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Second, the size of the turkey will impact how long it takes to reach the correct internal temperature. When the turkey is done, let it sit in a warm place in the kitchen for up to 40 minutes while you use the oven to cook side dishes and make Giblet Gravy . The actual time it takes to cook a turkey in the oven will vary slightly based on a few factors. For whole, unstuffed turkeys in oven cooking bags, cook at 350 °F (176.7 °C) for the following approximate times: 8-12 lb turkey: 1 1/2 to 2 hours; Oven cooking bags are made from nylon and can speed the cooking of a turkey. First, the oven temperature will impact the amount of time it will take to roast. But you might have a late arrival on your hands if you don’t get it Cooking stuffing separately in a casserole is recommended, as the turkey will cook more evenly without all the extras. Refer to the directions on the oven bag package for the manufacturer's recommended cooking times. Most recipes call for a 325-degree to 350-degree oven.


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