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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. (collapse), tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson", Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings. Dean immediatley sobered up when he saw Sammy crying and Cas just stayed quiet. He had impersonated a trickster; he guessed some of that persona was still resonating inside him. Sam had just given up on the idea of ever getting any form of release. Everyone in the car is presumed dead." I screamed. “Okay, I'm going to head to the local police station, see if they can fill me in on what they’re calling ‘mysterious deaths’” Dean smirked using quotation marks with his hands and before Sam could question Dean's eager attitude, he was gone, Sam just sighed, he was curious to know why Dean was so interested in helping the angels, or why he was so eager to start, but he just brushed it off and went to research, he wanted to know who or what was killing the angels. Sam had no idea what had started them or what would stop them, all he knew was that he had been extremely frustrated all week and he still was. (if any) i did not, in any way, write these for the haters...enjoy. My eyes widened and I fell to my knees. He whispered. Terrible at Summaries...sorry. Sam and Dean had just finished a normal hunt, they had just finished clearing out a vampire nest and they were both clearly exhausted, Dean hadn’t been sleeping that well and it was starting to show with the bags under his eyes, so the brothers retired for an early night at the motel they were staying at before they switched towns, lord knows Dean needed the rest and Sam was hoping that maybe, just maybe the short faceless man will leave him alone for one night. Sam sat on his bed with his head in his hands. The first words that you hear from them appear on your skin and it's a painful process that happens at random. "Im sorry, Sam" He said. Dean looked down at the ground. “God damn it!” Sam growled out, he rolled out of bed and checked the alarm, 5am, Sam was horny, tired and pissed off, so he stormed into the bathroom and decided on a cold shower to wake himself up and them a warm shower to get himself off. Gabriel started to move, faster on Sam and Sam was enjoying the view, “I'm really regretting... making you wait this long Sam” Gabriel moaned out and Sam arched his back thrusting in sync with Gabriel, “I bet you are, see what you’ve been missing Gabe” Sam smirked pulling Gabriel down to kiss him again. The whole journey Gabriel couldn’t keep the smirk off his face, he could see Sam wriggling in the passenger seat and he could still feel the frustration rolling off Sam and the more he could see Sam getting aggravate the more he was pleased with himself. It started like any other dream, Sam tried to move and he couldn’t, the man slowly started to stalk towards Sam’s bed, crawling onto the bottom of the bed and crawling up and over Sam’s body, so he was hovering over Sam, all Sam could do was look up at the blank face. Sam wasted no time throwing Gabriel on the bed, Sam felt really under dressed only being in boxer, Sam crawled on top of Gabriel and ripped his purple shirt popping the buttons on it. Gabriel watched from the corner of the diner, he knew Dean would take the bait, no matter how much he denied his love for the male population, he couldn’t lie to Gabriel, and Gabriel knew Dean was hot for Castiel but Dean would never admit it to anyone. (Superlock included) Characters are not ours, they belong to their creaters. Everyone I have ever loved was now dead. Dean yelled. Gabriel was fidgeting in his seat as Sam was reading over his shoulder, breathing down his neck. The man leaned down and slowly started to kiss Sam, after the first few dream Sam finally gave in and started to kiss back, which was what he was doing now, the man leaned down to Sam ear and nibbled on his earlobe causing a moan to slip form Sam's lips. Dean was exhausted from hearing Gabriel say he couldn’t feel anything, he was exhausted from failing, so he decided to hit the bar and grab a quick fuck from someone, whereas Sam, Sam was exhausted by Gabriel in a different way, Gabriel kept mentioning things, like sexual things, now Sam was used to innuendos but the ones Gabriel was making were straight from the dreams, Gabriel was touching Sam an awful lot every time he mentioned something in the dream he touched Sam in the place he was talking about, for example, when he talked about sweet spots on the neck, Gabriel’s fingers grazed over a small place on Sam's neck, and Sam knew that was where his sweet spot was, Sam knew because the faceless man liked to suck on it an awful lot. “Gabriel?” Dean growled “What the hell are you doing here?” he asked cautiously stepping towards him, “I came to offer a helping hand” Gabriel smiled “I want to help, my brothers and sisters are dying, and I know you two are on the case”. Gabriel raised his eyebrows and smirked, “You got your justice” Gabriel grabbed Sam's hand a put it on his zipper “See what you did” he fake glared. "Do you think I give a shit?" Very Short, VERY VERY SAD! "NOOOOO!" tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson", (Gabriel going into Sam's dreams and teasing him with the promise of sex but leaving before it happens and like Sam has to keep doing hunts and shit, knowing that as soon as he goes to sleep he’ll dream about Gabriel but he has no idea that its Gabriel doing it, and Sam and Dean get put on a hunt with some angelic bullshit or something and Sam eventually finds out that its Gabriel and starts to tease him and maybe smut?). “Really Dean? Sam grabbed a fistful of Gabriel's hair, while kissing him and lifted Gabriel’s legs and Gabriel wasted no time in wrapping them around Sam's waist, Sam cupped Gabriel’s ass and carried the shorter man to one of the beds. I got up faster than Cas could turn his head and punched Gabriel as hard as I could. I called.~BANG!