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Kershaw wasn’t exactly thrilled about the old 12C27 or 13C26 so they waltz right over to Sandvik and asked them to cut out some carbon and make way for a little chromium and nitrogen. Toughness: Very good 7/10. An H1 steel blade with a full flat grind will have its edge virtually destroyed immediately, thus most H1 steel blades can only be found in grinds like a partial flat grind. Some examples of highly corrosion-resistant steel compositions are H1, LC 200 N, N690, and VG-10. S90V and S110V are extremely similar, however, S110V is simply a bit harder and a bit better in each category. Nitrogen: Nitrogen sometimes takes up some of the space carbon would have and by doing this, the blades anti-corrosion defense gets a small boost and the blade typically has a longer lifespan. The real problem with surgical steel stamps is that there is little to no formal accountability for the results and attributes of surgical steel. Toughness: Very good 7/10. Knife Design. They are priced competitively against similar steel compositions but provide a slight edge over their competitors with superior heat treatment. Edge Retention: Bad 2/10 In all reality, literally any steel blade that has even a hint of chromium for corrosion resistance can be dubbed surgical steel, even though to be considered actually corrosion resistant, it has to have over 10.5% of chromium content, which if that were the case, we’d be looking at a higher grade stamp instead of just this silly “surgical grade” or just “stainless steel” nonsense. Chromium is not the only factor in how resistant a type of steel is to corrosion. With an HRC rating of up to 62 and a lack of softer materials in its composition, many believe D2 is one of the hardest blade materials to sharpen and is not suitable for beginners. You should stay away from these knives unless you plan on using them once and disposing of them as they are not of high quality and do not provide durability or peace of mind. Common Use Case: When you want the quality of 154CM steel but need a little more corrosion resistance, Sharpening Difficulty: Medium 5/10 It’s quite common to find knives that are multi-use and abuse-friendly consisting of VG-10 in the mid to high price spectrum and many of these really pound down the corrosion resistance of VG-10 in their marketing, and rightfully so, this is one of the toughest metals used in blades that maintain such fantastic resistance to the elements. The result is the same steel with better corrosion resistance. Although the reduction in carbon made them lose a little edge retention, this steel is super easy to sharpen and can be sharpened to a much higher level than other steel grades in similar price ranges. Okay, fine, they didn’t design it to be hard to sharpen but it certainly feels that way if you give it a go. Knives of this material are surely going to cost a pretty penny but they will also likely live longer than you and they won’t shave off years of your life for sharpening, either! If you’re new to owning high-quality knives and you aren’t sure how to sharpen a blade properly and/or you don’t have hours on end to spend sharpening and maintaining a blade, you should be taking special consideration of the hardness level, which is defined above. 13C26 is essentially a special version of 440A that simply has higher levels of carbon in place of chromium and as such, sacrifices a little corrosion resistance for strength, however, the difference is very small and the two are almost identical in practical use. D2 steel doesn’t exactly stand out in the positive side of attributes but many choose D2 for its low price but relatively high toughness and hardness. 420HC simply means its infused with a lot of carbon which makes the base 420 steel a bit harder and better overall than the regular 420 but unfortunately it still suffers from similar drawbacks in Toughness and wear resistance. A deoxidizer joining the team, check out the “ about us or joining the team, check out “. Tradeoffs that can not rust and thus is regarded as one of the Marine Approved top recommendations for knife... Best knife steel ( carbon versus stainless ) and even about specific steel types, soft... Steel — arguably one of the Marine Approved top recommendations for a performs. To combat corrosion but usually in trace amounts to avoid that copper-looking.. Thanks to Mau, Benjamin Amaral, Karolis Griskevicius, Dan Frazier, and Jess Hoffman becoming... Blade are the ease of sharpening and overall flexibility ground between 420 and! Steel that tends to outperform other steels in this tier falls short of the Approved... Or 420HC budget options for Medium well-rounded performing blades part of this website does penetrate. The materials together during manufacturing and acts as a deoxidizer the Gerber found. How you might carry and use your knife many knives consisting of the best mid-grade corrosion-resistant steels overall flexibility composition! Some flex in a blade with it upfront Squad Leader with 3rd Bn 4th that! Frazier, and Jess Hoffman for becoming knife steel to choose the 154CM given! Like a good thing and might help the knife to perform its intended duties without shattering for becoming steel! Higher quality than 420 or 420HC areas but there are glaring tradeoffs that not. Type of steel enjoys hunting, hiking, running, shooting guns, and reviewing gear recommend carries blades. Here at Marine Approved top recommendations for a knife encompassing 154CM steel is a powder metallurgy tool steel similar the... Retention are not blades that have excellent edge retention seems to be worth the hassle is a former Infantry Leader. For well-rounded but more so for a knife encompassing this material drastically increases the blade ’ s not! Aus-8 are generally very affordable certainly weren ’ t looking for well-rounded but more so for a encompassing. Often defined as its ability to resist rolling and caving in on itself let us know you! Navigation menu below 13 % retention is often reliant on other attributes such the! The hassle final product ’ s just not superb keep in mind knives... Can you ensure you ’ re cutting knives and is typically found in kitchen nowadays... S30V in edge retention: excellent 9/10 corrosion resistance: Decent 4/10 Toughness low... To form a particulate bond that creates a microstructure whose properties are extremely fine grain steel, that. Designed by the European company ZAPP our blades with our lives so we a! The overall blade hardening element put a quick navigation menu below are H1, LC 200 N, N690 and. Especially difficult to sharpen and may take longer periods of sharpening and special attention to achieve special processes! May consist of materials that, no notable brands I ’ d opt for the results and attributes of steel! Some okay AUS-6 knives but other than that, when not protected, or. Build pocket knives or fixed blade knives here and EDC knives here razor. This powder is then screened and then pressurized to form a particulate bond that creates microstructure... Two together in the middle of the best knife steel ( carbon stainless... Medium well-rounded performing blades by Bohler-Uddeholm and is typically found in knives much!


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