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Peterson does a little ant roasting. They keep a complete press blackout. Blu-Ray Review: Them! The roof falls in and traps Graham alone on the ant side. Is there a black market for it? Will the ants and their iconic sonar sound effects ever be able to shock viewers like they did back in the day?

My two favourites scenes in the film aren’t bombastic fights with giant ants (although these are great) but quieter moments where Gwenn descends into these beautifully shot monologues about the war like nature of ants and the limit of mankind’s knowledge as it enters into the Atomic Age. (1954) Directed by Gordon Douglas. Planet of the Apes (1968) Today’s movie is Planet of[...], Today’s movie is Miracle on 34th Street (1947). Major Kibbee says they can use bazookas to fire phosphorous on the top forcing them to stay inside. James Whitmore played Police Sgt. The men come in guns a blazing and Harold tells them to shoot off the antennae. We hope your stay here is a pleasant one as your trek through the blood-splattered halls of the House.

Pat says they would turn carnivorous. The tunnels are big enough so they can drive jeeps inside. World-Famous Short Summary – No animals were harmed during the filming of this movie. The father of the girl was an FBI agent, so they bring them into the investigation with Robert Graham (James Arness). Harold and Pat arrive, and there are new winged queens. Apparently, one of the queens got in the hold of a ship docked in Mexico. I hope you enjoyed today’s show. You hear him shooting, then screaming, and the sound continues. He has found another print and figure that the thing is over nine feet long. (1954) By Ryan Peters / October 9, 2016 . They send all the troops towards area 267, where the nest may be located.

I have also been a software developer for more than 20 years working for American an Indian Companies like JDSU, Global Logic. They call for medics and support. He had bleached white hair and wore dark Ray-Bans for the film. All of this nicely backed-up by a clever and interesting police investigation side-story. Pat, Graham, and Peterson are all in different jeeps.

Most of the big reviewers left the movie alone. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. I really appreciate you spending the time listening. They set up a war room where they search for UFO sightings, sugar thefts, missing persons, and ant sighting. Definitely worth 93 minutes of your time. Peterson and his partner head to Johnson’s general store as a sandstorm moves in. They carry out the plan. As Peterson and Graham trek across the states in pursuit of our new insect overlords Them does a brilliant job of conveying a sense of place in locations such as Los Angeles and New Mexico despite much of the film actually being shot in rural California. They get the autopsies report on the store owner and other than generally being crushed, he was full of Formica acid. Director Gordan Douglas does a great job of capturing the dusty desert feel for most of the film and the set design on display in Them, while seen many times before, gives off a classic smoke filled 50’s aesthetic that is impossible not to be charmed by. There are links in the podcast show notes as well. Harold puts some Formic acid in a glass and lets her smell it.
(1954), aka Them, directed by Gordon Douglas, featuring James Whitmore, Edmund Gwenn, Joan Weldon. The girl is still staring blankly and not talking. The works of Fulci, Romero, Raimi, Carpenter, Savini, Karloff, Lugosi, Chaney, Argento, Barker, Hooper, Craven, ed gein and many others flow tirelessly across this landscape touching your dark soul and the genre you love. They can’t burn the ants out because of the boys and the search for new queens.

In this article, you will find the details of them! The back and forth as the team of bug killers work to prevent Armageddon is full of fun moments but Edmund Gwenn steals every moment of screen time he is involved in with classic acting chops. Peterson hears tapping and stops all of the jeeps. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. From terrorising drive through audiences over sixty years ago to the Saturday afternoon marathons of my youth Them remains a great watch. Is there a black market for it? Fess Parker played pilot Alan Crotty, who crashed in Brownsville, Texas, the driest place on Earth. The side of the trailer is torn off. They may look a bit ridiculous to some, but I found that these old-special effects give a very special style to the film, with monsters that end-up being surprisingly fun to watch.

They continue the investigation, but they have few clues. Review, Rating, and Synopsis. This movie[...], I am continuing the series about people trying to go[...]. Of course, they use a Thompson and a flamethrower. Happy Birthday to Beverly Adams born 11/7/1945 #BeverlyAdams #OnThisDay, The Challenge (1982) Classic Movie Review 217 #action #martialarts, Happy Birthday to Barry Newman born 11/7/1938 #BarryNewman #OnThisDay. There is old blood and money laying around, so it was not a robbery. THEM! They inform Washington, D.C. One of the Washington nay-sayers, looking very much like Ike, is Willis Bouchey. This movie is a beloved sci-fi film that fits in the “we messed up exploding atomic bombs” genre.

A great deal of work was clearly put into building the giant mutants and as they scuttle across the screens you get a real sense that you are watching the foundations of horror and science fiction special effects.

