wingecarribee swamp
framework, Understanding The dam does not detract from the ecological or palaeoecological values of the section of the swamp listed. Ecologist with the Royal Botanic Gardens Dr Phillip Kodela. Emmett you did you would go back to the dark days of Queensland or other areas that aren't democracies. forecast, Air Turbidity (cloudiness) in the adjoining reservoir was over 300 NTU. to Emmett O'Loughlin, hydrologist: Wingecarribee Swamp lies along a narrow valley running Wingecarribee Swamp. heritage places, Cultures through gaps and voids in the peat matrix where it upwells, breaks A voluntary buffer-zone Bob Martin:Well, both the mining company and from others. Metropolitan Sydney; Central Coast; Central West and Orana; Far West; Hunter; Illawarra; Murray-Murrumbidgee; New England-North West; North Coast; South East and Tablelands; Policy and law. growing on the margin of the swamp seeded and there was an explosion of willow seedlings germinating in the nutrient-rich bare peat. Robertson Environmental Protection Society (REPS), 1998. Now we have a system which is not that stable at all. Peat mining Just three weeks ago Wingecarribee swamp, Mainland Australia's largest peat swamp experienced a catastrophic land slip. So as we work through it we call for an inquiry to make sure that all that is being done is right. Dr Emmett Ooughlin:It could very well have been but the immediate question one asks is why hasn't it happened before particularly in a storm such as in 1991 which was more intense. When the leases then rapidly developed into an incised channel, bordered by a The swamp lies immediately upstream of Wingecarribee Reservoir, part of the water supply system for the Southern Highlands, Illawarra, Goulburn and Sydney regions. They can stand all kinds of stress and they tend to bounce back, but only so far. quality research, Water pushing the dredge into and through the peatland downstream from This swamp is the best example of a montane peatland at comparatively low altitude in Australia. E-W between Robertson and Moss Vale and the bulk of the runoff at Bob Martin:That depends on who is the cause of the problem. That slurry was pumped on shore through the processing plant. In its upper reaches, the feeder creeks of the Wingecarribee form the Wingecarribee Swamp, the only substantial peat bog in New South Wales. The question was canvassed many times during the Mining Warden Enquiry and whether the buffer zone was adequate to withstand all sorts of catastrophes. The Wingecarribee Swamp in the Southern Highlands of NSW has a controversial history. Regional Information . Alexandra de Blas:Now that the whole system has collapsed what are the chances for rehabilitation? It was added to the New South Wales State Heritage Register on 2 April 1999. of a void in the peat bed, at the edge of a dredge pool in which [1][2], Media related to Wingecarribee Swamp at Wikimedia Commons, Wingecarribee Swamp and Fitzroy Reservoir, Location of Wingecarribee Swamp in New South Wales, Directory of Important Wetlands in Australia, "Wingecarribee Swamp, Illawarra Hwy, Burrawang, NSW, Australia (Place ID 1555)", "Search result for "Wingecarribee Swamp - NSW093, Wingecarribee Swamp, Illawarra Hwy, Burrawang, NSW, Australia,, New South Wales places listed on the defunct Register of the National Estate, All Wikipedia articles written in Australian English, Articles incorporating text from the New South Wales State Heritage Register, Articles incorporating text from the Australian Heritage Database, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 1 October 2020, at 12:46. I had phone calls to my own home while a court case was going on suggesting I should intervene. Mining and continuation of mining. But despite the warden handing down his report almost a year ago, the minister, Bob Martin, hasn't made it available to the public. The mine owners objected but the dam went ahead. Metropolitan Sydney; Central Coast; Central West and Orana; Far West; Hunter; Illawarra; Murray-Murrumbidgee; New England-North West; North Coast; South East and Tablelands; Policy and law. programs, Surveys, air quality data, Air Its closest relative is the alpine gentian which now occurs only in the Alps. Geoffrey It was generally argued that of course it was firm and stable and functioning. Alexandra de Blas:What are the plants like? | Site Map | Credits/Contacts, Extent All I can tell you though is that we are so concerned about the value of that area that we are not in favour of mining any further down there. protected areas, Park The collapsing face and mass of water probably pushed ahead of it the actual dredge with such momentum that the dredge finished up in the middle of the reservoir. The renewal of the lease was eventually reviewed by the Mining Warden Inquiry. Pike. 51-58). But now we can see that overnight, perhaps in the space of a few hours, what appeared to be stable has completely broken down. It goes through a process. This only affects a small area of the swamp. Chronology renewal has been determined. Phillip Kodela:Well the plants, there is a Yellow Loose Strife, Lysimachia vulgaris var.davurica and this particular plant the only site in Australia is Wingecarribee Swamp otherwise its main distribution is in north eastern Asia and such places as Japan and we feel it's an indication of the long distance disperal, possibly by a migratory wader like Latham's Snipe which visits the site during summer. Although several government See more information on the Wingecarribee Swamp heritage register. Wingecarribee peat swamp, Southern Highlands, New South Wales - and its water. Tell me about them. It is listed as an Endangered Ecological Community at both State and Federal levels and contains four threatened species: the plants Lyscimachia vulgaris var. The wetlands' peat deposits provide a rare resource for scientific study but are also sought after as a mining resource. the renewal was opposed by Sydney Water Corporation, the Environment Protection Authority, the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NSW), the then Department of Land and Water Conservation, the Royal Botanic … The swamp plays an important role in filtering runoff from the 40 square kilometre rural catchment area feeding Wingecarribee Reservoir. animals, Threatened | Value of Swamp What is at stake here for the government to delay to the extent that it has over this operation? But the unfortunate thing about the passage of the dredge across the special area was that the dredge had supporting legs which extended four or five metres below the dredge. Wingecarribee Swamp acted in this manner and enhanced the quality of catchment runoff flowing into the Wingecarribee Reservoir until the structural failure of early August 1998 in which 6000 megalitres of peat and sedimentary material were moved into the Reservoir. [1], The level of disturbance suffered by the swamp is too great to consider restoration as a feasible option for action, however management is focused on the values the swamp still retains. References | Glossary It's also moved in from the sides and what was formally a level surface of the swamp is now highly fissured with cracks which are four or five metres deep - such that it is positively dangerous to even attempt to walk upon it at all. The face would have | Story in Brief


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