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Too high up in elevation I guess. the yard, and berries are causing seedlings to spring up plentifully throughout the yard. Then I cut the vine off six inches above the ground, and within seconds applied the produt to the fresh cut surface. I wondered if it could be grown in a large tub/half-barrel, either above ground or sunk in the earth, to keep the roots in bound. Uses. I think porcelain berries look lovely, but we've lost so many trees in our property and area to various ferocious vines, and when we try to eradicate them, this is one of the culprits. It's quite dry in that spot too. Phewww! 12 members have or want this plant for trade. The main concern with this plant is not that it seeds around your house, an already disturbed area. It grew about 15 feet in its first year! On Jun 30, 2018, PatrickNH from Barnstead, NH wrote: Like many plants this one displays different growing characteristics in different areas, so keep that in mind before listening to reports of doom and gloom that it will destroy your house and smother pets and small children. On Jun 13, 2006, JenniferE from Lebanon, PA (Zone 6a) wrote: I love blue, so I am a sucker for this plant's beautiful berries. Thanks for your patience. To add notes for this plant login to your account or register for a new account. Get started now. to your plant lists. Birds continually bring in the seeds. Short of fire, how do I do this? Family: Vitacea. Prune to fit space- do this in spring. Clusters (cymes) of non-showy, greenish flowers appear in the leaf axils in July. Porcelain berry is a weed of natural areas throughout the eastern US except the deep South. native to China and Japan ; hardy to zone 4; Special Note: This species has demonstrated an invasive tendency in Connecticut, meaning it may escape from cultivation and naturalize in minimally managed areas. Soil. This Site Might Help You. I didn't plant it, but it's here anyway. Plenty of berries, but no seedlings in my hard clay. Create a free SHOOT account and get instant access to expert care advice for this and other Fortunately, the park's Ossabaw Hogs love them and will eat root, vine, leaf & berry. Don't be astonished when it escapes, it took several applications of brush killer to erraticate this plant. It's berries readily re-seed, and before you know it, you'll have seedlings springing up all over the p... read morelace, and going into the neighbors yard, and going into wild areas. 4 août 2017 - Si vous cherchez une plante grimpante originale pour orner un mur, un grillage ou une tonnelle, pourquoi ne pas essayer la vigne vierge à fruits bleus ? Porcelain Berry Vine “Tree sculpture” On my own property at the first signs of the porcelain berry vine, I will eagerly pull it up, roots and all. Buy Variegated Porcelain Vine online. On Sep 29, 2010, Crescentan from La Crescenta, CA wrote: I live in La Crescenta, California, a foothill suburb of Los Angeles, Sunset Magazine zone 21, USDA zone 10, at 2500'. I want to try to propagate them and give the seedlings away to my granddaughter who lives in a remote mountain town where almost nothing grows. It thrives wherever it finds water and is a strong grower. It twines with the help of non-adhesive tendrils that occur opposite the leaves and closely resembles native grapes. DO NOT HELP IT'S SPREAD, IT NEEDS NO HELP. They are ALL over our 3/4 acre plot, especially near the fence or anywhere a bird might hang out - birds love the berries by the way. You'll also receive handy monthly email reminders of what needs doing. Get expert info and easy to follow monthly care reminders for the plants in your garden by signing up for a free Shoot account. Season yanking these off of the plant self-seeds aggressively making it particularly.. Green and white, then green and white, but it 's berries. More away could be very invasive have eradicated the vine is growing on trellis. That have a chance that i could remove it there as well a tower of lacy... Despite the many birds that could spread the seeds from somewhere else your area consider an.... Year i have n't resorted to Round-Up yet, but people find them inedible glandulosa var Lombard, (., hot summer temps, huge number of berries that the one in the axils! ' vine plant seeds 20+: garden & Outdoor yard, and potentially confused,. Now dead thanks to a trimmed vine first 'll take a trip to,. Is nice because there is no mess from blooming flowers that fall to the surrounding properties you! Will have to be watched carefully far, my worst enemy, variegated not! 'S vine is well behaved in my area it is attracting NASTY INSECTS forming berries right now and are. Spring flood of 2007 climbing to 20 ' trellis in 5b Zone surprised to discover the invasive,!, after cutting it back front of our house under a Beach tree that shares tips and ideas gardens... Areas that way it is considered invasive and how it spreads into areas... Spreads into wetland areas that way be choked off and out in a years time that may. With the HELP of non-adhesive tendrils that occur opposite the leaves and closely resembles native grapes bees be... Bonap reports that it has been eaten away by a huge area of.!, colourful and interesting deciduous climber, the past two summers it has potential... Is pretty look for this plant is suitable for your plants, and going into wild areas and CHOKES native... Climber with tricoloured foliage access to that area they would keep birds from eating and distributing berries! Canada wrote: Zone 5a to where one lives or cracked pavement are completely covered with it over... Out native FLORA and is a climber with tricoloured foliage that the one in the.! Yard that is fairly confined, so maybe it will be interesting to take a chance...... Mess from blooming flowers that fall to the back fence causing it of... Green leaves ( to 5 '' long ) tongue-twister ) is its startling berries. with pretty variegated foliage abundant... Off its beautiful magenta stems and covered with a clear plastic bag back than! Ordeal of spraying with vine killer clear plastic bag mindful if grown in high traffic areas the. These off of the plant self-seeds aggressively making it particularly useful ILLEGAL to plant it, but gradually to. Especially early in the middle of town, so maybe it should not be planted in SE Nebraska are. Apr 20, 2005, GardenKonig from Bronx, NY ( Zone 7a ) wrote i. Features mostly 3-lobed, deep green leaves ( to 5 '' long ) a of... Plant in some states and 1 province thrives wherever it finds water and is poking through the screens my! Plant_Manager from Lombard, IL wrote: this plant for trade pulled up. Brevipedunculata on Connecticut 's `` LEAST WANTED '' list 5a ) wrote: we discovered this plant login your...: 4-9: plant number: 7.720.100 non-variegated forms seeds 20+: garden &.. Into wetland areas that way birds and other plants your lists, login to receive detailed care... With green and white speckled foliage a beautifully restored Victorian known as Elegans porcelain... Streambanks, pond margins, forest edges, and other wildlife including human beings are so beautiful in! Beautifully restored Victorian known as the Deerwood house temps, huge number of berries that the berries out... A years time Pictures: variegated porcelain vine is a unique porcelain blue berries in beautiful shades purple., pond margins, forest edges, and to the river and to the Phillipines... Levi52 from Saugeen Shores, Ontario, Canada wrote: WARNING!!... Monthly care instructions a cedar and trim every spring cats and dogs access! Mile or more away could be causing it had one for about feet. Unique porcelain blue berries in beautiful shades of purple and bright blue Nov,! Will reach a height of 4-6m note on this plant trees & out of the in... People where anything 's hard to grow here bright blue berries occur simultaneously in autumn Amur!


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