why does meg call castiel clarence

When asked, he says that he remembers their kiss, and he considers it a good memory. I've stolen.

When they separate, Meg is holding his angel blade. Castiel: "This silence is very uncomfortable. Get your answers by asking now. Their first meeting, though full of sexual banter, is resolved by Castiel pushing Meg into a line of holy fire. Stopping to buy food, Dean is attacked by demons, but Meg shows up and kills one demon while the other flees. She has an ongoing feud with Crowley and, like Dean, doesn't want him to know about Cas. Meg also stays to help the Winchesters and Castiel in their plan to take down Dick Roman by acting as a distraction for the Leviathans outside SucroCorp. Sam is confused by the being's appearance, but it explains that the real Meg is still dead and it is just borrowing her face due to its lack of one. Castiel learned to think and talk like her. I think we gonna be good friends too.". Both are soldiers and love their father and want to please him. © 2006-2020 Fanpop, Inc., All Rights Reserved. ", Meg: "We both call, who do you think Cas will come to? Meg does not believe him and comes forward to argue. ", When Sam starts to tell Dean why he quit hunting in the last year, he mentions Crowley shipping off Meg to "parts unknown.". He's a traditionalist at heart and I humor him. "Crowley is always the problem. He looks as if he wants to kiss her but throws her into the fire instead and walks over her. His words. Castiel smiles. Jo is grievously wounded, forcing the group to retreat to a hardware store to regroup. Through Lucifer. Does that make me a bad person?

After the prophet Kevin Tran arrives to steal the Word of God, two angels arrive named Hester and Inias who try to kill Meg.

He is an Angel. Your stone is long gone. We're going to heaven, Clarence.". They inform her that "the King of Hell will see you now. ", Dean to Castiel: "I was gonna kill her (Meg) too. Castiel: "I am aware of how to do that.

Where? Loyal to their cause. Castiel plants seeds of doubt in her mind when he points out to her that Lucifer doesn't care about demons, which seemed to upset Meg greatly. Meg has that effect. I've got eyes all over the place." ", Meg: "You deal with him. When Crowley shows up and threatens Meg, Castiel defends her. ", Crowley (to Meg): "Don't even think of smoking out, pussycat. Yes, I--", Castiel to Sam: "You should stay here and protect Meg." Meg gives general locations, lying that she doesn't know exactly where they are to buy herself time to figure out a way to escape. It was first used in the episode 5.10 Abandon All Hope..., and then in the episodes 6.10 Caged Heat, 7.17 The Born-Again Identity, and 8.17 Goodbye Stranger. What are some examples of some unusable things?

You know." Meg: "I don't know.

Castiel immediately tries to exorcise her with his touch, but his power fails him now that he is cut off from Heaven.

Saying this Castiel looks like hell. She plummets from one of the warehouse's upper stories down to the sidewalk. It's me." By turning Ruby's knife on himself, Bobby kills the demon but also paralyzes himself. She has shown knowledge of spells that even most other demons haven't,[8] and as a pupil of Alastair, she is skilled at both enduring and inflicting torture.[9]. Meg kissed him to distract him and take his angel blade off of him. Castiel: "Why are we working with these abominations?" What is your favorite Comedy & Drama show(s) in each local channels of all time? In 15.06 Golden Time, Castiel uses the alias FBI Special Agent Clarence Worley while hunting a djinn in Wyoming. When she returns to the cabin, the boys catch her in a devil's trap, but she convinces them that her method of surviving is to find a cause -- Lucifer, Azazel and follow it.

Cas can have you for now. Sam manages to drive them off with a flare and Meg watches, unhappy, from nearby as Sam, Dean and John go their separate ways. Forced by Sam to work with Meg, Castiel agrees to work with her in order to find Crowley and retrieve Sam's soul. As Dean takes Emmanuel Allen (the amnesiac Castiel) back to Northern Indiana State Hospital in the hope to cure Sam, who is being held there. Ain’t callin’ me baby. Originally Answered: In supernatural the tv show, why does Meg call Castiel 'Clarence'?

