skaldic poetry examples
The Völsungs don’t come into Snorra Edda all that much–just a 5 page summary or so, plus some references in examples of skaldic poetry (for example, Bragi’s Ragnarsdrápa). Note that the WPD announcement from UNESCO (linked to above) features a picture of a manuscript of the Nibelungenlied, the epic account of Siegfried the Dragon Slayer, his death, and the aftermath. We could argue that skaldic is primarily encomium, composed in praise of someone, while eddic is primarily narrative, but that doesn’t work so well either, as the examples of skaldic in the sagas are put to such a wide range of uses–in particular, the earliest and most canonical examples of skaldic perform their praise of their subject by telling mythic and heroic stories, obliquely praising the patron by juxtaposing him with the deeds of the gods (the idea of oblique praise coming from Margaret Clunies Ross, who also has a great introduction to Old Norse poetry and poetics, as I mentioned in my poetry post last year). Many other meters were used in Norse poetry, as can be seen by surveying the poetry. Personifications of the Earth | Vikings, Books, etc. The Eddas themselves give us a nice starting point, as they are each primarily associated with one or the other. 1! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notable names include: 1. *��c���%�����m�V�eU�j��%����ra����MRp����Y�@�Yd9�7M#i.�!�ˠBZN:Gž���ĵ��FCNMND�����)�!�"��4ӽ��� ���(����l�skO�Lt�(Kv�+2Zsg���1��y����S��]Ir[�'�HsbU&P��(CJ�����%�Jٖh2iiTT^�p�2�Ed��J�:�h�!�ۨ�4�P��x�ZR�)r��<5)��݁�o8���X��j�z�����m��b�/��;d�?�Q�y�?��Di31c{?��-3qpҒ���5�G?��T The idea being, their bodily fluids—their insides—are now mixed, and so they are one. Þjóðólfr of Hvinir (fl. Poetic Edda, aka Elder Edda or Saemundar Edda, refers primarily to the Codex Regius manuscript written sometime around 1270, although larger and smaller portions may be found elsewhere (including quotations in Gylfaginning). These dwarves get into a feud with a giant, who takes the mead in compensation for their killing of his parents, and this giant, Suttungr, hides it in the middle of a mountain, guarded by his daughter Gunnlöð, because duh, that’s what you do when you have magical mead made from the blood of the wisest person in the universe, and before that from the spit of the gods (I know “Drunk History” is a thing–“Drunk Mythology” would be good, but you would have to do this myth in poetic form…). He turns out to be the wisest being in the world, and he goes around telling folks wise stuff. Óðinn doesn’t stop there, of course, and he turns this puddle of spit into a person, because mythology. %PDF-1.3 �ӌP8���Z����®(`��X�ɪ&��)v�c���Ķf��60�����>��_BtE*V9mYE�{},��{��8�϶���L?�W�z�2�bX�`�����hӷϙMn�F3a�D�&k��Ю�y�q���±y��v�i3:6�l�c��mΣ%�RJl�Ӄ93!M� ��%.VSo��bc�xuI�D[����?.HWoS�RI*E�J. This may simply be a feature of the tradition/prose text accompanying the poem in its transmission, but it also works its way into the poem itself quite often, as the skalds would not only tell a story, but would reflexively articulate the performance situation, asking the patron and audience to listen, explaining (often via the mythic frame of the myth of the mead of poetry) that he (the skald) has been asked to, or is about to, present a poetic gift. Brage is the earliest skald whose verse has survived. Many are listed in the Skáldatal, not all of whom are known from extant material. Stanzas and entire poems are attributed to a specific skald, and often are explicitly placed in historical time and space. Such poems differ both in content and form from the so-called skaldic poems. These terrifying skinchangers had the traits of wolves, and the eye of Odin upon them. Examples. I’ve also been picking away at editing some poems of my own (both from visits to Iceland–one in 2005, the other near the end of my dissertation research in 2009), will see if I can get them in good enough shape to send them off anywhere…, Posted in Norse Mythology, Old Norse Philology, Poetry, Sagas, Scandinavian Studies | 6 Comments, […] « Skaldic Poetry and Eddic Poetry […], […] have a general and short introduction to Poetic Edda in my post on the difference between Skaldic and Eddic poetry, though if you have a subscription […], […] those not in the field–note, for example, his Norse Mythology Handbook. We find this at play in the larger story of the mead of poetry. The Völsungs show up in both of the Eddas as well, which gives me a nice “in” to briefly discuss the difference between Eddic and Skaldic poetry for my World Poetry Day post. Wouldn’t it be great if we settled conflicts this way now….


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