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Both ships were initially owned by Union Cold Storage, a ship-owning company controlled by Blue Star Line.

13,179: Mendoza Star: 1960: ex- Chatham, 1962 transferred from Lamport & Holt and renamed Mendoza Star, 1963 rebuilt to 3666 tons, 1967 transferred to Italian subsidiary Calmedia, renamed Calavittoria.

[7] During the voyage Melbourne Star was attacked in the Mediterranean by an E-boat on 24 July but reached Valletta safely. [19] She seems to have passed through the Suez Canal and the Indian Ocean, for on 2 February 1943 she left Montevideo in neutral Uruguay for Liverpool, where she arrived on 22 February.

En route she detached from the convoy to head for Panama. 15-08-2020 MELBOURNE STAR MV was a Refrigerated Cargo Liner built by Cammel Laird & Cpy, Birkenhead, Liverpool in 1936. Two of Melbourne Star's crew and two of her passengers were from the Republic of Ireland. White, Nunn and Burns transferred to Best's float. She was sunk by torpedo in 1943 with the loss of 115 lives. "Taffrail" (Henry Taprell Dorling) (1973). [9], Spectators including a Roman Catholic priest watch Melbourne Star arrive in Valletta's Grand Harbour on 13 August 1942 in Operation Pedestal, In August 1942 Melbourne Star again relieved the siege of Malta, sailing with her sister Brisbane Star in Operation Pedestal. [10] Melbourne Star continued south, reaching Durban on 13 February. MV Melbourne Star 1/700 (X3T4LVBEC) by squint181 on Shapeways.
She was repaired and returned to service after a month. MV Brisbane Star was a British refrigerated cargo liner.She was built by Cammell Laird and Co in 1936–37 as one of Blue Star Line's Imperial Star-class ships, designed to ship frozen meat from Australia and New Zealand to the United Kingdom.The ship served in the Second World War and is distinguished for her rôle in Operation Pedestal to relieve the siege of Malta in August 1942. [24] The plane circled overhead, touched down on the sea nearby and launched an inflatable boat, in which aircraft navigator Lieutenant Knox came over to the Carley float.

[15] Nine of Melbourne Star's crew and five of her DEMS gunners were not found. [15], A seaman wounded in Operation Pedestal is stretchered ashore from Melbourne Star in Valletta, 13 August 1942, Captain MacFarlane was one of three Merchant Navy captains from Operation Pedestal who shortly afterwards were awarded the DSO[16] "for fortitude, seamanship and endurance... in the face of relentless attacks... from enemy submarines, aircraft and surface forces".
At 08.23 hours on 2 April 1943 the unescorted Melbourne Star (Master James Bennett Hall) was hit by three of four torpedoes from U-129 about 480 miles southeast of Bermuda. She may have sailed east across the Indian and Pacific Oceans, for she left Panama on 13 June 1942 and reached the Clyde a fortnight later. [3], Half of Melbourne Star's passengers and several of her crew were from Australia or New Zealand, including five junior Royal Australian Navy officers, a RAAF wing commander and a young Roman Catholic priest. This gave the survivors both protein and nutritious fish oil, which improved their health and did much to keep them alive. Four crewmen (Greaser William Best, Greaser William Burns, Ordinary Seaman Ronald Nunn and Able Seaman Leonard White) in the second raft drifted for 38 days until they were rescued by a Catalina aircraft (VP-63 USN/P-6, pilot 1stLt Rex Knorr) about 250 miles from its base on Bermuda. One passenger was a young woman from Dundee, Scotland, travelling with her two sons aged eight and four.[21]. It was therefore suspected that this was a Kriegsmarine merchant raider disguised as a neutral Portuguese ship, and that she had passed Melbourne Star's position and course to the BdU. [18], On 7 December 1942 Melbourne Star left Malta with Convoy ME 11, which reached Suez four days later. We have details of 117 people who were on board, 1936 - Cammell Laird & Co Ltd, Birkenhead, Liverpool (22 Mar) - Greenock (24 Mar) - Cristobal - Melbourne - Sydney, NSW, 8285 tons of government stores and general cargo, including ammunition and torpedoes. Waimarama was carrying aviation fuel and immediately burst into flames, showering Melbourne Star with débris including a piece of steel plate 5 feet (1.5 m) long. The two Blue Star vessels and other merchant ships for the operation sailed from the Firth of Clyde on 12 July as part of Convoy WS 9C, which reached Gibraltar on 20 July.

Melbourne Star's Master was now James Hall, who had commanded the liner Andalucia Star until she was sunk in October 1942. At daybreak they sighted William Best alone in his float and the two paddled toward each other. It was never seen again. The men's health deteriorated, but the ration cans had keys to open them, and from one of these White improvised a fishing hook.


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