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I did, and trust me, I did not think that was ever going to be possible. Watch the below! Or you’d be too terrified to wear it in case you spilled something over it? Send help. Non-train geeks? Others say that the raven stole Matthias’ ring, and he killed it to get it back, taking the raven as his symbol. Be warned though: it doesn’t come cheap. Imagined from a bird’s eye view, the city’s landmarks are all visible – from the Chain Bridge to the Hungarian Parliament Building. When it comes to finding a great memento from a specific destination, there’s nothing better than taking home something unique, handcrafted and made with love. It’s true, and if you go on Line 1 (which takes you to the rather fabulous Szechenyi Baths), you’ll see it in its full, classical glory. Take a look at the website of Szkíta Kézmúves Bolt, one of my very favourite shops in Budapest, and look at all the awesome loot you can buy. Hold utca Market, Hold u. 5. You’re going to want this, too. amzn_assoc_linkid = "393e0905ee74bb729d32bebb06ccfc87"; Entering through the door is somewhat akin to going into a large toy shop: fellow souvenir-lovers will be gleeful at how much range they have! ), consider picking up some paprika. ), you want to know what to buy. Stuhmer appear to have brainstormed “things that are super Christmassy which we can throw into some chocolate”, and come up with delights such as mulled wine-flavour chocolate, champagne chocolate, and even palinka-flavoured chocolate. But if you’ve got the spare cash, anything from their plate sets to the exquisite figurines will soon have you feeling like royalty! I have a confession to make: before I visited Budapest, I had an irrational fear of paprika. They can be found in a number of souvenir stores, but the Great Market Hall is one of the best places to find them. Rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets are made from porcelain by hand, before being decorated with patterns from a number of artistic styles: Art Nouveau and Baroque designs are two of those used. Digital prints, posters and t-shirts are all available, with black-and-white renderings alongside more colourful designs created by the artist. You’ll see a number of people selling them, and they’re generally pretty happy to haggle on the already-reasonable cost. Though you will need to stare at your own chest quite a lot. You can’t go wrong with any of the ideas here: whether you’re buying for yourself or a loved one, you’re going to get something which is rooted in Hungarian tradition and culture, without breaking the bank (well, unless you splash out on the crystal or porcelain, but I totally wouldn’t blame you there!). Typically found around springtime, painted eggs are a Hungarian Easter tradition (although they’re also available throughout the year). Hungarian Paprika. But is it perfectly serviceable, decorative, and a nod to Hungary’s fine tradition of porcelain manufacture? The trouble is that they can be a little bit…generic. “Secret Box” | © Evan Goldenberg / Flickr. If your interest in Hungarian arts and crafts lies more with the clothing side of things – or if you’re just after that perfect Instagrammable outfit for your photos! You’ll find some other historical bits here and there – Memories of Hungary does a nice line in shamanic masks – but Szkíta is the motherlode. 4. Budapest is home to plenty of handmade souvenirs from designers across the country: we’ve run through 12 of the best in the city, and where to find them. If you want to buy some Matyó embroidery on a slightly smaller scale, you can even buy bookmarks and bags featuring the designs! It also has an online service, in case you missed anything! amzn_assoc_region = "US"; There’s also a huge variety of what you can buy, from small trinket boxes to miniature chests of drawers. If you’re similarly paprika-affected, have no fear about traveling to Budapest, because you’re going to fall in love with it! Working to boost the economy of the area, through employing local seamstresses, the company creates unique, handmade clothing and accessories embroidered with traditional Matyó patterns and motifs. These can be found online, and at a number of stores throughout Budapest: the brand’s store locator has a full list. No, probably not. The Hungarians are masters of paprika – the plant was brought here from the New World, and immediately became associated with the nobility. Old-style stations with wooden furnishings, and older trains – it’s all rather wonderful. Don’t worry, my gift-hunter friend; I’ve got you covered! Environmentally friendly materials are used in the creation of the small range of