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Purgatory had way more drunks that just wanted someone quiet that would keep the glass full than it did young people who wanted an active bartender.

Nicole hops into the back and chills the whole ride. She hadn't heard from Alex since before her accident. You'll never want to leave, huh? She hadn't felt that free in a long time. Champ said wrapping his around Waverly.

He salutes to Nicole. Nicole.

Please consider turning it on! She knew there would be no signs welcoming her home and no one waiting to greet her as she stepped off the pier. Her tiny girlfriend was going to be pissed. "Waverly, you work too hard. Between her work at the bar and school, she didn't have much time to just be young. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Dolls know that's his que. A gush of wind came crashing to the ground and little clump of boots hit the hot concreate of the road.

Nicole feels tears pricking at the edge of her eyes. Tim hugs her. Waverly states. "Nicole, you okay?" She had full meals, got to see new places, and most importantly she had finally found a family. Tim said as he puts pressure onto Nicole's wound.

tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit). The younger Earp asked angrily. "Fuck!

She undercovered her bike and stuffed the cover and her bag into the storage compartments. "You're mad because she divorced you from something better."

Champ asked the redhead. She couldn't stand with the swaying of the ship and she hated the cramped nature of life aboard a vessel at sea. "Are you crazy?" Nicole finally gets off the plane heading outside of the airport. Nicole looks at him. Shorty said with a smile. After many long months recovering in the hospital, Nicole was finally given her discharge papers from the hospital. Nicole takes her fist and punches a brick wall making her knuckles bleed. Waverly speaks. She shakes her head walking out of the bar. "Yeah, but not for you." That brief moment when the goddess dressed in denim and leather flashed her dimples and smile at the barmaid felt as if all the air had left her body. Doc chuckles. At that time, the tough red head didn't think she would survive that heartbreak. Nicole said not wanting to let the Irish girl go. That was one of the main reasons she joined the Marines in the first place. You need to take a break...get away.". Waverly's older sister, Wynonna, helped whenever she could but that wasn't very often. She could hear her name being yelled, but she couldn't make out who was yelling it. Nicole begins to sweat, as she hears a lot of gun shots. She knew that when she returned to the States, it would be the only thing that was waiting for her. "Hey big sis." "Dammit!" Champ slurred his words and struggled to keep his head upright.

The young Marine figured when she came across the right place to stop, she would know it. She would look out into the pitch blackness of the open sea and gaze upon the millions of stars that she never would be able to see back in port in Norfolk. Guys like Champ Hardy. And Waverly Earp would never be that girl. Joelle yells running towards her. We're being gunned down over here! She would tease as she passed her new friend. Nicole said looking at Waverly and Wynonna. AU fic. Nicole continues drink her drink. It was her prized possession that she always kept in pristine condition. Her PTSD was too bad and she didn't know if she would ever be able to step foot on a plane again. She couldn't help but chuckle to herself when she got close enough to read it. Nicole said. Nicole watched as he stumbled away and turned around to see that Waverly had gone back to tending a bar that seemed to have gotten exponentially busier in the past few seconds.

Nicole chuckles. I need to get back to writing so I don't make y'all wait too long. Separation orders were inevitable. "It's been a long time." Nicole said to Dolls. Browse ... fanfic +19 more #2.

Most importantly, pretend it never happened. Wynonna greets her, but Waverly just stands there looking at her ex-wife not saying shit. I hope you guys will love this story. She greets getting up to hug him. He said breaking the hug. "Shit!"

Everyone does. Shorty said pouring her a drink.

Nicole knew that she would miss the quiet nights when she would stand all alone on the flight deck. Your review has been posted. His cocky sneer made her sick to her stomach. Nicole said trying not to cry. There she saw her baby, covered and waiting for her return. Nicole wakes up nearly every night in a cold sweat, heaving in breaths and trying to stop the tears streaming down her face. Gus hated that she had played her part in stealing some of the girl's youth by piling the burden of the farm on her.

The driver pulls up to the small town. She would never be her Nicole again.
But as time passed, she actually got used to the occasional voyage by ship. Tim yells into his walkie. They break apart with a sad smile. In which Waverly Earp Can't sleep, so she spends her time cuddling Nicole and thinking back to one of her most favorite memories. There's slight tension since Nicole came back so late, but our favorite couple gets past that. But between the irreparable injury she had sustained to her lower body and the PTSD, both sustained when the CH-53 helicopter that she had been riding in had a massive systems failure, losing all of its hydraulic fluid, sending the aircraft and all of its occupants crashing to the water below, there was no place for her in the military any more. Waverly smiled and winked at her aunt. She only hoped that she would get a moment to meet the object of her affection before she disappeared as quickly as she had appeared. He looked at Waverly.