Meg: "So, what can you do, you impotent sap?" I have it on dvd too. Meg ultimately sacrifices herself to hold Crowley off to buy Sam, Dean, and Castiel the time they need to get away. All of that thorny pain. Castiel She then goes after Bobby, but her possession of Sam is revealed when Bobby gives her beer laced with holy water. Castiel understands what she is implying. I'm gonna order some pizza and we're gonna move some furniture around. She swirls the blood with her finger, and after a Latin incantation, communicates with someone she calls "father." But Crowley just keeps sending more. Sam deduces that she is on the run, and he and Dean agree to help her find Crowley as part of their quest to restore Sam's soul. Castiel kills the demons and frees the hostage. Meg even refers to him by the nickname Clarence. She orders the possessed Bobby to kill Dean with Ruby's knife, but just as he is about to strike, Bobby manages to battle the demon and stab himself instead, killing the demon. While doing so, she flirts with him about the time they kissed in 6.10 Caged Heat. Clarence is from the movie It's a Wonderful Life. They also discuss how everything was simple when the Apocalypse had started, he was good and she was bad, and how much things have changed between them. Castiel starts to move towards Crowley. Eventually Castiel, who is searching as well, finds out her location from a demon he captured and rescues her.

Lucifer and Yellow Eyes – their mission was it for me. Lucifer's gonna take over heaven. Is she really dead? Meg and Sam talk about Sam's past with Amelia. In retaliation, Crowley stabs Meg with a blade of his own, killing her while Sam and Dean watch, horrified, as they drive away. At a gas stop on the way, Meg sees that a couple of demons are following them. She kills a hunter, Steve Wandell, and using Jo for bait, nearly kills Dean. I don't really understand it! She gets the driver to pull over and then cuts his throat with a dagger, collecting his blood in a goblet. My favorite christmas movies and one of my favorite movies of all time. Meg initially worked for Azazel, whom she called "father" while Azazel referred to her as his daughter. During this time, Crowley also has her hair dyed blonde, something she hates. He loves that name. Meg calls him by his name - Castiel + Cas. Although they don't trust each other, Dean agrees to let her come with them to Indiana as long as she doesn't remind Castiel of his true identity yet. In the next room, Sam and Dean wonder if they should trust Meg and Castiel, referring to them as "Megstiel.".

", Meg: "Someone kept picking up the trail and icing demons. Lilith casts a spell that breaks one of the 66 Seals that hold Lucifer captive and causing the Rise of the Witnesses -- ghosts of people killed in supernatural situations. The name is a reference to the movie It's A Wonderful Life, in which the angel Clarence shows Jimmy Stewart that life is worth living, and then finally gets his wings and goes to heaven. Meg offers to hold them off and kisses Castiel, and gets an even more passionate kiss in return. Now it's all so messy. He did, didn't he, Meg? After the mission is finished, Dean teases Castiel, asking if he wants more time with Meg, but Castiel says no and is confused as why he would want to spend more time with Meg. Trump adviser: ‘There will be a peaceful transfer of power’, Trump camp defiant as Biden moves closer to victory, Live: Biden on the verge of reaching 270 electoral votes, McConnell: Big stimulus not needed based on jobs report. Meg fights Crowley. Does he know what happened to Meg? Castiel goes to the Big Empty to search for Ruby and there is Meg, sitting on a throne, sipping from a glass of wine. When Dean yells at Castiel, causing him to leave for a short time, Meg chides him for his actions and reminds him that Castiel has the unique ability to tell the Leviathans apart, a crucial skill since Dick Roman had made several duplicates of himself to throw off Dean and Sam. He probably doesn't even know what the kiss meant. Meg confronts Sam, Dean, Ellen, and Jo in the streets of Carthage, setting a pack of hellhounds on the group.

The answer to why Meg calls him Clarence is answered up there ^ As to why Meg kissed Cas - she was distracting him to get his angel blade which was probably in his sleeve. Meg tells Castiel, who has lost his memory, that he is an angel.

That's my theory, Hope it helped! The Cosmic Entity implies that he knows what Castiel hates, fears, and loves, and that there is nothing for him back on Earth. Castiel: "These wounds have festered." “Whoa, there, Clarence. The whole thing was just weird.

My caretaker. Remember me? She only looks at Castiel.


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