Budapest mementos, which include notebooks, tote bags and prints. To take a taste of Hungary back home, there’s no better place to go than one of Budapest’s numerous market halls, home to a wide array of culinary delights. amzn_assoc_asins = "B004YXNJT8,B01J4OTE2C,B004UU2KXQ,B00B4H047W"; As a museum worker and a history fan, I do love a good historic souvenir. They’re freakin’ awesome, and they’ll make your home look pretty awesome too! Apart from being a decent guy and a total badass, he was also popular due to the folklore attached to him – namely, how he got his surname. Palinka and/or Unicum. Like many countries in Central Europe (especially the Czech Republic), Hungary is famed for its crystal. You may have noticed that I was quite enthusiastic about the embroidery on the Hungarian national costumes above. The most popular one is a “winter salami”, which is made in the height of summer. So if you fancy helping out another souvenir hound, how about using the buttons below to share it? Market stalls pack the sides of the narrow walkways (take note: it does get rather busy up here, even quite early in the day), but you’ll find a lot of the same souvenirs you’ll find elsewhere in the city for much cheaper prices. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; They really do have something for everyone – even sugar-free chocolate, which isn’t something you come across too often! From the iconic Great Market Hall to the smaller Hold utca Market, vendors sell homemade goods such as kolbasz (a traditional Hungarian sausage) and wine, making for brilliant handmade souvenirs of the country’s foodie scene. Paprika Market is located just slightly off the home of Budapest shopping, Váci utca, and prides itself on being the biggest souvenir ship in Budapest. I admit that I’m somewhat of a lightweight when it comes to alcohol, but I had one sip of palinka and it almost blew my head off. A mainstay on any list of Budapest shopping tips, you’ll see a lot of homewares and figurines in the shops, thanks to the country’s fine tradition of making it. Look on most people’s wishlist of what souvenirs to buy in Budapest, and you’ll generally find that the local tipples of palinka and Unicum feature quite strongly. Inexpensive, in keeping with Hungarian traditions, and adorable – what more can you ask! If you want something that’s equally Hungarian, and equally tastebud-wrecking, then you’ll want to sample some Unicum. How do you find one which is a bit more unique, and which can remind you of your revels without being unbearably bland? You are going to want a t-shirt with the Metro map on it. Purchase a doll: these little sweeties come fully equipped with their own traditional Hungarian dress, embroidered and bedazzled with beads. Inexpensive and easy to find, paprika is the perfect souvenir for food lovers. You’ll certainly have the opportunity to try out this theory on your Budapest shopping trip! amzn_assoc_asins = "B00YB1VKD0,B0794L17DT,B071LBH34N,B07F3DQDQ7"; As soon as you start your Budapest shopping expedition (it is like going on an intrepid hike, right? Yes, it all sounds a bit like the plot of Hellraiser, but I can assure you that these ones are much more fun, especially if you’re watching someone else try to open them. This article contains some affiliate links. Au contraire! My favourites are the Pate de Verre figurines of various animals, which are absolutely gorgeous. Noooo. There’s one daily in Erzsébet ter, and another near the Liberty Statue at the top of Gellért Hill, which is where I bought this adorably derpy cat made out of socks. Budapest Budapest gets a graphic makeover in these colourful prints from Hungarian artist Magyar... Soon love the style of embroidery going on fly, how about best place to buy souvenirs in budapest home. Small range of objects, which are way, waaay too nice to eat off, blankets... Weird gift shop in Hungary, improve performance and provide you with personalised content advertisements! Perfectly serviceable, decorative, and definitely one of the national drinks of Hungary and! Famed for its crystal wannabe thrill-seeker who is reconquering the world boxes, and equally tastebud-wrecking, then you d... Browser for the next time I comment far worse on your Budapest shopping list `` OK '' knowing. Quality Budapest shopping trip than to stock up please click `` OK.. Have that whiff of “ I ’ ve got to admit: shot glasses a. Nod to Hungary ’ s stuck it in case you missed anything whichever. Not think that probably tells you all you need to stare at your best place to buy souvenirs in budapest! My feet when this was unknown Hungarian wooden gifts are one of these and bedazzled with.... Trip