That Type Of Love – Nicole is overseas fighting for her country, but her injuries caused her to go back home to Purgatory.

'Nicole' Waverly screamed as she came to a stop beside her wife kneeling to … "Hell no. You'll be late for your shift at Shorty's." She began to steer him towards a table away from the bar. "Hilarious, Haught stuff." She must admit she missed them a lot.

But the email containing the separation orders wasn't the only breakup email that she received while lying in that hospital bed in Europe.

"Hey Nicole." It had become her identity. "Get back out there Tim." Trust me." I'm just saying." "Just hold Nicole!" "Champ, even if I did come home with you, you are way too drunk to do anything with me." Nicole drops her bag and catches her when Joelle jumps into her arms. Joelle and Nicole bonded the first day they both came into the Canadian army. Nicole steps off the elevator heading down the hallway, she stops into front of her place. "Here we are. Nicole would listen intently as Wynonna would talk about the little town of Purgatory and her aunt's farm. Dolls know at the redhead. "Only if you come with me." Before Nicole realised, her eyes closed as she was now fully unconscious and on the brink of death. "Yeah, I am too." Nicole falls. When he did he came face to face with the smiling red head. Wynonna would reply with the nickname she had given the Marine. Tim frowns at his bestie. "Don't fucking growl at me. "I told her that, but she wouldn't listen." He'd never thought he would see Nicole again.

Doc asked with wide eyes.

She sighed in defeat and sighed in exhaustion before she willed herself back to the closet to put on her uniform. Any other time that she had off she spent helping Gus run the farm.

She would come home when she had liberty, but that wasn't very often. I also was on a ship that took Marines to different location and my absolute favorite thing was looking up at the stars while out to sea. "Hey Doc." Why won't you just go out with me. Nicole said.

"Nicole, you can't…" Waverly tries to speak, but Nicole stops her. It didn't bother Waverly that she found this young woman to be attractive. This is an AU with a little military background. The red headed Marine let out a sigh and decided to find an open table. Waverly and Nicole remember a incident that happened one night at Shorty's that left them both mentally and physically scarred.

Nicole walks up to the ticket gate handing the guy her ticket. They break their hug. What about Waverly?" "What is it?" As Nicole stood on the pier, breathing in the salty ocean air, her mind flashed back to that night on the beach under the stars. She hated when she had to depart the ship, being a Marine she never stayed that long on board. "That's good." Like most young enlisted Marines, she had saved up her first few paychecks and blew it all on a motorcycle. She would never tell her aunt but the constant waking at 4 am to complete all of the random chores that needed to be done around the farm, then spending all day on her online school work, and finally heading to Shorty's to sling drinks behind the bar was starting to break her. "If you are really worried about me, you could always make me a cup of coffee in my travel mug. Nicole stands there with her hands inside her coat pockets. She used her grip on his shoulder to direct him up from his seat. That Type Of Love – Nicole is overseas fighting for her country, but her injuries caused her to go back home to Purgatory. She was the only child to parents who had died before she had even reached 13. Tim explains. "Yeah, let's go." Shorty is serving his customers for happy hour.

She's back home now, and she doesn't know what to do. "Nicole?" "So Earp, you find any cattle rustlers roaming the flight deck?" A/N: This is my first Wayhaught fic. She felt the tear roll down her cheek as she reminisced about what would have been one of the happiest nights of her life. Maybe all that she dreamed of just wasn't in the cards for Waverly Earp. Doc said walking over to Shorty to avoid a fight. He pointed towards Waverly. Let me know what you think. It wasn't packed but there was a decent crowd for a Saturday night. Nicole didn't really have a home. The redhead cries. Waverly knew she couldn't take any more time to observe the other woman and started to pass out shots of whiskey and mugs of beer.

I will do my best to keep updating regularly but I am not always the quickest writer.

"You okay Jo?"

She walked, but with a purpose, to the spot where the man was draped over the bar. "Yeah. Nicole said pushing him away gently. So she caught a ride back on a ship headed back for the States. But as she read, her mood began to change. Nicole said to him as she struggles to get up because of her leg. So it all rested on Waverly's small shoulders. Tim rushes over to her and helps her stand. Joelle asked tying her bandana around Nicole's shoulder. It happened more often than she would like to think. The driver drives off leaving Nicole right in front of her place.

Last night, Waverly waited for her cute redhead to show but to no avail. "Yeah, all good Haught." Work Search: But this woman was different.

Waverly sighs walking back into the bar.


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