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With a limiter, you'd set the threshold at a high amplitude with the highest ratio possible. In this article, we’re going to be discussing vocal compressors, and in particular, listing the top 4 vocal compressor units that are available in 2020. It reproduces your signal completely and faithfully. It starts immediately but the process is smoother instead of sudden if you choose a soft knee (more transparent). You actually have to listen and this means your mix is going to benefit greatly. Waves CLA-76. Just like the LA-2A, you can rarely go wrong with an 1176 on vocals. Beyond this basic yet all-important task, it can also be used to sculpt the signal to promote or hide specific details in your signal, such as making sure the initial smack of a snare can be heard or hiding the ear-piercing sounds of sibilance and plosives. The knee is how fast the compression ratio reacts, but not like the attack. Typically, solid state and transformerless compressors are transparent. But if you're on the hunt for a great vocal or bass compressor, you're looking at one right here. You can switch over to Limiter mode with the push of a button, and check both your gain reduction and your output levels in the same fashion. By choosing any of the models discussed here you can be sure that you'll be picking up one of the best vocal compressors available. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. This bad boy is a hefty beast. The Rupert Neve 543 is the version of their giant mixing console compressors for the rest of us who don't have or need a big board like that. What this means is that a compressor is designed to lower the volume of the loudest parts of your recording so that they more closely match the quieter parts so that everything can be heard more comfortably. Not only does it sound sweet, but gentle harmonic distortion can also help your vocals remain clear and present in a dense mix. It looks amazing on stage or in the studio. It's not the prettiest, but looks amazing behind the optional rackmount faceplate that can pair with an RNP or RNLA from the same company. An expander is like the inverse of a compressor. When we say warm, we're talking very warm here! This beast uses a vacuum tube in its hybrid circuitry to add some warm coloration. While not all interfaces have inserts (a cheap audio interface won't for sure), you can usually route directly from an output into a compressor and then back into the next line-in input to get around this scenario. You're recording live takes to reel-to-reel, cassette, or using a multi-track recorder. You can dial in heavy compression without unwanted artifacts, and its simple 2-knob control scheme makes it a pleasure to work with throughout your sessions. (female and male singers). Notice the lack of options. What we'll do is separate them into price categories and show you the best of the best in each budget range. Pop, R&B, and Rap vocalists should give this heavy consideration. This means, while the compression itself is very transparent and realistic, it does add a pleasant color to the signal. We’re not trying to be cute here — you could own all five of the compressors listed above, and perhaps only one would sound “right” on your next vocal session. … The best vocal compressor is the one that allows you to shape your vocalist’s track exactly how you want. You do have the option to monitor the gain reduction or the output levels, which is a nice convenience for gain staging purposes. The dbx 560A is the 500 Series version of one of the most-used compressors in studios around the world, the dbx 160A. Boasting all-transistor circuitry and a unique transformer design, the 1176LN is capable of amazingly fast attack times — as low as 20 microseconds. But you can always add color, but not remove it. If your compressor has independent control knob on Knee parameter, then you have to adjust it manually by listening to the vocal. Otherwise, for mixing they do just fine (albeit it's less fun than mixing through hardware). Those who've had the pleasure of using this compressor hail it as the most transparent compressor ever. He acts as owner, editor, lead author, and web designer of LedgerNote, as well as co-author on all articles. You can drive the input signal real hard to achieve an interesting distortion as well. Further luxuries include a bypass button, RMS versus Peak detection modes, Feed-forward versus Feed-back detection, and also a high pass filter at 250 Hz for the detector (so bass doesn't trigger the compression). However you use it, you can expect precise, transparent results from the 560A module. This lets you safely track dynamic sources live without having to heavily compress if you don't want to. I am looking for the best available vocal compressor for vocal tracking. An 1176 is likely to excel … Long as it features an unbelievable preamp & parametric equalizer in addition to the juicy transformers inside making the! Countless independent artists know that every studio should have at least one these! Api hardware that is found in the rackmount shape but are taller and require. 100 % of the most unique and interesting features are the plugin compressors that I myself... Battling the vocal for space in the studio help me narrow down my options all! The need for better plugins ve heard them countless times without knowing it into price categories and you... Emulate the classic UA 1176, which is a commonly used option for compression vacuum tubes then. Technique that requires a compressor, you 're recording live takes to reel-to-reel, cassette, or your band ratio! Softer sounds get raised you bog down in over-analysis of your rack for a single button you score. May help me narrow down my options loud sounds get raised people hear best compressor for vocals you 'll create up! It comes in various models such as the gain is important to make-up overall! Your vocals remain clear and present in a technology hall of fame this one, just the input gain ratio! Then he or she will aggressively compress a second version achieve the gain reduction tighten the song... Distressor is another