supernatural season 3, episode 12 recap

Katie Yu/The CW.

You got that? 3.12 Jus in Bello: If That’s How You Win Wars, Then I Don’t Wanna Win, Mary tries to explain to her children that the little boy didn’t want to hurt her, but after she nearly passes out, they suggest she stay back at the hotel while they hit the cemetery. - No, no. With the plan in full motion, Sam, Dean, Castiel and Jack fight for the good of the common goal. Her name is Lilith. Henriksen makes sure that the barely-staffed small office is equipped as effectivel… Answering the room phone, Dean finds Bela on the other end of the line - already "two states away" and indicating that she's set them up. All that remain inside are Nancy Fitzgerald (the secretary), Sheriff Melvin Dodd, the deputy, Henriksen, and Sam and Dean. Dean's plan is carried out successfully - Dean, Sam, and Henriksen fight the demons inside while Nancy and the deputy bar the doors behind them again, trapping the demons in the building - but not before one demon escapes. FBI Agent Henricksen finally captures Sam and Dean, but is caught in the middle when a horde of demons descends on the small-town jail to eliminate the brothers. — as Sam and Dean use their 2016 minds to find out what they can on the web. We did not kill him. Only, C-squared isn’t great at finding Lucifer. Unable to get inside, the demons possess the locals - about thirty of them - and stand around outside the building. But let’s not forget that Mary was a hunter long before Sam and Dean were born, and that’s why it takes her about three seconds to call up the former owner of the house and find out all about her son’s death. Instead, she’s been thrown into a new world, and this hour was all about her struggle to try to find some normalcy within it. She destroys the building and kills everyone in it - including Nancy and Henriksen. Dean: I don’t know. Pleased with the outcome, Sam and Dean leave. Panicking, the local sheriff wants to go outside and fight, but Henriksen realizes that they are under siege and convinces them to all stay inside and barricade the doors. The chopper explodes and Reidy is killed by another demon possessing one of the fallen officers. Check out our recap of last week’s episode here . Sam and Dean manage to exorcise Henriksen, using holy water made in the toilet with the aid of Nancy's rosary. Reception.

Bela: Tough words for a guy who can’t even find me. Taking John’s journal, she tries to hug Dean, but he’s too hurt. The episode has some plot similarities to the movie, Sera Gamble notes that they were finishing this script just as the, It is revealed on the DVD that this episode is used as an end to the looming threat of capture of the Winchesters, and a sendoff/closure to the character of. Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. Meanwhile, Nancy patches up Dean's gunshot wound. Answering the room phone, Dean finds Bela on the other end of the line - already "two states away" and indicating that she's set them up.

Nancy volunteers but Dean is vehemently against the plan, convincing Sam instead that they need to just open the doors and fight off the horde themselves. Dean: You kinky son of a bitch. the kid who grabbed Mary. On the trail of Bela to retrieve the stolen Colt, Sam and Dean track her to Monument, Colorado, only to find her motel room empty. Exasperated, Ruby leaves. NEXT: Mary makes a heartbreaking decision.


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