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I haven't been able to calm her down yet. 11. Ends His fight will be over sooner rather than later.". Whether enemy or friend, death united them all.

By: tv-addict007.

tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit), 1. He just hoped his wife won't do anything too reckless. Sign up Log in.

46. 67. The brunette exchanged niceties with the other nightbloods, but most of the time she was on her own. The Natblida must've been afraid, somehow…, Turning towards Clarke, another thought surfacing in her mind, she questioned: ''Can you tell me more about this… Natblida? I need you.".

"I'm about to start some test, see if everything works as it should. Later in the series I try to make the difference obvious. At first, the young doctor had toyed with the idea of looking into this serum, knowing that she'd have to work on it in private seeing that the Ark wasn't fond of experiments like these.

At first, Lexa's heart raced; but then stilled, for though this Natblida might've severely injured Clarke, the Natblida couldn't do anything to her—at least, not now. "What are you saying, Abby? The brunette looked up to the other woman, respecting her well-thought decisions, her wise opinions and her effortlessly and elegant work with her weapons.

Complete Work In Progress. ", "But I care.

No pain, no itch, no strange reactions of any kind. Nightblood did not occur naturally but rather is a result of genetic engineering. drabble, under 1k, we will still be there with the war is over, work in progress, ao3, jasper jordan, octavia blake, celebrate living as long as you're breathing, don't know what's ahead, so just get outta your head. "Thanks.". "Yu gonplei ste odon." Of course it was because of Fleimkipas. Time was crucial. Natblida (A 100 Fanfiction) 11.1K Reads 164 Votes 15 Part Story. There was no time to lose her mind. They were in space, low on materials. Continue or not continue? But I can't change the fact that we may have a serious issue on our hands just because they don't like it. (Will contain a great deal of Bellarke and some Linctavia...possibly others as well as the fandom expands.) "Is there anything you can think of that could've gotten you into this mess? The blonde woman turned around and smiled widely at her husband who moved away from the door and towards his girls, first planting a kiss on his daughter's head before his lips met the ones of his amazing wife.

His throat bobbed as he collected his courage and stood up again, ready to inspect the unknown. ", Abby smiled. On alert, her eyes tracked the figure that moved from house to house in a blur… until it stopped, and stepped out into the square.

Tabula Rasa That is true. Vote. "So, there are her things." Thelonious Jaha asked her. Nyko hummed quietly as he walked through the woods searching for herbs and other useful plants. Browse through and read the 100 fanfiction stories and books. —They Always Come Back ''But we should wash it out to prevent infections.'' search suggestions: (not all will give results) Word Count.

A list of fics about The 100 that I've enjoyed or written. The minutes crawled by in silence as the dropship floated towards earth, Clarke stayed calm in his arms. Thelonious threw a quick glance over his shoulder, steps and voices could be heard in the distance. Which mostly composed of complaining, and cursings directed towards the ''vicious, Natblida child from hell''.

Shaking her head, taking a wheel in her hand, she took the bucket back to Clarke. It felt like hours until he took note of the barest of nods though it was enough for him.

6. His confused eyes searched in her panicking ones for the answer for his wife's strange behavior. Jake squeezed her hand before slipping past her and making quickly his way to their home to pack some necessary things. I've had this idea since last year, but never got around to actively write it – until now. Many thoughts had swirled in Lexa's mind on their journey home—from Clarke's wound to the Natblida child that apparently did this to her. Lexa barely had the time to call out for her before she was out of sight, the only proof of the Natblida's existence a rustle. Cities Tarnished (Locus Bygone) 76. There was no doubt that the guards would be here in a flash. Does it work? They all have a story but what about the story about a Natblida born on the ark, the 101 person that was also in the dropship. "This is enough for today. The boy hoped that the soul of the man will find its peace and move on to the next life.
His wife followed his stare and looked back up at him again as she nodded. Rated: Fiction T - English - Friendship/Romance - Clarke G., OC, Grounders, Lexa - Chapters: 9 - Words: 37,121 - Reviews: 42 - Favs: 156 - Follows: 232 - Updated: 4/14/2018 - Published: 2/25/2018 - id: … Lexa took the towel from Clarke's hands, and began to carefully clean the wound, while Clarke's fist gripped tightly and relaxed in a measure of pain on the table. Renascence It had to work out. All We Do To Survive As you've probably read in the summary, this story is about Clarke growing up on earth instead of the space.

Revenants A loud bang rung out and the dropship shook even more. Clarke seemed to be the perfect blend of herself and her husband, Jake. Heda Sanco taught them a lot, but being the second of a leader helped immensely to hone those skills. Nyko startled briefly as his eyes fell upon an unmoving body of a man, his face bloody and bruised. ", Jake put his arm around his wife, holding her closely. Though Lexa had always imagined that as heda, one could be doing so much more. Mya has been hidden her whole life because she has …

"I love you, too. The Weight On The Scales 1.02, oneshot, tumblr, 1-5k, bellamy blake, clarke griffin. Both, Domica and Syros, were experienced warriors and had given Lexa quite the hard time during their training fights. She absently felt strong arms moving around her pulling her back out of the room, from the corner of her eyes she saw a dark-skinned hand hit the button to close the door. Drop a comment on your way out. When was it not? Waiting another few seconds for the guards to be gone completely from the corridor, the doctor busied herself with watching her daughter touching the trinket.

Abby continued now in a more collected tone. 18. 40. Discussions of Acquisition

"He wouldn't do that." She was surprised to see her mentor. Abby bended further down and kissed her daughter's forehead tenderly, big blue eyes flickered up to her and a happy laugh left those little lips causing the young mother to join into the laugher.


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