smooth sentence

The smooth bronze features were sober as he spoke. The dorsal surface is smooth; ventrally there are five pairs of parapodia, armed with supporting and hooked setae, by means of which the worm adheres to its host. Since the surfaces produced by rolling have subsequently to be ground and polished, it is essential that the glass should leave the rolling-table with as smooth a surface as possible, so that great care is required in this part of the process.

But if the gold-strength of the bath be maintained, only gold is deposited at the cathode - in a loose powdery condition from pure solutions, but in a smooth detachable deposit from impure liquors.

Her large eyes were steady, her porcelain skin clear and smooth. The bull-terrier, as its name implies, is a cross between the bulldog and the smooth terrier. Zeb hitched Jim to the buggy again, and the horse trotted along and drew them rapidly over the smooth water. His bronze features were smooth except for the laugh lines at the corners of his eyes. smooth - or downy) and the colour of the seed or "berry.". If we return false as soon as any word fails the test, we can make sure the program doesn't go through the loop 243. It sounded, The scar on his neck from running through that plate glass on one of our licks has keloided, The author suggests that it may act in the, Due to the cylinder layout, reciprocating forces tend to cancel, resulting in a, Each row generally has an odd number of cylinders to produce, The slow speed and large mono chamber of the hover barge actually helps reduce the effect of wave action, giving a very, In 1901, Edgar Purnell Hooley was walking in Denby, Derbyshire when he noticed a, The plow would dig up the earth and the harrow would, A ball game akin to hockey, knattleik involved a bat and a small hard ball and was usually played on a, They once again call on him during their voyage home, and Alban is credited with providing, Two or more sails are frequently combined to maximize the, The changes took effect in 1996 with shadow councillors elected in 1995 to oversee the, A punk, if you want it in plain English, is a boy with, The forces are ramped down gradually to ensure that element removal has a, Silk is an animal textile made from the fibres of the cocoon of the Chinese silkworm which is spun into a, It is usually removed via pickling or the, Before being installed, a rivet consists of a, A couch roller is pressed against the mould to, To left and right, the ends of the fell rise from the surrounding lowlands in, Four species of snake are, the European adder, grass snake, barred grass snake and, The other notable snakes found in Great Britain are the grass snake and the, The whimbrel is smaller and has a shorter bill with a kink rather than a, As we worked to the southward, we picked up fair weather, and enjoyed.

It's possible to do that using Trim(). An objection to this form of block is the great length of the endless chain, which may drag on the ground and pick up dirt and grit, and thereby interfere with the smooth working of the mechanism.

Lord John Russell, who did not want to offend his popular and headstrong colleague, did his best to smooth things over; but the queen remained exceedingly sore, and tried hard to get Palmerston removed, without success. So spake he, and the god stayed his stream, and withheld his waves, and made the water smooth before him " (Odyssey v. The horns of the male rise from the crest of the skull, and after bending gradually backwards terminate in smooth tips; the front surface of the remainder carrying bold transverse ridges or knots. At the end, if the sentence contains less than one character, we should return false. There was a lingering smell of wood smoke in the night air and all earlier efforts at shoveling the walkway and stairs were lost in the smooth swirls of new fallen whiteness. These markers included vimentin, desmin, smooth muscle actin and myosin. His profile was smooth, but his mouth was grim. The Florence streets rang with Lorenzo's ribald songs (the "canti carnascialeschi"); the smooth, cultured citizens were dead to all sense of religion or morality; and the spirit of the fashionable heathen philosophy had even infected the brotherhood of St Mark. She'd run her hands over his perfect body, marveling at the smooth skin stretched over solid muscle. Another style is wearing it in a knot after the ancient Grecian fashion; it is always worn smooth in front and parted in the middle. All Rights Reserved. How to use smoothen in a sentence.

