time trap movie explained

It was surprisingly enjoyable!! This is that kind of movie. But don’t talk to me like I don’t know low budget indie films, or say that I am not supporting indies because of my mediocre review. Also passing through a time dimension like that should rip you apart? We’re also told that mankind wound up from Earth and colonized Mars. They use the healing water to revive Hopper, his parents, his sister, and Furby.

Time Trap premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival on May 19, 2017. An old rope becomes brittle and snaps because of the weight of the person climbing down. ), so he was in attack mode too. But I’m definitely not going to be putting this movie in my THiNC.

This is a list of my most recent favorite movies and posts that I’ve done.

I hope they make a part 2.

Wouldn’t that make it 6 months that she was on the surface? The time those cave people had been stuck down in the cave was very little time at all from their perspective. After returning to the cave, her companions compare video recordings to see that Cara has experienced thirty minutes on the surface while she had been gone only a few seconds from their viewpoint, confirming Taylor's theory.

I loved the concept, though, and just wish it had been executed better!

What is Time Trap about? And they wake, circling the earth, on the spaceship, ready to start on this new modern life. This is Barry, welcome to my site, and here’s the plot summary and the ending of the film Time Trap explained… They went looking for the Fountain to save their ailing daughter. Just saying! Okay, one last thing I swear! This was a really good movie.

And how did they know exactly when she would put her hand through the water to grab here? Essentially, a dinosaur is sitting on your dwelling right now, according to Einstein. But to each his own. And that someone is actually what killed Furby. I did enjoy it. Time Trap Movie Timelines Explained and Discussed. This movie was so confusing I couldn’t help but laugh when it was over! I believe it’s the first of its kind to make it to the big screen, although there’s a similar element at play in Freaks, which is also discussed here at THiNC. The only two explanations I have been able to come up with is: 1) They had powerful enough telescopes and a quick enough reaction time to look and see her face (from ~ mars) before she went back into the cave and then used facial recognition software which somehow had logs of a face from roughly 7,200 years ago (2 hours spent in the cave at a rate of ~1 year per second).

Watching her slowly climb back down then eventualy back up and close enough to grab. It must have to do with the water being able to slow down and even reverse time to a a previous point.

I thought the movie was fairly good and to be very interesting. Showing all 2 items Jump to: Summaries (1) Synopsis (1) ... Armed with mountain climbing equipment and ropes, the group unknowingly rappels into a break in the space-time continuum, where time passes at a rate much slower than on the surface. Why did they only retrieve the kids, hopper, and his family?

Up to you entirely. “Soon after your arrival, your provisions would run out, and there would be little hope for you” You are totally missing the entire point of the film! I actually enjoyd the movie. They’re supposed to be college grads working as teaching assistants, yet they are not very smart. So it was humans of the future who rescued them. After discovering what appears to be a cowboy paused in place in a tunnel, he returns to town and dismisses his graduate students, Taylor and Jackie, stating that their research is done. But I better jot that on a post-it note or something… “Use Brain”. Hopper reenters the cave. While we’re initially led to believe that this is one day elapsing in mere seconds, it’s later revealed that the, is winter.

I definitely loved the mechanics and the idea.

Obviously, it could have benefitted from a bigger budget and better actors.

But this article is not a Time Trap review, so let’s get to answering some of the questions the film raised.

We are going to think about it like a manual transmission.

haha Time is moving more slowly in here than in the real world for the first timers who perceive it without noticing the timestamps. But ultimately, we know that the top earth layer was at a second is a second. Setting the film in a cave came from both growing up in Texas, where caves are plentiful,[2] and from The Descent.

Because I just don’t know if I liked this movie or not.

And as the movie powers towards its conclusion, Taylor (played by Reiley McClendon) discovers Hopper further in the cave. I disagree entirely! And you, the interweb denizens, will be better for it afterwards.

Furby wasn’t shocked he was no longer dead and gave no sign he knew about anything other than his spooky nights in the jeep. With Reiley McClendon, Cassidy Gifford, Brianne Howey, Olivia Draguicevich.

My takeaway is that the water, however it was actually done, was placed there as a clear indication that they could slow or speed up time via its use, allowing not years to pass during the rescue. To add to the comments about the girl leaving the cave for 30 min to use the GPS, remember that people inside the cave are basically frozen to the time perspective of those outside the cave. dead.

While exploring the cave, the group experience a series of bizarre and dangerous events related to time and space distortion.

Can We Discuss Why Galveston Will Break Your Heart. Barry is a technologist who helps start-ups build successful products.

You know what?

March 10, 2019. cinema, Futuristic, independent, Time Travel. Thank you. (Here in Colorado we roll at 75 mph, but we can discuss intrastate highway standards another day.) Lisa: I totally agree! Once in, they are in for a world of surprise when they finally understand the reason for the disappearances. I might just be seeing this all from a teen’s perspective (which I am) rather than an adult’s (which I’m up assuming you are), but I don’t know. So they probably hadn’t run out of provisions yet. In case you’re new to my site, here’s how it works. Or if you do absolutely feel the need to criticize, there’s such a thing called constructive criticism.

If that sounds like a good time, check it out. The greatest fear in the world is the opinions of others, or not ….

But these characters, when they realize that time is flying by at the surface, and that everything they know is dead and gone, it doesn’t even register on the surface of the minds.

Remember, from the perspective of these cavemen, they’ve not been in this cave for far too long. Passing through the barrier might take a year or two for half your body.

Travel is a measurement of speed through which life moves about through space while keeping time. There’s a lot of plot holes in this movie that if you think too hard about you will drive yourself crazy but why would she age if she was just up there a few minutes? Hearing more howling, Cara prepares to climb out again in search of help but is interrupted by a futuristic humanoid spaceman descending via a retractable ladder.

Watch it for the entertainment and don’t criticize it so much.


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