theo galavan

The Arkham abductees were taken to Galavan Tower where Theo explained that he intended to bring Gotham to its knees by assembling a team of brilliant criminals who would instill mass panic among the people.

Theo later ordered them to attack the GCPD as their second big move. The other three characters are, Theo Galvan is the first of three villains who managed to destroy Penguin's criminal empire completely, the others being.


Firstly, he ordered Penguin to kill the other mayoral candidates, and attempt a murder at him too, but "miss the shot".

Jim comes through the door, and orders Theo to cuff himself. Theo Galavan is one of four characters that appear to be an original creation of the show at first, only to be revealed to be based on a comic book character later on. Batman Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. [13], Theo's body was used by Hugo Strange as part of his plan to reanimate the dead and during the experiment he was given the name Patient 44.

Gordon later awoke near the Gotham docks where Galavan gloated about his escape and revealed the details of his master plan: the Order of St. Dumas had carried out nine seemingly random murders around Gotham as part of a ritual to cleanse the city of its sin and would be brought to its conclusion with the execution of the "Son of Gotham", whom Gordon realised was Bruce Wayne.

Theo Galavan was taken from his sister when he was young and then was trained by the priests of Saint Dumas. While Galavan isn't in the comics, the supervillain alter-ego of his sister Tabitha is. When his court hearing came, he was exonerated after Mayor James claimed that Galavan wasn't the one who kidnapped him, that he had been abducted by the Penguin. Captain Nathaniel Barnes comes in and orders Jim to put the gun down.

Galavan later met Father Creel in his penthouse, as they discussed the terms about their revenge. Resigned to his fate, Theo kneels before Oswald and Jim and laments that it will be a beautiful morning.

This relentless drive has turned him into an utter psychopath as Tabitha notes that he was a much different person before he was discovered by the monks it St. Dumas.

Civilian After being murdered by Jim Gordon, Galavan was later revived by Hugo Strange, being given the identity of Azrael to do Strange's bidding and try to kill Gordon.

Theo Galavan was mentored by monks of the Order of St. Dumas who taught him the history of his family's disgrace. Jim and Oswald take Theo to the Southside Docks.

After arriving in Arkham, Zaardon died after the potion he drank poisoned him and in his death throes he exhaled a gas that knocked out every inmate and guard in the vicinity. Theo's quest to find the real sword of sin brought him to the Dumas crypt, where he came across Jim, Bullock, and Tabitha.

Captain Nathaniel Barnes comes in and orders Jim to put the gun down. Around this time, Caleb Dumas, the eldest son of the Dumas, became romantically involved with Celestine Wayne. Penguin did as Galavan said, brutally murdering Janice Caulfield and almost killing Randall Hobbs. Bruce's rescue party, led by Jim Gordon and the Penguin, burst through the door. Galavan kidnapped Gertrud Kapelput, Penguin's mother and threatened to kill her if Penguin didn't obey him.

Theo says Jim is a man of principle and says he will regret this.

Theo then headed for Wayne Manor, breaking in and engaging in a duel with Alfred, a fight which Alfred loses. James Gordon and Penguin kill Theo Galavan.

Although not by choice, he takes on a cloaked mantle of, Even though the character of Theo Galavan is an original creation, the mantle. Theo approaches Silver with his hand outstretched, and Tabitha knocks him out. Afterwards, Gordon and the GCPD would find Mayor James and then arrest Galavan just before he could convince Bruce Wayne to sell Wayne Enterprises to him. Theo then had Tabitha abduct Sid Bunderslaw, and then had one of his eyes cut out.

Oswald Cobblepot and Butch Gilzean killed him with a rocket launcher. Though he did plan to escape Gotham City with her, Tabitha had finally had enough of her abusive brother and abandoned him in the hands of Gordon. [16], At Mayor Oswald Cobblepot's party at The Sirens, Bruce and Alfred thank Mayor Cobblepot for saving them from Theo Galavan upon having Butch Gilzean using a bazooka on him. Theo then said to Gordon that he did what any citizen would, Gordon returned by saying that he wished that was true.


Penguin did as Galavan said, brutally murdering Janice Caulfield and almost killing Randall Hobbs.

In reality Galavan was a cunning mastermind whose charitable and benevolent acts were only illusions to his true, villainous and depraved nature. James Frain She tries to jog Theo's memory and partially succeeds, but Theo unfortunately recalls his original mission in Gotham: to kill Bruce Wayne.
The Dumas had originally been involved with the founding of Gotham City, but their legacy had been all but erased by the Wayne family decades past, and so Galavan concocted an elaborate scheme to destroy the Waynes and take over Gotham in order to restore his family name.

Tabitha notes there is only two, and Theo says Silver isn't coming with them. Galavan later snatched Bruce Wayne at the manor.[11].

After Richard Sionis refused, becoming jealous that Theo touched Barbara, Galavan had him killed by his sister Tabitha.

Penguin then escaped in Galavan's limo. With Galavan, his experiment succeeds and the former mayor is restored to life, although he has no recollection of his former life.

Butch then shot Penguin's men to death and Tabitha stabbed Gertrud to death. Jim says he has many regrets, but this won't be at the top of the list. Galavan then had Tabitha remove Butch's brainwashed condition. Theo and his Sister Tabitha where told tales of a warrior named Azrael when they where children. While being beaten, Galavan begs for Gordon to kill him rather than let him suffer.

The three head to Theo's office where they don parachutes. But once again he was killed. Later at an unknown type of hideout, Gordon woke up to find himself restrained.

Penguin then had Butch Gilzean infiltrate Galavan's organization, though he had to slice Butch's hand off in order to properly sell the idea that Penguin had lost his mind and was no longer fit to serve.

Galavan follows his family ways to a degree of almost sheer fanaticism.

Galavan then had Penguin burn several buildings belonging to Wayne Enterprises, and had Penguin's arsonist steal a knife that was used to slice the hand of his ancestor, using Bunderslaw's eye for identification purposes.

Theo was revived quickly, with enhanced physical abilities and Hugo and Ethel Peabody watched as he kills the orderlies present while rambling, before exclaiming "Azrael! Theo remembered Bruce and how his main mission was to ensure that the Son of Gotham dies. After his death, Galavan's body is recovered by Professor Hugo Strange and taken to the secret bioengineering facility at Indian Hill. While there, he served his purpose as a carrier, expelling the gas through the mouth, thus killing him, rendering six inmates unconscious, and allowing his sister Tabitha to break into the mental institution to break these six inmates out. Father Creel is about to kill Bruce when Silver yells at him to stop. She pushes Silver out the window and says she needs to look after number one, before fleeing out the window.

Theo then chased after Bruce, who made his way to the parking garage of the manor. While going through his apartment, Gordon and Barnes found a clergy robe behind one of the paintings. Galavan was then later brought back to life by Hugo Strange and took on the identity of Azrael!

Azrael inevitably goes in search of the sword and is confronted by Tabitha at the cemetery.
[10], A day later, Galavan was in a conversation with Jim Gordon about Katherine Parks. Providing "Azrael" with a suit of armour and a sword, Strange sends Galavan out into the city on a mission. [17], Following Jerome Valeska's delayed resurrection from the dead, he thought of seeking revenge on Theo Galavan only to be informed by Leslie Thompkins that Galavan had been killed twice over, much to Jerome's disappointment.

Penguin cornered Galavan and Jim Gordon, telling Gordon what Galavan had done, to which Gordon stated he already knew having been discreetly investigating Galavan on his own. Jim then showed up with Alfred and shot Theo in various places in his upper body.


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