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exceedingly lovely. One of them can't see and the other can't hear, and the only way back to safety is on foot. That One Man, Scorned and Covered with Scars. I HAVE BEEN DYING FOR THIS AU EVER SINCE TWS CAME OUT AND SARA_HOLMES FINALLY FULFILLED MY WISH. Now they are stranded and alone on a hostile planet. missbeck is, as always, a wonderful writer and the get together part of the fic was really well written. Photo.

i honestly can't believe how long it took me to read this but it is AMAZING. Rusted Wheel (or How the Civil War Might Have Ended). In less than a year, Steve has been brought back from the dead, adapted to a whole new world, plunged right back into battle again, and moved in with a bunch of superheroes.


When Steve finds him one night in the rain, they finally have the chance to talk about everything that happened between them. Did I say this blog is +18?

But he’s usually let down. And if there's maybe a teeny-tiny misunderstanding about why precisely Tony has them. Related: aa stony superhusbands stevetony captain america tony stark aa stony superhusbands stevetony captain america tony stark < > Most popular Most recent. Totally fine, and if he's shaking a little and can't quite bring himself to stop touching the arc reactor, whatever, no one's perfect. He's not exactly sure if he even likes Tony Stark, so no one is more surprised than he is when he finds himself falling into bed with Tony almost right away. essentially pre-slash and some of the best hurt/comfort fic i've read. Know stop picking and eat your food, sweetheart. WHAT DO WE DO? Tony: I don’t care about Sharon. “This is what keeps you alive?” Steve asks, although he already knows the answer. They're not in danger now, but time is running out. Tony gets pulled into another universe where Steve's side won Civil War, Tony died, and Steve took control of the government. And that is definitely not his Tony who's planning to delete his own brain. Tony is going to get them out of there by hook or by crook, because goddammit he hates caves, and no one else is coming up with a better plan. Stony Fic Recs Masterpost 4 sabrecmcstonyficrecs: “ Yes, it is time for a new Masterpost. multi-chaptered hateporn. he's usually much more doom & gloom but in an mcu setting, the. He took a deep breath and stood up.

All the little ups and downs of a relationship, how to negotiate the space between two people. Tony wanted nothing more than to walk over, grab his hand, and kiss him senseless, but he did have a modicum of self-control. the techical jargon worked into the story is awesomely done. So what if Tony Stark has a folder of pictures JARVIS recognizes alternately as Project Rebirth (when Tony's sober), Project Hero Worship (when he's tipsy), and Project Spank Bank (when he's drunk)? Unclear. After their alien hosts witness yet another heated argument between Steve and Tony, they are hit with a powerful magic spell in order to teach them a lesson. if you want good angst, look no further.
Cold, rancid sewer water is rushing into the fissure at his torn up shoulder, filling up the gaps, rising along his neck in frigid fingers.

i'm usually not a huge fan of au's where characters from an actor's filmography show up but the way this author integrated the other universe into a coherent storyline was just amazing. this fic is a masterclass in it. i love their writing. Someone out there is not happy about Steve's new relationship with the infamous Tony Stark - and will do anything to destroy it. Clint: I dare you to kiss the next person who walks in the room. There's a lot of talking, mostly at inopportune moments, Tony's views on the acceptable gifts to give people are slightly different from everyone else's and he spends more time than would seem necessary being (half-)naked. The Avengers crack open a lock box from another dimension. touches on all my favorite things about pre-slash steve seeing through tony's bullshit and being there to help him through his bucketloads of PTSD.

Steve Rogers, one of SHIELD's top operatives, is sent undercover into one of the USSR's many internment camps with the specific instructions to retrieve him. Steve is kidnapped and tortured to prove a point to the American people at large.

Semi mirror!verse fic. Tony: *nudged Steve awake around 4am* Do you like me? Rinse. shit this fic, man. Fifteen year old Tony Stark sort of appears. His power's running low, the arc reactor flickering. I WATCHED AVENGERS ENDGAME AND CATCH ME FUCKING LIVING ON AO3 I’M NOT RESURFACING UNTIL AT … Steve's an alpha, Tony's an omega.

He tries to think of the perfect time, the perfect moment—maybe on a date, when they’re alone together, but no, what if that ruins the moment, ruins the evening, they don’t get enough chances to go out together as it is—and not during sex, that seems tawdry and cheap—and missions are clearly not the time or place. He had spent the evening trying to avoid Steve, dodging him when he could, hiding in dark corners and along walls. He has friends and a purpose and he's only a few semesters from graduating college.

