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"[50] The film won 10 Academy Awards including a Best Actress award for Leigh,[52] who also won a New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress. It would have been her Hollywood debut. Great beauties are infrequently great actresses—simply because they don't need to be.
In 1948, while on a down under tour for the Old Vic, Leigh lost her shoes and refused to go on stage during a performance in Christchurch, New Zealand.

[122] In 1968, Leigh became the first actress honoured in the United States, by "The Friends of the Libraries at the University of Southern California". Lauded for her beauty, Leigh felt that it sometimes prevented her from being taken seriously as an actress. [Note 8] In a survey of theatre critics conducted shortly after Leigh's death, several named her performance as Lady Macbeth as one of her greatest achievements in theatre. [75], By 1948, Olivier was on the board of directors for the Old Vic Theatre, and he and Leigh embarked on a six-month tour of Australia and New Zealand to raise funds for the theatre. Leigh was filming Caesar and Cleopatra (1945) when she discovered she was pregnant, then had a miscarriage. In the autumn of 1935 and at Leigh's insistence, John Buckmaster introduced her to Laurence Olivier at the Savoy Grill, where he and his first wife Jill Esmond dined regularly after his performance in Romeo and Juliet.

She had been attempting to walk to the bathroom and, as her lungs filled with liquid, she collapsed and suffocated.
In 1959, when she achieved a success with the Noël Coward comedy Look After Lulu!, a critic working for The Times described her as "beautiful, delectably cool and matter of fact, she is mistress of every situation". Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! After completing her drama school education, Leigh appeared in small roles in four films in 1935 and progressed to the role of heroine in Fire Over England (1937). ", "Peter Brook's Titus Andronicus, August 1955 (quoting Kenneth Tynan). Later in life, she performed as a character actress in a few films. In 1994, the National Library of Australia purchased a photograph album, monogrammed "L & V O" and believed to have belonged to the Oliviers, containing 573 photographs of the couple during their 1948 tour of Australia. [57] Her top billing reflected her status in Hollywood, and the film was popular with audiences and critics. [79], Leigh next sought the role of Blanche DuBois in the West End stage production of Tennessee Williams's A Streetcar Named Desire and was cast after Williams and the play's producer Irene Mayer Selznick saw her in The School for Scandal and Antigone; Olivier was contracted to direct. On screen they finally collaborated in That Hamilton Woman (1941), a British film so hot in its sizzle and pro-English sentiment that Winston Churchill made the couple drinking buddies and sent a print to FDR as proper propaganda. "[50], Quoted in a 2006 biography of Olivier, Olivia de Havilland defended Leigh against claims of her manic behaviour during the filming of Gone with the Wind: "Vivien was impeccably professional, impeccably disciplined on Gone with the Wind. Blanch Dubois always relied on the kindness of strangers and found comfort in kisses, softly, on the lips, in the most casual of encounters. [6] Gertrude's parents, who lived in India, were Michael John Yackjee (born 1840), an Anglo-Indian man of independent means, and Mary Teresa Robinson (born 1856), who was born to an Irish family killed during the Indian Rebellion of 1857 and grew up in an orphanage, where she met Yackjee; they married in 1872 and had five children, of whom Gertrude was the youngest. In between bites, and biting remarks by the ever-incisive Tallulah Bankhead, we are treated to Vivien Leigh, played by Katie McGuinness, giving an impromptu reading of her captivating and iconic Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind (1939). "[126] Garson Kanin shared their viewpoint and described Leigh as "a stunner whose ravishing beauty often tended to obscure her staggering achievements as an actress. [29] I find it so stupid. Known as The Laurence Olivier Archive, the collection includes many of Leigh's personal papers, including numerous letters she wrote to Olivier. [35] Olivier later recalled an incident when her mood rapidly changed as she was preparing to go onstage. [131], Her performance in the West End production of A Streetcar Named Desire, described by the theatre writer Phyllis Hartnoll as "proof of greater powers as an actress than she had hitherto shown", led to a lengthy period during which she was considered one of the finest actresses in British theatre. She won two Academy Awards for Best Actress, for her definitive performances as Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind (1939) and Blanche DuBois in the film version of A Streetcar Named Desire (1951), a role she had also played on stage in London's West End in 1949. At the time, the public strongly identified Leigh with her second husband, Laurence Olivier, who was her spouse from 1940 to 1960. [116] In his autobiography, Olivier described his "grievous anguish" as he immediately travelled to Leigh's residence, to find that Merivale had moved her body onto the bed. [123] The ceremony was conducted as a memorial service, with selections from her films shown and tributes provided by such associates as George Cukor, who screened the tests that Leigh had made for Gone with the Wind, the first time the screen tests had been seen in 30 years. [7], In 1917, Ernest Hartley was transferred to Bangalore as an officer in the Indian Cavalry, while Gertrude and Vivian stayed in Ootacamund.

1983 AVON "IMAGES OF HOLLYWOOD - VIVIAN LEIGH AS SCARLETT IN GONE WITH THE WIND" $15.00 + shipping . Clark Gable, who played lovable scoundrel Rhett Butler, was paid $120,000 for 71 days of shooting. [15], Vivian met Herbert Leigh Holman, known as Leigh Holman, a barrister 13 years her senior, in 1931. The actress was sedated and flown back to England. [95] Olivier returned her to their home in Britain, where, between periods of incoherence, Leigh told him she was in love with Finch and had been having an affair with him. Leigh was born Vivian Mary Hartley[2] on 5 November 1913 in British India on the campus of St. Paul's School in Darjeeling, Bengal Presidency. [21] She engaged an agent, John Gliddon, who believed that "Vivian Holman" was not a suitable name for an actress. With the benefit of hindsight, early indicators of her condition may have surfaced when she was sent to a convent school in London when she was six years old. One such article was from the Daily Express, in which the interviewer noted "a lightning change came over her face", which was the first public mention of the rapid changes in mood which had become characteristic of her. Leigh found the role gruelling and commented to the Los Angeles Times, "I had nine months in the theatre of Blanche DuBois.

[86] Kazan had favoured Jessica Tandy and later, Olivia de Havilland over Leigh, but knew she had been a success on the London stage as Blanche. Offered the role of Heathcliff in Samuel Goldwyn's production of Wuthering Heights (1939), he travelled to Hollywood, leaving Leigh in London. Katie McGuinness as "Gone With the Wind" star Vivien Leigh. [Note 5] Later recounting her work, Kramer remembered her courage in taking on the difficult role, "She was ill, and the courage to go ahead, the courage to make the film—was almost unbelievable.

One symptom of Leigh’s disorder was increased libido, which led to several extramarital affairs. Their affair began a year later while co-starring in the British film, Fire Over England. She turned it down flatly, and wound up making her American debut elsewhere. She knew she wanted to be an actress from the time she was three and recited “Little Bo Peep” for her mother’s theater group. Her legacy, however, has never dwindled. Holman was granted custody of their child after their divorce. Despite her fame as a screen actress, Leigh was primarily a stage performer.


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