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If someone caught Kara Danvers fucking Lena Luthor senseless in a hallway. Kara was always so passionate with her, so loving and caring. ", "Because you're supposed to smell me doing it—" Kara turned the letter over.

"It is! It's about how I think SuperCorp should be in season 3. Her eyes gleamed as they met Kara's. It looked like something a mental patient would wear while playing Lazer Tag. Lena released a breath, preparing herself. She's agrees, because she's a little afraid of flying, but that's kind of the point, right? I don't care to share it with someone outside our relationship." Their eyes lock and Lena does shiver then. Quick Supercorp one-shot after watching the finale. "Do you not want to see me?" Have a good night!" The two young women become fast friends and as their friendship grows feelings get involved. Lena/Kara (Supercorp) AU. She tries not to wince because surely Kara doesn't know about -, "Urban . This was unplanned, but she'd be willing to carry this unborn child and mother it when the time came, whether that be beside Kara or not. ", Kara asked softly as she felt Lena tremble against her body. Kara picked up the wine bottle and filled Lena's glass again. "I - I-" She doesn't know how to say this; how to iask/i for this, but then she remembers that it's Kara, and Kara has never made fun of her ffor anything, and even if she doesn't understand, she won't judge.

Kara's fingers grip her chin, tilting it up until their eyes meet. and it actually stood down this time. And she knows what the other woman means, but she never really expected to be having this conversation with Kara. Lena nods, more tears spilling to run over Kara's thumbs. and Kara knew something was wrong then, Lena hardly ever cried, ever. As soon as she says it, she knows it's a mistake, Kara's eyes darkening and smirk slinking across her face. ", "It's quite intimate. Until she learns theyre the one person. So, seeing the window of Lena's office was open, she thought she'd just fly in and surprise Lena. .

And you've certainly found a way to decrease my secretary's workload—sneaking in like this…". ", Kara stood up slowly, she stepped to the woman to close the gap between their bodies, she wrapped her arms around her waist, leaning in she pressed her lips against Lena's, Lena moaned softly, her hands quickly dipped into those blonde locks. That Lena Luthor was dating Kara Danvers, not Supergirl. Kara demanded, so tense she wondered if her eyes were glowing red. The sleeves of Kara's button up are rolled up, and her muscular forearms are on full display. "You think it's some evil scheme too, don't you?

"You sure you wouldn't like to look it over? extreme.". "Oh, there are two sides.". It demands scrutiny. and so, the Luthor made her trusty secratary, Jess, run to the pharmacy and get the 'test'. She nods slowly, but the hand doesn't move; pressing her roughly back into the wall. but as she thought this, the food found its way back up. She thought of giving Jess a raise again, Jess panicked as she entered the office to see Lena throwing up into the trash bin, Jess kindly held her hair, kneeling beside her, tenderly rubbing her back, she apologized profusely, blaming the place she got the burger from. But don't let anybody actually see us. Lena was a Luthor, and Luthor's must face the problem, not run from them. FanFiction | unleash ... Or, will they be too broken to embrace the gift they got? Lena whimpers at that and Kara slams into her harder. Her other hand is fisting in Lena's hair, pulling so tight that its should hurt, but it doesn't - it only makes her breath come in short, ragged gasps. "You just surprised me, that's all. "Of course, if you'd talked to her in the first place, she had instructions to just give it to you. 57.4K 1.4K 331 But if Lena was bad, it concerned all of them.

It's too much - Kara's hand over her mouth, weight pressing her into the wall, fingers thrusting mercilessly inside of her - it's too much, and she shudders, feeling Kara's lips fall to her neck. She feels Kara's back stiffen under her heels, and a split second later she's flipped over onto her stomach, Kara's weight pressing onto her back. Emerald eyes teared up, fear growing more and more, thoughts on what if Kara didn't like what she was about to hear, thoughts that Kara would be disgusted and detest the idea of a half Kryptonian/Human child roaming the world. She turns to look at her girlfriend, taking in Kara's facial expressions as she reads. "So me licking pizza sauce off your tits is off the table?

Is it Lex?

Kara shook her head. . She barely get out half a nod before Kara is thrusting into her with three fingers. "I keep imagining what people would say if they found out. The only problem they face, is their families. . Just a bunch of smutt just rambled together in loads of supercorp action. ", Kara almost rocked back on her heels. The word slips out, in haze of arousal as she's gasping for breath. . .

But Lena nodded, she said it was good, she liked it, but the food just didn't stay down.

. During the summer of 1957 Camp Krypton counselor Kara Danvers meets camp nurse Lena Luthor after spraining her ankle. Lena ground her teeth.

Lena glanced at her. "It means something dirty doesn't it?! Is that what you want?

. "

She trails off, locking eyes with Lena. Romantic. Kara's voice is hot on her ear.

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. by Carminekarn Follow. "So fleek." "Kara, Kara!" When they first had sex, it wasn't even defined as that, it was defined as, making love. . ", "Yeah!"