He has to overcome his fears before it's too late for the Avengers and Captain America. you’re a rich little boy (who’s had to work for his toys). The hologram in front of him was starting to blur in front of his eyes. the subtlety and sensitivity of it all, with steve's attitude and treatment of tony, is beautiful. the writing in this is just magnificent. For english fandom: I hope to do the English version soon. Resurrection, Reconstruction & Redemption. While every fic I rec here of any star rating is one that I really enjoyed (enough for me to want to showcase it for others to read!! Not *sleeping together*, just sleeping, not even usually touching. Takes into account all pre-Winter Soldier movies except Tony and Pepper broke up between The Avengers and Iron Man 3 for the usual reasons. So he makes sure to absorb every touch, laugh, and carefree moment with Steve before he finds himself in exile from the Avengers.

As he recalls the events that got him to this place, Steve Rogers makes plans for his escape.This story follows Marvel canon through the end of Civil War, then branches into an alternate future. Set in the early Heroic Age after the end of Dark Reign, this is a get-together story about crossed wires--and second chances. you know what they say about pay-off and earning it? The Single Biggest Problem With Communication. "I'm sorry, soldier, but you've got the wrong man," Steve says.

in which everyone splits up after the events of the movie, and Tony doesn't think about why none of them contact him. THIS FIC HAS SARAH ROGERS EVERYONE GO HOME. Link. The remaining heroes band together and share what strength they have to get through it, to survive, and defeat Ultron once and for all. Tony: Yeah, but did you marry me as, like, a friend or a husband? this fic just. But regaining all those memories has driven Tony to the breaking point, and it might just be too late for a second chance. But Steve does no better at finding a solution to the incursions without Tony by his side. “I noticed you haven’t come up for air in a while, and I thought you could use some food and some company.” Steve looked almost bashful as he spoke. Y'all I have been searching for this mcu fic that is basically an avengers group chat in an au where they attend uni it has a stony ship Natasha and pepper ship and also X-man are included with many groups like agent carter and shit like that it’s a frenzy and I’m not even sure if it’s real or I just dreamt it because I can’t find it anywhere so help pls, A Whole New World - Chapter 1 - starkspangledsoldier - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own], An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works, everything about aa is superior sorry i dont make the rules. ugh, glorious hatesex. the pining and hidden feelings they have for each and the way the author weaves it into the story and brings it out during the climax of the fic is really, really well done. You do spend far too much time with me.” Tony was fiddling with the wrapper on the food, trying to avoid the still building feeling, which was getting harder to ignore. a tragedy that still manages to be sweet and uplifting and full of hope. the level of scientific knowledge ( pseudo, ofc ) and jargon that went into this is phenomenal. idk man i'm just forever in amazement of theappleppielifestyle's ability to write quality fic in such a short amount of time. What does it matter that it’d been because of Loki and his damn magic? When Steve goes missing, Tony ends up finding him at an animal shelter. He was hungry, but there was not a single food in the world that he wanted. MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE HIGH SCHOOL AU EVER. part of a series with more snippets from this au that i would also definitely recommend reading. Steve feels like a jackass. seriously. Tony meets with Steve to tell him something important. so much self-induced tony angst. never. Ultron has attacked, obliterating most of the world's superheroes and resistance in a matter of hours. I wanted to fix this (but couldn't stop from tearing it down). Something's gone wrong, though, because this is not his world he's ended up in. Tony knew since he was seven years old that he's rotten on the inside. It all goes to hell after that. Things aren't perfect, not yet, but they can be in the same room as each other without resorting to violence, and they've even managed to share a smile or two. Clint is enjoying his new position as team therapist. the action sequences are stunning. Then again, there was no version of this story that went according to plan. When he wakes up, Tony has no idea who he is, or what he did to end up where he is. More Rec lists: Bottom!Steve | ... (MCU) Fic based off the 1st The Avengers trailer. Steve drags Tony along with him when he makes an impulsive decision to chase after Hydra. Today, they are just going to be Tony and Steve. Tony proposes to Steve on their one year anniversary, and everything is perfect; until Steve hits his head and rattles one too many screws loose. Oh, and let's not forget the blue goo, there's blue goo, too. i love that steve doesn't rush tony to confront his PTSD, and he seems to just embody all the patience and compassion that's exactly suited to dealing with the trademarked, patented, Stereotypical Tony Stark Avoidance & Denial.


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