why are swing voters important

Trump has won the state in 2016 and is projected to hold on to the win for this year’s election.

According to the 2015 edition of Presidential Swing States, a keyword search of “swing states” in the New York Times turned up 139 references to the term in the 2000 election, 321 in 2004, 231 in 2008, and 581 in 2012. In total, there are 538 electoral college votes. “After 1800, states began to take a firm approach to making sure that their numbers were both collected and reported.

In the 1960 presidential election between Richard M. Nixon and John F. Kennedy, 10 states were won by less than two percent of the vote.

The debate over swing voters versus mobilizing the base, explained. In 2016, President Trump won six out of the 10 most competitive swing states. So what’s the impact of presidential elections coming down to a handful of swing states on American society? “Swing states are the presidential campaign,” says Hudak. With that said, since 2000, 38 states have voted consistently for the same party. The Founding Fathers were divided on how to pick a president. With the election of George H.W. And such states have been in play since the election of the nation's second president. While most states consistently vote along party lines—from 2000 to 2016, 38 states voted for the same political party—the few who don’t receive an outsized amount of attention from candidates and pollsters. And so all eyes will be on the handful states that do vary their votes: the swing states. It is the states that do not consistently vote along party lines that determine whether a candidate will win or lose: Swing states. Hudak adds that as the country has evolved, the number and identity of swing states has evolved as well. “Those networks converged towards the center to maximize audience share, but now you’ve got lots of different news sources catering to different constituencies and interests,” says Schultz. Swing states, also known as battleground states or purple states, are highly competitive states that have historically swung between voting for different parties in presidential elections.
The truth, however, is while mobilization is unquestionably important to winning elections, so is flipping swing voters. Bush in 1988, the swing-state situation had started to evolve to the way things stand today, with just a handful of states as perennial battlegrounds. Hightower High School honors star student-athlete, who continues inspiring even after his death, Hightower student-athlete continues to inspire after his death, Tropics update: Not done with Eta yet as Cuba and Florida watch forecast track closely, Tropical Depression Eta update: Heading back into open waters, Cuba and Florida watching closely, Red Sox bringing Alex Cora back as manager, reports say, 3 Texans linebackers out at Jaguars after positive COVID-19 test, FTC: Bogus Clorox, Lysol websites took consumers to the cleaners.
However, Hispanic voters evidently leaning towards Biden may swing the state in favour of Democrat. Forty-eight out of 50 states have a “winner take all” system, meaning that whoever gains the popular vote wins all of that state’s electoral college votes. 2. RELATED: Why 270? Election 2020 | Why swing states are so important Experts say candidates spend 75 percent or more of their budget courting voters in battleground states. “The sad effect is that the majority of voters are largely relegated to the role of spectators,” he says.


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