supernatural criminal minds crossover
Dean gets arrested, then the government (or everybody? If they had to, they’d probably figure out a way to work it, but they don’t have to. Defect by Kikkimax Crossover with Criminal Minds. Fredric Lehne portrays Jack Vaughan and is taken in for questioning and while the camera is panning his face one of the FBI agents says," I've interview hundreds of killers. They can get quite competitive, they both claim they’re the better shot. Full of fight and sass. Present-day, Spencer refuses to believe that Dean’s a murderer, unless somebody gives him evidence of something like horrible physical head trauma. He sent a bunch of family recipes over to Bobby’s and the Roadhouse telling them to feed hunters passing through right. So every room has a different over-the-top theme, and Magic Fingers. Dean also comments on Spencer’s sweater vest but Sam kind of likes it. Everyone else finds it quite funny. I can take requests for characters/senerios. Mary thinks JJ is a very good mother and she adores Henry. Castiel and Spencer often bond over their shared lack of sensing sarcasm and misinterpreting social cues. She wishes she could have been there for her sons and been able to watch them grow up into the men they are today. Emily and Jo like to hit the bar together and Emily was surprised to find out during their first outing that Jo can out drink her by a mile. Sam and Dean own the local motel (hey, it’s not like they’d know what to do with a house, and it’s cheaper to own than rent) or at least are heavily involved in remodeling it, for whatever reason. The BAU picks up the case and is baffled by the gaps in the timeline, although they think they’re probably just bodies that haven’t been found because of Sam’s wide-ranging territory and many of them are actually because he kills a monster instead of a person at the appropriate time. He ends up with the BAU. [Media] Supernatural Crossover with Criminal Minds. This just blew me away! Just thought these little things are kind of interesting to see and wanted to share! A Supernatural Criminal Minds Crossover Blog I love Supernatural and Criminal Minds so I made a blog to write about what I think it would be like if they existed in the same universe and interacted with each other. YOU ARE READING. Jo sort of sees Emily like her cool big sister. My dad was. Conveniently enough, they take down the MOTW in front of most of the town, which is happy to have them stay on as police (the sheriff or former-deputy-now-sheriff is happy to show them the ropes, and since their shiny new IDs come up in the system as completely legit, he ignores the fact that they told him about the former wanted criminals thing…and the fact that he knows that those IDs aren’t actually real). Dean defended Spencer from bullies and/or sat with him at lunch (because Dean’s not there to make friends, so he has no problem sitting with the one kid who isn’t sitting with friends, and is younger than even the freshmen). Once they know the drill well enough, remaining police guy retires due to his injuries, and Sam and Dean are the police. Suddenly, the town is the friendliest town they’ve ever been in. Deafness/muteness wouldn’t impair the fight much, if at all, but makes the rest of it–pretending to be FBI or whatever, staying under the radar, talking people into giving them information–more difficult. It makes her a little sad though. Sam and Penelope could geek out over computers together. Whether its shooting, sparing, running, or even getting girls numbers its always a competition with those two. Mitch Pileggi portrays Norman Hill who has a collection of model cars and the first time it is seen he goes up to what appears to be a black impala and wipes and blows the dust off. Meanwhile Spencer, Sam, and Charlie hang out at the bunker to relax. Mary talks to JJ about her son, Henry. Sam would be in awe of Penelope’s tech skills. Spencer makes some soothing tea and Charlie makes them all cake in a mug made from a recipe she made herself. They save peoples’ lives every day. Sam & Dean go on a hunting trip outside of cell range. It's okay if you don't really know Criminal Minds, all you need to know is that they're a team of FBI profilers. Jo is intrigued by these “sin to win” weekends Emily has talked about and has made Emily promise to take her with her the next time she goes. She hopes that doesn’t happen to JJ like it did to her and she will be able to watch her son grow into a man, being there for him all along the way. Media. Castiel, Sam and, Dean save people from ghosts, demons, angels, vampires, and every other supernatural being under the sun. Supernatural/Criminal Minds . Obviously blindness or mobility-type issues wouldn’t work, because it would be stupid to hunt with them, and what else are you going to get in a fight? The Criminal Minds team shows up and sets to work. In three different episode the actors that portray Azazel, Bobby Singer, Lucifer, and Samuel Campbell appear and each episode I've been able to see allusions to their supernatural characters and I'm not sure if I was simply looking for it or if it was purposely written into the scripts. I