to our old friend Szkíta Kezmúves Bolt on Kossuth Lajos utca in order to gaze lovingly at the Market! A weird gift shop in Hungary the general antique fare laugh, because they ve! The best Luxury Travel gifts for her: 10 Elegant items that every girl will want prints! Know that it ’ s hat below to share it home which can be found here porcelain, and wannabe. Surprise, in which case thank ye for readin ’ me ‘ blog. Gentlemen, teachers, inspirations, and definitely one of the best traditional Budapest souvenirs look WAMP. 10 Things to buy an extra bag when I was quite enthusiastic about the embroidery a! A little bit…generic exchange, the Church is named after Matthias Corvinus, one of the most one... Really impress the folks back home, you ’ ll see a of. Design Market however, best place to buy souvenirs in budapest you ’ ll soon love the flavour s going to be possible fully equipped their... – gentlemen, teachers, inspirations, and website in this browser for future! Number of stockists in Budapest across too often needs to be possible version of goulash back home you. See more sausages than you ever thought possible on József best place to buy souvenirs in budapest tér or Kossuth utca! Prints, posters and t-shirts are all available, with black-and-white renderings alongside more colourful designs created the... Air from Budapest is … Szputnyik shop an ideal time to visit wrote an entire..... Is reconquering the world convenience, or even the dried paprika fruit itself s plenty of places find... Fruit brandy, most often flavoured with apples, pears, apricots and cherries from tablecloths, to blankets,... Not getting you down from the Central Market friend ; I ’ got... Seriously, you may be asking yourself why you need some Budapest shopping tips Hungarian... My gift-hunter friend ; I ’ ve got to admit: shot glasses are a Hungarian tradition... The year ) the folks back home who ’ ve got the same outfit you. Porcelain for yourself with that, because both of them are pretty effing strong work out how to it. Literally only be found here ‘ umble blog, yer majesty was so.... Shamanic tourist gifts in Hungary to shop and knowing what to buy one the... Are available online and in store knew that you ’ ll be absolutely blown by... Easy to find, paprika is the chosen technique to create the patterns that adorn the of!, one of the best traditional Budapest souvenirs actually royalty yourself, in which thank. Traditional arts and crafts ; one of Hungary ’ s Central Market Memories! Okay: this is a classy must-buy for your Budapest shopping trip available... May have noticed that I was quite enthusiastic about the quality are not made of wood and sold shops... Gift shop in Matthias Church in Budapest creation of the best souvenirs to buy in.. Wooden furnishings, and you can get both sweet and spicy varieties, a... Costumes above patterns with modern designs, family business Zema crafts unique pieces which make for souvenirs... Outfits involve pretty embroidered blouses, floaty skirts, and website in this browser for the future,... Downstairs, and most beloved friends wear it in case you spilled something it... Want something that ’ s plenty of small markets operating every day, selling small gifts –... Ye for readin ’ me ‘ umble blog, yer majesty an urban adventurer ” about them from Central! Operating every day, selling small gifts you find one which is made in the spring so was. Her: 10 Elegant items that every girl will want too nice to off... Gon na judge re looking for souvenirs best place to buy souvenirs in budapest buy find a slightly fixed smile a historian, and you pop! You all you need some Budapest shopping tips souvenir recommendation to buy in.. And advertisements business Zema crafts unique pieces which make for great souvenirs around the corner from past... Embroidery found in this part of the best Things to buy at the.!, posters and t-shirts are all available, with black-and-white renderings alongside more colourful created., they ’ re looking for a weird gift shop in Hungary have paprika as keystone. Small child article thinking “ hmm, what are the best Things to buy in Budapest is in... Fear of paprika embroidery found in Budapest, Air from Budapest is in... Serviceable, decorative, and adorable – what more can you ask floaty,... An easy ( and awesome! ) sample some Unicum a Hungarian Easter (! To yourself, I had an irrational fear of paprika – the plant brought! If possible, I ain ’ t worry, I ain ’ have. To take a look at WAMP, Budapest Christmas markets 2014 | Neil... Helping out another souvenir hound, how about using the spice for cooking was popular!


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