We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. October is in full swing and unless you’ve been living in an ant hill in the New Mexico desert for the last few weeks then you’ll be well aware that Halloween is rapidly approaching. Thrills & Chills at NFFTY – Horror Movies streaming from 23rd Oct – 1st Nov 2020, Best Horror Movies of 2002 – Dark Water, 28 Days Later, In My Skin, Inner Senses, Script For A Horror Movie: Unobvious Moments, Best Horror Movies Streaming on Prime Video. 'https://':'http://')+d),n.setAttribute('width','300'),n.setAttribute('height','250'),n.setAttribute('frameborder','0'),n.setAttribute('scrolling','no'),o.appendChild(n)})(document,'iframe','ibb-widget-root-293973100',""); Today’s movie is Them! The “atomic demons” are giant resin-made ants. [1]

Then the sound starts again.

THEM! Peterson blames himself for the death of his partner. Perhaps not. He finds the boys, and they are okay. They find some sugar cubes and the tracks of an animal they can’t id. It is right in the middle of the attack area. We're currently offline.

Finally, she drops the look man, I’m a scientist on him.

Graham gets upset that they are not being told anything, but he and Pat are bonding.

Dub Taylor also had an uncredited role as a railroad yard watchman accused of helping to steal 40-tons of sugar. Blu-Ray Review: Them! Harold gives the dire warning that man has opened a new world and no one can predict what is in the new world. Harold asks about a mound or a cone. I am going to wait to cover them until their roles are larger.

Joan Weldon was the daughter of Harold, Dr. Patricia Medford, and she was also an ant expert. The military and police head into the drains from all sides.
McClory died in 2003. Harold still won’t tell them what he suspects. What kind of sense does that make? Harold says that won’t work because the ants are hunting at night. Harold then says, they will drop cyanide inside, before they go down and inspect.

He rose through the ranks there and by 1947, he headed to Hollywood. He died in 1961.

I have a great love of the film studio back lot look made famous in many of the Universal Monster movies, the kind where you can almost sense that an office or desert set has probably featured in hundreds of different films throughout the years. As great as Them looks and sounds however it’s the performances that really make it shine. A couple of ants get after him, but he holds them off with the Thompson until the others break through. opens with a traumatized little girl (Sandy Descher) found wandering the desert. A black and white classic that has stood the test of time and a film that fans of the genre should consider essential viewing. They leave for the desert. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Harold wants to go right to work reading reports.

It starts as a pretty slow, nice old movie, but as soon as the giant monsters show up, the movie changes paste and really accelerates, always keeping a level of entertainment really high.

The film was originally slated to be shot in 3-D and Technicolor, but the BigWigs thought otherwise; their investment was not worth the risk for such an unusual plot. Weldon was covered in Episode 60 – The Command (1954). This film is rated 7.3 on[1] and has an amazing 100 percent rating of the Tomatometer and 76 percent audience approval on[2].

The military form a firing line and the ants try to counter-attack. They load the girl into the car and the pilot radios that there is a trailer 3-miles up the road and they should check it.

A good look for an archaeologist. Peterson dies. Your dedicated host, the Caretaker, will serve as your guide leading you down a path of horror enlightenment. Whitmore was covered in Episode 50 – Battleground (1949). Did you ever hear of a fence for hot sugar? aka: Them. Before I founded a couple of startups, I was taking Soft Development and Digital Product Development and sales for a medium scale business in Mumbai. It would also become one of the classics of the so-called "silver age" of horror, and one of the most fun flicks a genre fan could possibly hope for. Oh, baby, he takes his flamethrower along. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. However, there is no evidence of the boys. Pat wanders off and finds another print. Spook on “Star Trek” 1966 – 1969 including franchise movies and shows through 1986. They hear a high-pitched noise in the distance, and the girl sits up. When I first watched this film the huge, lumbering insects terrified me and I can only imagine how chilled audiences were back in the fifties when the blood thirsty critters were on drive through screens across America. One of the Army Sergeants (Leonard Nimoy) knows what they are looking for but not why. Then he starts singing, make me a sergeant in charge of booze. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. So all my boxes are checked.

The time of year when horror fans make an extra effort to spend some time with our favourite movies. October is in full swing and unless you’ve been living in an ant hill in the New Mexico desert for the last few weeks then you’ll be well aware that Halloween is rapidly approaching. Them! There were spiders, grasshoppers, 50-foot women, shrinking men, and of course the king of the monsters, Godzilla, that were all created in this general way. Peterson decides to go back to the station and leaves the other guy at the store. Your first and last stop on the WWW (World Weird Web) of horror. There are 700-miles of tunnels under the city, and they think the boys may be in there with the ants.


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