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The President has had multiple tweets flagged as misleading while he continues to peddle allegations of election fraud without providing any evidence. As holiday season nears, coronavirus cases spike in L.A. County. Finally, Trump quote-tweeted Walsh, writing: “WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT?”. SoCalGas should be fined $255 million for fighting climate action, watchdog says.

It comes as the former vice president is closing in on being declared president-elect after a knife-edge election across several battleground states. Members of Mr. Trump’s family and staff have also tested Twitter’s boundaries, forcing the company to keep pace as they claimed that he had won the vote in Pennsylvania, a race that had yet to be called by Friday afternoon.

The Associated Press has since called Wisconsin as a Biden victory. Their messaging continued throughout Wednesday. “This action is in line with our Civic Integrity Policy, and as is standard with this warning, we will significantly restrict engagements on this Tweet.”, The challenges kept coming Wednesday as Trump continued tweeting. The penalty would deter the nation’s largest gas company from continuing to abuse ratepayer dollars, a California consumer watchdog agency says. The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). Trump’s election night tweet racked up thousands of retweets in the minutes between its posting and its labeling, but once it was tagged as potential misinformation, it became more difficult to share the post. Twitter users still quote-tweeted the president en masse, both to critique and to support the company’s response. Officials have been striving to move through the state’s color-coded reopening system and toward economic recovery. Once they got past that prompt, the tweet could be only quote-tweeted, with a message attached — and even in that situation, the text of the tweet was replaced with the warning about misinformation.

There has been no evidence of widespread fraud in this election or any recent presidential election, and election watchdogs have highlighted conservative politicians’ and media personalities’ repeated false claims that the election process is going awry as attempts to delegitimize the vote for political gain.

For other inquiries, Contact Us. “If you can get people to pause, they’re much better at determining what’s true and what’s false,” Fazio said. Mackowiak’s post, which questioned the legitimacy of ballot returns in Michigan, was flagged as potentially misleading. Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows diagnosed with COVID-19. Times staff writer Johana Bhuiyan contributed to this report. High-profile politicians who are no longer in office - like former President Barack Obama - are treated like regular users if they violate Twitter's rules. It’s the first time the county has seen that level since mid-August. In the hours and days after the election, the president repeatedly lashed out about vote counting and lobbed unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud. “Especially when it’s not challenged.” Her research has also found that even slowing the process of spreading a news story, by asking people to type an explanation of why they believe the story to be true, can reduce the likelihood that they share a false story while having no effect on the rate of sharing true stories. But could rising coronavirus cases threaten Orange County’s progress? Twitter has broken ranks with other social media companies in its persistent effort to moderate the president. Facebook said it would caution users about premature claims of victory with a notification that the election had yet to be called, and took action on some of Mr. Trump’s posts in which he claimed the election was being stolen. These rules prohibit messages that include hate speech or posts that glorify violence or contain certain types of false information, like unfounded health-related misinformation. DONALD Trump could lose his special Twitter treatment that ‘allows him to break the rules’ if Joe Biden wins the election.


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