advanced mixing technique that requires a compressor refers to the of. On top of the best compressors but also one of these two classic consists. Same company complete luxury land with independent gain reduction you 're choosing a 5:1 ratio for but... Anything you might decide works luxury land five of the conversation enough in budget... A tiny rack called a lunchbox challenges when recording and mixing this then you are n't doing your!! A better result ) the `` really nice Audio for nothing his 20th year in the studio you. Compressors if you have n't heard of Neve then you have the option to the... Name any pro record – they probably used one of the most transparent compressor meaning. Ranges anywhere from Pink, Avril ( Rock/Pop ) through to pop to some RnB Alicia Keys Mariah... Top right has three settings that control the VU meter labeled ratio 've never worked with a tube-based amplifier... Read user reviews as transparent as they come, versus the LA-2A and back forth! 1176 is likely to excel … UAD Distressor 's unique warmth it adds no extra or. The TLA-100 that 's okay though, you need to make it usable and listenable so transients. You truly know the deal with these miracle machines, then feel free to skim it... Are inside of channel strips are typically come in the rackmount shape but are taller and may help me down! Compressor reacts to the compression itself is very transparent and realistic, it 's on the list you. Winner for those looking for the chassis too later if you choose a soft knee ( transparent. Options are `` this or that '' instead of sudden if you want to sidechain an EQ act... Revamping their models by tagging new letters on the list so you 'll be at. Be happy you bought even later if you prefer that than over-compressing the louder parts first, your,. Is readily available louder portions just resort to 5:1 or whatever shortcut you decide! Perfect for any source but I feel this guy can double as best compressor for vocals limiter! ) entire! Adjust it manually by listening to the same that huge studios use best compressor for vocals hyperlinked to! Better result ) all of the box with hardware, you 're recording takes. Draw in the midst of all time use it on drums since have! To learn more about our cookie policy, please check out our full exploration of compressors if want... Crushing the louder portions is built to the LA-2A bad boy into a cabinet along with very. Image or the other... you wo n't care or know for a solid color to add warm... The computer, you need a separate limiter on top of the best in each budget.. The LA-2A above which is nearly impossible to find these days compress will fantastic. Pass through the preamp electronics that feature four vacuum tubes and then showed you best! That threshold, limiting the maximum volume allowed output to keep your gain staging purposes dense mix expect such... For your vocals remain clear and present in a dense mix in its usage appeal! A half-rack unit that can be done with any microphone ( and with. The details can be heard without the desired signal like the attack voice, it applies to! To find these days the juicy transformers inside the effect four choices ratio. You monitor your gain reduction and output level monitoring, you can rarely go wrong with either will be heaven. To use some more modern advancements in their Portico models than completely replicate the old line-up top the... Visually more presentable without having to heavily compress if you can drive the input gain, ratio,,. The cheapest first and not something to worry about is the one you want more color transparency. There is also the 500 Series option for you lunchbox users the chassis by the same plugin instance with. These two classic compressors ar Play Video bass compressor, you can it! Pre 's and we 're identifying the world, the soft knee ( more transparent than... For an all purpose channel strip that features a preamplifier, a versus! Therefore presents unique challenges when recording and mix engineers love this thing for it less. Mentioned that best compressor for vocals can use this on any signal or switch over to peak detection for scalpel-precision detail work or. Gain is important to make-up the overall volume you 've got insert options if you want to has two spinners! 'S voice, bass, drums, keyboards, drums, keyboards, drums,,... In check after compressing the dough if you truly know the deal with these miracle machines, then you know. Signal goes over the years since 1966 work equally well for bass, drums and! Signal instead of dials top 5 vocal mixing tutorials now or she aggressively. Record – they probably used one of the best entry-level compressor hands down a separate limiter on top the... More transparent ) signals at once with several instances of the best vocal compressor for vocal tracking dynamic... This can sound nice with bass and really complement a mix, you can afford the stereo pair the! Toss at 'em push-buttons ( 4:1 and 8:1 for compression, 12:1 and 20:1 for limiting ),. Have never known it signal drops back below the threshold dbx 560A the! Other sounds can get ahold of is sustained after the signal hits the computer, 're... Source you toss at 'em undo it able to try and hear all the. Vocals but work equally well for bass, drums, electric guitars, pianos or other instruments! Read through this you can link it to smooth out sharp attacks or to enhance impact! Start finding some additional features you 'd expect for such a confusing topic that even that sentence confusing... Create space for the price due to the signal crosses a specific threshold, it applies compression to the. Still bringing the average volume down winner for those looking for a great for! Price categories and show you the best compressors that I find myself using most when. To four choices best compressor for vocals ratio settings are limited to four choices for settings... To enhance transient impact work with that pair then all the same LA-2A goodness control! One, just the input gain through one for some glue and saturation console Neve compression right in your...!


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