together, you can redeem the soul of our nation purpose
Obama will deliver the eulogy, WSB reported. You can lose it. Engaging in good and necessary trouble means that our gospel proclamation must be sensitively tuned for the ears of a spiritually bewildered audience, not harshly rehearsed for the benefit of the evangelical ‘amen section’. Christians Invented Health Insurance. But when I heard Lewis’ correcting statement that, “Democracy is not a state, it is an act”, my mind instinctively and immediately shot to the beleaguered condition of evangelicalism in North America. CTWeekly delivers the best content from to your inbox each week. These three were; 1)Contending for the Faith, 2)Proclaiming the Gospel, and 3)Revealing the Kingdom of God [2]as of faithful expression of that proclamation . So I say to you, walk with the wind, brothers and sisters, and let the spirit of peace and the power of everlasting love be your guide. In the essay, he said, “Though I am gone, I urge you to answer the highest calling of your heart and stand up for what you truly believe.”. In it, he said as he was in the last days and hours of his life, that he was filled “with hope about the next chapter of the great American Story when you used your power to make a difference in our society.”. These powerful words were penned from John Lewis’ hospital bed in his last days with us, as if to put an exclamation point to mark the end of a life of singular focus. It was a call to courage. It was if we both sensed that this was a moment of history. He was my Rayshard Brooks, Sandra Bland and Breonna Taylor. If you’re not familiar with Michael’s work, see Ephesiology: A Study of the Ephesian Movement, or listen to The Ephesiology Podcast. What is happening is a threat to our democracy, and sometimes I fear that we are in the process of losing it. Unchecked, unrestrained violence and government-sanctioned terror had the power to turn a simple stroll to the store for some Skittles or an innocent morning jog down a lonesome country road into a nightmare. You must also study and learn the lessons of history because humanity has been involved in this soul-wrenching, existential struggle for a very long time. It is an act, and each generation must do its part to help build what we called the Beloved Community, a nation and world society at peace with itself. Ordinary people with extraordinary vision can redeem the soul of America by getting in what I call good trouble, necessary trouble. The funeral is not open to the public. With a gracious spirit and hopeful optimism, John Lewis cast a final vision for a future that should have long already been realized.


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