In Glyptodon (with which Schistopleurum is identical) the tailsheath consists of a series of coronet-like rings, gradually diminishing in diameter from base to tip. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Daedicurus, in which the tailsheath is in the form of a huge solid club, is the largest member of the family; in Panochthus and Sclerocalyptus (Hoplophorus) the tail-sheath consists basally of a small number of smooth rings, and terminally of a tube. His relatives very properly opposed his course, but they nevertheless did all in their power to smooth his way, and continued to treat him kindly. He is a, In Washington he has earned a reputation as a, He plays the hospital administrator, a fast-talking, We had some problems at the very beginning, but it's been, I was lower than low in the face of a reality that none of my usual resourcefulness or, I never really trusted Richard, but you certainly were won over by his, If the surface finish is rougher that the polished surface of a typical, Tiger Woods, like other golfing greats, employs a. Gheve opium formerly came over as a distinct kind, but is now mixed with other varieties; the pieces form small rounded cakes, smooth and shining like those of Angora, about 3-6 oz. She says everything is going smoothly. The saxophone or bass clarinet is smooth in tone. The transformation was quick and smooth, not at all violent. Then wrinkles ran over his face like a wave and his forehead became smooth again, he bowed his head respectfully, closed his eyes, silently let Mack enter his room before him, and closed the door himself behind him. His handwriting was smooth now and his hand sure. Among objects used are a pool of ink in the hand (Egypt), the liver of an animal (tribes of the North-West Indian frontier), a hole filled with water (Polynesia), quartz crystals (the Apaches and the Euahlayi tribe of New South Wales), a smooth slab of polished black stone (the Huille-che of South America), water in a vessel (Zulus and Siberians), a crystal (the Incas), a mirror (classical Greece and the middle ages), the finger-nail, a swordblade, a ring-stone, a glass of sherry, in fact almost anything. Petals are generally glabrous or smooth; but, in some instances, hairs are produced on their surface. It is improbable, however, that the smooth and slender wire is much influenced by currents, and the best deep-sea soundings may be taken as accurate to within 5 fathoms. We can see, too, at once how the octave is such a smooth consonance. On the other hand, in the hairy-nosed wombat (P. latifrons) of Southern Australia, the fur is smooth and silky; the ears are large and more pointed; the muzzle is hairy; the frontal region of the skull is broader than in the other section, with well-marked postorbital processes; and there are thirteen ribs. Grammar 7 min read. In some species certain of the legs bear on their ventral sides furrows with tumid lips and lined by smooth non-tuberculate epithelium; they are called coxal organs, and it appears that they can be everted. The typical implements are flint points or spear-heads, left smooth and flat on one side, as struck from the cave, pointed and edged from the other side; a scraper treated in the same way, but with edge rather upon the side than at the end, as in the succeeding Solutrian and Madelenian epochs.

As often as he touched the charcoal to the smooth board, the picture grew. They have a smooth gill-cover, without those radiating ridges of bone which are so conspicuous in the pilchard and other Clupeae. House Pate Smooth chicken liver and garlic pate, served with tangy red onion chutney on a bed of green leaves with wholemeal toast.

The points of chief importance are a fine, clean, lean head, set on free from collar heaviness; a long and strongly muscular neck, shoulders oblique and covered with muscle; high, long withers, chest of good depth and narrow but not extremely so; body round in type; back rib well down; depth at withers a little under half the height; length equal to the height at withers and croup; loins level and muscular; croup long, rather level; tail set on high and carried gracefully; the hind quarters long, strongly developed, and full of muscle and driving power; the limbs clean-cut and sinewy, possessing abundance of good bone, especially desired in the cannons, which are short, broad and flat; comparatively little space between the fore legs; pastern joints smooth and true; pasterns strong, clean and springy, sloping when at rest at an angle of 45°; feet medium size, wide and high at the heels, concave below and set on straight. The basal half is dull white, oval in section and coarsely fibrous, the middle part smooth, shining and round, and the tip black. I throught it would be a great example of how to use Arrays and string methods.


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