing, and spiritual growth. I would appreciate your thoughts about my dream. Awesome, thank you very much for your help.

It is heavy, thick, and overpowering, as he holds the records and design of all things. On an earthly level these people never knew of the infusion, although it slightly changed them for the rest of their life on this earth, even slightly changing their physical appearance. I need some guidance.
( Log Out /  Sometimes, he prompts earth angels – caring friends or family or sometimes complete strangers – to bring you a gift. Metatron was given much wisdom and access, to work between the worlds, by those powers. In the 5th, beings who were once beings of angelic light, took their position, and started ruling closer to the humans. Last night I had a Reiki session and when the healers were done they told me an Angel named Metatron had come along with an Angel named Raphael. Metatron was an angel and the Scribe of God who recorded the Word of God.In Heaven, Metatron was personally selected by God to write down his word and then God disappeared. And He does it. I know this is not a forum for or about drugs or anything but after reading so many comments about what this forum is about i have something on my mind i absolutely need to get off. I was taking a nap and had a dream of being in my childhood home and received a phone call n it said the angels need you so I started walking towards the bathroom and we stood in front of the mirror. I have just made a new post on the blog which is all about the earth plane moving into the fifth dimension at this time and my very human experience of that. I uphold and live Christian values and I work with Jesus (by which I mean engage with him in meditations and prayer) regularly.

I lifted my head and I saw the number 27 in a digital thermometer, it was 27 degrees. An easy way to distinguish if you are working with beings of light or dark is that light beings only ever bring feelings, messages, inspirations and directives that emanate peace, joy and love. Xxx. It is a symbol of transformation used for personal use. there was a very bright gold light emanating from him, this light was creating a very loud sound.


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