can take requests for characters/senerios. Canon, deaths, and timelines don't really exist here, I kind of just do whatever I want. And Emily is more than willing to have he around. It's in their eyes.". Does Sam stop when Dean returns? Go now and read! Sam and Dean show up and go “WTF?” but quickly roll with the punches, working the case in their own way (which, weirdly enough, doesn’t interfere with the BAU working the case, even though interference happens a lot even when the locals are happy to have the FBI there, and the Winchesters don’t seem to be very happy about their presence) and coming to their own conclusions, which are more accurate than the BAU team expect out of a town this small (and they know that Sam and Dean weren’t police before moving there), especially with some of the questions they asked. The next weekend Charlie, Spencer, and Penelope all go LARPing at the at a local park and have a blast. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The one deputy’s left in charge, but then he gets sick or injured–he’s in bad enough shape that he’s only conscious off-and-on, if that, and definitely not coming into the office. Some of these seem kinda coincidental except that last one Mitch might have seen the impala on set and asked if he could have that little scene but maybe not, Can't mix supernatural with series that's based more in reality, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Supernatural community, Subreddit dedicated to the TV show Supernatural on the CW Network, starring Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins, Press J to jump to the feed. Telling them this is real food. “I’m not. Dean defended Spencer from bullies and/or sat with him at lunch (because Dean’s … A Supernatural Criminal Minds Crossover Blog, Request characters/situations or just talk. She doesn’t know everything that happened with her father, but she knows enough that she acts kind of weird whenever religion or the Winchesters are mentioned (and the FBI finally realizes that they’re alive, though the BAU doesn’t get the case at first, so there’s more mention of the Winchesters than you’d think). ~crossover~ Alex Rider/Highlander/Sherlock Holmes, ~crossover~ Forever/Highlander/New Amsterdam, ~crossover~ Good Will Hunting/Supernatural, ~crossover~ Greek Mythology/Sherlock Holmes, ~crossover~ Highlander/His Dark Materials, ~crossover~ Pride and Prejudice/Supernatural. Mary knows working in the FBI is similar to being a hunter and there is always the danger of being killed. She could tell Sam tricks on how to more efficiently search for cases and find people. Canon, deaths, and timelines don't really exist here, I kind of just do whatever I want. Sam and Charlie take turns trying to beat Spencer at chess to no avail. I’d prefer if he wasn’t well-known at this point, for either his alleged crimes or being a hunter) learns that the supernatural is real and that Dean has been doing the job they couldn’t. But the FBI save people from other humans. Not sure if anyone watches Criminal minds but I recently started after finally catching up on Supernatural. After the BAU finishes a rough case and the Winchesters wrap up a strenuous hunt, Dean, Cas and the rest of the team go out to the local bar. ETA2: I’ve been thinking about what could force Sam and Dean to stop hunting all the time, but still allow them to both be cops and go on a few hunting trips per year, and I think that being unable to speak and/or hear is actually the best fit. For a time, Dean Winchester and Spencer Reid were in the same school, and maybe the same classes. At first it’s meant to be temporary, while they recover, but it doesn’t take long before people are calling them for information and they have more books than they can cram in the Impala and the town’s embraced them as if they’ve always lived there. Sam can always tell if Derek beat dean at some ridiculous measure of masculinity because Dean will be disgruntledly mumbling about how “he thinks he’s better than me, I’ll show him…”. Sam can only laugh at Dean’s bruised ego. After Dean goes to Hell, Sam snaps and becomes a serial killer. Then he said the angel Castiel said he was his vessel and disappeared.” And then she quickly changes the subject. I love Supernatural and Criminal Minds so I made a blog to write about what I think it would be like if they existed in the same universe and interacted with each other. So he calls all the local hunters over and cooks them an amazing Italian meal. Jo and Emily are both firecrackers. Mark Pellegrino portrays Lt. Evans and in the episode a gang banger nicknamed El Diablo makes an appearance and is shot and killed. And a steam shower? She could teach Sam how to get into databases and get past firewalls to find things easier and faster. Rossi is absolutely appalled by what hunters call good food. A few years pass. He thinks Penelope and Charlie would get along amazingly. [Claire displays esoteric religious knowledge (about Castiel?)]. Derek and Dean both being the macho man of their groups are constantly in competition for who is the most manly man between them.


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