"I had no idea Supergirl was so starved for gossip that my… creative writing is worth commenting on!

"Maybe I should have told you about this sooner. Lena searched Kara's eyes one last time, "You wouldn't leave me right? She coughs lightly and Kara looks downright offended. hmmm."

There's a pillow shoved under her stomach, and her ass is in the air, Kara's voice breathless in her ear. and god was she shocked when it came back positive, she took a total of 6 tests to be sure. Kara could see the fear and anxiousness in the Luthor's eyes, she kept her gaze on the woman she befriended all those months ago, the woman she fell in love with, her best friend and biggest fan. A sharp bite to her clavicle sends her over the edge, and she whines against Kara's hand and her pussy clenches around the fingers inside of her. ", "No!" No matter what Kara's feelings were. It was a cozy little dinner in the penthouse apartment of the National City Hilton, where Lena was staying as she continued sorting out a proper apartment. ", the kryptonian's was filled with fear, Jess hadn't mentioned anything to her, although, she had been checking up on Lena a lot, that much Kara noticed. ", Kara spoke softly against Lena's hair, she took in Lena's scent, she smelled of faint lavender. "Please tell me those are happy tears." Jess had long gone to her desk by the time Lena finished the meal, she was surprised herself, but supposed it was okay to indulge herself at least once and a while. Leia as melhores histórias escritas pelos fãs com a tag Supercorp G!p "That was fast." "Participate in—oh, no, no, I'm not—", "Singl—looking for someone.

A third finger is added and she groans at the stretch.

When she suddenly felt the urge to eat an actual burger, she had asked Jess to fetch one for her, Jess was shocked, but did what was asked of her, and as Jess finally returned with the burger and fries in hand, Lena took the food and began to eat it, the taste was ever so amazing, delicious and delectable, it was like heaven. "No, no spanking," Lena said, strained. ", "Hey."

It's… interesting. Supercorp Fanfiction. Because Lex Luthor is my brother? I was going to let you know in my own time, in my own way—". Kara turns, managing to look the picture of pure innocence, despite her dirty persona just moments before. She has no traction to thrust on Kara's fingers, and she's left helpless, her own fingers digging into Kara's shoulder. 'Look, two Luthors in chains.' ", "The, uh, 591 Extrahuman Restraint Model? Lena reached for the intercom button, but paused. And how can you be shocked at me being suspicious when you're acting so suspiciously? Lena knows about Kara's secret identity and she is mad at her.

"If you were to take control sometimes I would enjoy it.". How about. 191K 4.6K 17. ", Lena bit her lip, charmed. Saphire eyes just gazing so intensely affectionately into Emerald ones. . "So happy." Kara nonchalantly brushed a lock of hair behind her ear. "Well they're easy to remember! "And whipped cream." It's not that weird, is it? "I've had my secretary prepare a dossier on him." . ", Lena smiled, relieved. "That's it, babygirl, one more time." it broke Kara's heart to see the woman she loved very much, hurt.

It's like her life is a real life reality show that people can't help but watch.

She'd tagged along with Clark the other day to question Lena Luthor, and in the light of this, she'd been assigned to cover any news on LCorp within National City. Lena nodded, "I didn't have to go to a doctor to figure out what's been wrong with me.

The pain comes in waves, like the crash of the tide against the shore- the sea merciless and unrelenting in its assault of the sand. "Sure." "If it's something you want, then it's important.". And part of her knows that Kara can hear for miles and that she would never actually let them get caught, but there's also the part of her that knows Kara wouldn't really mind if they DID get caught. It's way more sweet than just buying me something, because you can afford anything, but taking time out of your busy day to write me a love letter is really caring and sweet and—". Lena was anxiously awaiting the arrival of a certain super, she paced nervously in her penthouse apartment, she had her arms crossed across her chest, she chewed on her bottom lip lightly, she felt a swirl of emotions building in her chest, her heart was racing, it thumped so hard against her chest, she thought her heart would burst out. She didn't know what that word meant, but humans seemed to like it a lot.

Kara's eyes filled with concern suddenly, "Sick? But she pushed it aside and thought of just ordering a sald instead. If you must know. Kara looks excited as she leans in for a quick kiss. Until then, she stayed in this slightly prepackaged state, with its sheen just a little off from her overall mien. The little old lady closes her door and Kara turns to Lena with a smile on her face. And I assume you're here about that troublesome ex-employee of mine, Jacob Kahn?". "It's just I didn't expect it to be so… graphic. She thought that maybe once they reached the bedroom, Kara would try something. "Mmhm.

It comes out as an adorable little squeak that is definitely NOT 'daddy af' but it makes Lena smile nonetheless. Kara had brought Chinese takeout, fulfilling her promise to take Lena on a tour of the city's delivery restaurants options, and things were intimately romantic enough to send Kara's princess fantasies into overdrive. She didn't know what that word meant, but humans seemed to like it a lot.


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