west central georgia flying club

Section 1:  Adequate and proper insurance shall be carried at all times on all Club aircraft to protect the membership from liability. Section 3:  All board matters requiring a vote, must have a Board quorum of at least 2/3 Board members. The account of the person at fault will be charged for this amount, and action will be taken to recover this amount from the person, if deemed necessary by the Board. Section 1:  Membership will be on a voluntary basis and classified as Charter, Active, Associate, Suspended and Honorary. ARTICLE VIII – VOTING Section 1:  Monthly dues as fixed by the Board of Directors will be paid by each Active, Associate and suspended member. Section 2:  In order to promote social co-mingling, recreation, and education in the art of flying a quarterly membership meeting shall be held at a time and place to be determined by the board. Section 5:    Initiation fees, dues or flight rates may be paid by cash or check only. Section 6:    For cause, The Board may discontinue an individual’s membership.

He shall be cognizant of all appropriate Federal Air Regulations and observe them if he is to continue Active membership in the Club. – AUTHORITY AND PURPOSE The company's registered agent is DEREK LANDSTROM, 239 STEEPLECHASE, Upson, BARNESVILLE, GA, 30204, USA The company's Secretary is DEREK LANDSTROM, 239 STEEPLECHASE, BARNESVILLE, GA, 30204, USA The company's CEO is DOUGLAS DORAN, 697 HWY 36E, BARNESVILLE, GA, 30204, USA The company's CFO is GREG BLOSSER, 1373 HWY 18 W, BARNESVILLE, GA, 30204, USA. All rights reserved. N738XG (1978 CESSNA 172N owned by WEST CENTRAL GEORGIA FLYING CLUB) aircraft registration information with aircraft photos, flight tracking, and maps. Join the Superior Flying Club and become eligible for discounted rates on instruction and aircraft.

No expenses or obligations whatsoever shall be incurred by members of this club, except as incurred and set forth in the By-Laws and Regulations.

Welcome to Pilot Career Center - Pilot Jobs and more! ARTICLE X – LIABILITY Each member shall share monthly dues, in an amount to be determined by the Board subject to two-thirds approval of the general membership present and voting. WEST CENTRAL GEORGIA PERSONAL CARE HOME AND RETIREMENT COMPLEX, INC. WEST CENTRAL GEORGIA PRACTICE IMPROVEMENT COLLABORATIVE, INC. WEST CENTRAL GEORGIA RADIOLOGY ASSOCIATES, LLC. Section 1:  Active members only shall be allowed to vote on any matter requiring a vote and they shall be entitled to one (1) such vote. Do you want to start a club? – MEMBERSHIP, CLASSIFICATION AND PRIVILEGES Section 4:  No member of the Club shall make purchases in the name of the Club except as authorized by the Board. He shall be responsible for notifying the board of any aircraft advisories, A.D.’s, etc.

He shall be authorized monthly expenditures up to a maximum of $250.00 for necessary maintenance or repairs on club aircraft or equipment unless otherwise specifically authorized by the Board. It being intended that said club shall provide its members with the above without any monetary gain or profit to any of its members. The Secretary shall also maintain a reference file of all pertinent regulations and directives for the board and other members of the Club. Section 5:  Board meetings shall be held at the discretion of the Board or may be called at the discretion of the President. ©2016 Georgia-register.com. This amount may be applied toward the total time flown on cross-country flights. Section 1:    Upon the recommendations of the Treasurer, such recommendations being based on the actual operating costs of the club, the Board may revise any fees, dues, assessments, flying rates, etc.

(c)        Insure the compliance of appropriate directives in all areas of Club operation. ARTICLE III. The Board of Directors shall consist of the Club officers. Section 2:    Any amendment or change to these By-Laws shall be attached hereto, and every member of the Club shall then receive a copy of the same. Section 9:  Initiation fees of all members shall be payable when application for membership is approved. ARTICLE VII – DUTIES OF OFFICERS AND MEMBERS List your club on the AOPA Flying Club Finder. Current status of the company is Active/Compliance.

Section 6: An Honorary member shall be one who has been favorably voted on by the board of directors and shall be entitled to all privileges and benefits within the power of the club to bestow, except those of operating club aircraft and voting. ARTICLE XVI – DISSOLUTION, Section 1:    Dissolution of the Club shall proceed in accordance with applicable State Law and other directives. NOTE:  If a true financial hardship exists with a member, he or she should contact a Board member with the details of said hardship to see if satisfactory arrangements can be worked out to retain membership and/or fulfill the member’s financial obligation.

All data on website has informational character only and are taken from publicly available sources. Section 6:  The Secretary and the Treasurer shall be paid a fee as agreed upon by the board. NO RECEIPT, NO REIMBURSEMENT! A called membership meeting may also be held upon the written request of one third of the membership. Community Flying Clubs Flying Club Finder State List Click on a US state to see all of its flying clubs. West Central Ga Flying Club – Located at the Thomaston-Upson Co Airport (KOPN) which is located in the West Central Ga area.

FLYING CLUB AND AIRCRAFT RENTAL: Once you are a certificated pilot our entire Cessna fleet is available for you to rent. ARTICLE VI – QUORUMS AND MEETINGS We have one aircraft and about 20 members. West Central Ga Flying Club Located at the Thomaston-Upson Co Airport (KOPN) which is located in the West Central Ga area. Section 3:  The Board shall have the authority to act on any and all matters concerning the club, or as otherwise specifically provided for by the by-laws or other regulations of the club except in the instance of the purchase or sale of an aircraft (club owned) which must have a favorable vote from the general membership. Section 4:    A minimum charge equal to the cost of two (2) hours flying time shall be paid for each twenty-four (24) hours duration of all cross-country flights. Section 5:  Any member of the Club finding it necessary to purchase parts or to have any repair work performed on the equipment of the Club, in an emergency or during a cross-country flight, may do so in his own name; upon presentation of a properly receipted bill for such sales and/or service, he shall be reimbursed or given credit by the Treasurer.

It is about the same distance from Atlanta, Macon, and Columbus. Section 7:  The Chief Instructor shall direct flying activities of the club, be responsible for the clearance of aircraft in conformity with club, airport and FAA regulations. Associate members shall be subject to all rules and by-laws of the club. Section 3:  An Active Member shall be considered one who has been favorably voted on by the Board of Directors and who is not under suspension.


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