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Eckhart and his men tracked down Aaron and the Winchesters and break into their safe-house to steal the red ledger. The brothers managed to intercept them and rescue Ellie, while Christoph was tied to a chair and forced to tell the truth on pain of death. It is implied that Hitler has many descendants, but they chose to go after Ellie because she lived in the same state where the watch was found, Ohio. As Commandant Nauhaus gets a blood transfusion from Ellie Grant, making his body suitable for becoming a vessel for Hitler's soul ... head, to Dean's delight. Gumprecht is soon killed when Delphine uses the Hand of God, destroying the USS Bluefin and blasting a hole into the fuel tanks of the German Destroyer carrying Gumprecht, incinerating him along with everyone else that was on the sinking ship. Written by
Ellie and the Winchesters kill the Thule High Command and Dean kills Hitler. The murders committed by the Thule draw the attention of the Winchesters who realize that they are dealing with the Thule Society once more after finding out what the killers had been after.

It was soon revealed that the Ahnenerbe was composed of members of the Thule who were looking for supernatural methods to win World War II. Heil This! However, due to spending so long trapped in the watch, Hitler comes back insane to the surprise of the Thule. The episode is fine bringing back an old character only for a brief moment, but still, ok. "[5], "Supernatural Season 12 Episode 5 Review: The One You've Been Waiting For", "Supernatural: The One You've Been Waiting For Review", "Supernatural "The One You've Been Waiting For": Sam and Dean work to stop the resurrection of Hitler",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Television episode articles with short description for single episodes, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 15:30.
Christoph finally explains about how his father, Commandant Nauhaus preserved Hitler's soul in the pocket watch and the Thule intend to resurrect him.

Check out our editors' picks for the movies and shows we're excited about this month, including Season 4 of "The Crown" and the premiere of Proxima. The most annoying part about this episode was the girl, Ellie. Sam and Dean later burn his body to cover their tracks. Status Eleanore "Ellie" Grant is the great-great-grandniece of Adolf Hitler. The Thule Society is a group of necromancers with plans of world domination. However, Ellie did not believe in The Devil and considered Sam's story to be a complete joke. ... Allison Paige (Ellie Grant) @AllisonPaigeN. TV-14 Allison Paige, Actress: The Flash. I think that entitles me to free drinks for the rest of my life. Their plan was to resurrect him under the project dubbed "Das Blut". After rescuing Ellie from Christoph Nauhaus, the Winchesters interrogate him about the Thule plot. Trained to become a doctor, but took a sabbatical after seeing her first dead body.

"The One You've Been Waiting For" received mixed reviews. Human

At some point, Ellie entered into a relationship with someone but chose to break it off when the other person proposed to marry her. She departed with plans to become a med school student, something she originally abandoned. The blood of Hitler's distant relative Ellie Grant was required. On the film reel, to test her new loyalty and dedication to their cause, Cuthbert orders her to kill a captured Thule agent that has been thoroughly interrogated and is of no more use to them. Before their plan could be implemented, the Thule arrive, as Sam and Dean fight them off. Supernatural ranked as the second most watched program on The CW in the day, beating Legends of Tomorrow.

I don't know about you guys, but I really enjoyed this episode. Once they've obtained it from an antique shop, they move on to capturing one of Adolf Hitler's descendants, Ellie Grant.

After learning that the soul of Adolf Hitler has been trapped in a 1930's gold pocket watch, Dean and Sam must act quickly to prevent a group of Nazi necromancers from resurrecting the Führer.

In Columbus, Ohio, an elderly woman attempts to buy an antique pocket watch only to be murdered along with the owner of the antique store by the Thule Society, an organization of Nazi necromancers. "Supernatural" The One You've Been Waiting For (TV Episode 2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

Much of it was predictable, from the moments of Ellie escaping out windows (her preferred method of travel, apparently) to the son being abandoned by his father and turning against the whole organization.

Sam was able to translate the ledger and determine that it contains the information on magical experiments that were taking place where they try to bring their own dead back to life and a roster of every dead Thule member who was reanimated.

When Sam, Dean and the Rabbi's grandson Aaron track down the Red Ledger, Torvald tries to take it and shoots magic poison darts into Sam and Aaron until the Golem kills him and the spell is broken.


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