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Granted, I had a few weeks of beauty, but I'm glad to be at the point where I can harvest the seeds that … The same information appears on Propagation … Some seeds do not germinate within the first year, by scarifying you run the risk of bacteria getting into the seed and destroying it before it has a chance to take root. If care of blue bonnet plants does not include seed removal, seeds will drop and may sprout in coming years, although chances of an untreated seed … Since they have very hard seed coats, they will need to be treated to make them permeable to water. But for Texans trying to grow our beloved flower, a better expression might be: "Plant in fall if you want any bluebonnets at all!" Harvest Bluebonnet Seeds: To be quite frank, my bluebonnets look absolutely revolting right now. When do I plant bluebonnet seeds? Now it takes about a year or two for bluebonnets … If you’re considering when to plant blue bonnet flowers, keep in mind that bigger and more developed blooms result from earliest plantings.


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