~. Sam is dead because of you where were you, huh? When the royal family of the Winchesters are attacked by the dreaded Lucifer, youngest child Samuel Winchester is nowhere to be found. Gabriel knew what Sam was trying to do but Gabriel wasn’t going to last, Gabriel flipped them over and with a snap of his fingers, there boxers were gone. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. "Sam, I know he would give everything to be here for you, but-" Sam cut him off. Sorry if I stab you in the feelers. Once the boys had finished their meals, they gathered their things and papers, Dean had pulled a few notes from his back pocket and dropped them onto the table, Gabriel knew where they were heading so he decided to go invisible girl and chill in the back of the impala, hey, no point in him wasting his energy in flying when he can hitch a ride with the Winchesters. I thought it was cute ... not too sexy sorry to disappoint ... a bit of sabriel. I kept repeatidly kicking him until Cas grabbed me. He cried. "Sam stop it get out of the car!" Once Sam and Dean had packed up their things and gotten ready to flee the town, they decided on getting something to eat at a local diner before heading off. The mystery man started to kiss down Sam's chest and no matter how hard Sam tried he couldn’t keep quiet, it was like the man knew exactly were to kiss, lick and suck to make Sam weak at the knees, and damn, the man was good at making Sam's knees weak. The Winchester's ... Sam is going into his Junior year of high school, Dean finished high school a few years before him and now is working at a Mechanic shop while there dad is out on a hunting trip. This caused a quieter moan to escape from Sam as the man kissed along Sam's jaw line while unbuttoning his clothes, Sam was able to lift his arms to help the man take off Sam's grey V neck, but then they were immobile again once it was off. (Title art not mine)(SPN x Reader) The Winchesters are your average family. It was too late. Gabriel wasn’t here for Dean though, oh no, he was here for Sammy, little Sammy, Gabriel could feel the frustration rolling off him, maybe Gabriel was being a little mean but hey, Dean and Sam had tried to kill him on numerous occasions, he already got his revenge on Dean, killing him over and over, even though that hurt Sam more, but still. Look what you're doing to yourself!" “Yea, well its better than that rabbit food you force down” Dean fired back, taking a huge bite from his burger as Sam rolled his eyes. He sat down next to him and gently rubbed his back. Sam and Dean, angels of the Lord, need their help to free their archangel brothers from the clutches of the mysterious Queen of Hell. It took all his effort to get back in the car and about twenty minutes to grab one of the two steering wheels he was seeing. New Years Eve 10.2K 449 540. by AutumnMysterious. That's Dean Winchester. Or maybe, what happened while Gabriel was trying to reach her? “How long have you known?” Gabriel growled in Sam's face, “I read your mind, Sam, how long have you known?”, Sam smirked “I only figured out it was you today”, Gabriel glared “you kept me frustrated for so long, I was only trying to get some justice”. A bacon cheeseburger for breakfast?” Sam sighed as he took the pages from Dean's side of the table. Language: English Stats: Published: 2014-07-10 Words: 2884 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 6 Kudos: 452 Bookmarks: 13 Hits: 9321. "Cas god dammit!" "Dean...I am so sorry." I was all alone. ~Deans POV~ "Cas!" [NBC's Hannibal + Supernatural] What they did and didn't do. “Oh Sammy, I like the rough side of you” Gabriel remarked as Sam pulled Gabriel's jeans off and discarded them on the floor, leaving both of them in boxers, “Oh come on Sammy, don’t stop there” Gabriel provoked him as Sam growled, leaning down to kiss Gabriel again, grinding into him, Sam started to kiss Gabriel's neck, then he started to suck and bite on his neck making sure to leave a mark, “C’mon Sam, you're killing me” Gabriel moaned as Sam reached into Gabriel's boxers and started to stroke Gabriel's junk. "Please I need you." In his dream, Dean was sleeping peacefully beside him, which was strange because the man normally never put Dean in the room. Where were you? 7. I couldn't think or hear anything around me. angelofthelord00, DeannaHolmes, Deadly_Detective_Drew, CandiedDogCollar, sinnerbun66, MazzaKate, Annie_Napier, artiichoke, DarthVadersInhaler, Alonelytacoshell, RiverJinx, Spacekitten224, Phan_superwholockiplier, daemonium_venator, Majinie, Beleafinhappiness, homosexual_and_alarmed, katiek12345, Corixi, MOONSOUL, impalaboobs, Altaira, Altrium, CCGirlgamer, ProfessorHidgens, TheDesperateShipper, Theta_Milla, Kayty5sos, SickTrash, FandomWorld9728, ImaStabChuInDaEye, MrsPummeluff, Books_and_Coffee, MommaLoki, HoesBeforeBros, J2ClanFan, thelostbook, TentenFireDragon, Sage_Speight_Trickster_In_Training, Jform, MamaNowak, Thatonepunknerd, silversn4ke, schrodingersbee, prettymuchokay, ashmashr, taxiccab, aldhafera, CarrieAnneWaywardson, BlackFoxGun, Brain_out_of_its_jar, Crimsnravenwinchester1967, fantasy1610, DeansCherryPie67, Death_of_the_Fangirl, ClarissaIsStupid, casstayinmyass, awesome905, lovefanfictions15, ReylanSteele, Castielwinchester1019, TheSinsOfAnAngel, The_Hobbit_from_221B, spooperhellagey, Cas_in_the_Impala, Cerulean_Sins, Shnanners, captaindestiel1, Azraels_Aurora_lights, ships_i_like, Sassy_Castiel, MadShinji, IrondadTonyStark, SpnKnight, sabrielotp, upallnightwriting, Eggsbenedictcumberbund, delete_d, emma7241, gastropods, Demitria_Teague, msvampirah, Dangerouxxx, casperlveswriting, hazel_winchester, SaveYourFearsForTomorrow, nightcharm12, BelovedSoulless, RabidRabbitsRabato, Needle_In_A_NeedleStack, tammyverbeek21, The_Heart_of_an_Angel, OneOddKitteh, HaleStilinski, soleilluneetetoiles, nixaroo, Severus_Winchester, ScorchedPoet, Sammoose83, Crazy_little_witch, hisayzerin, ithastobeyou and Star_Trekked He yelled snatching the bottle off my lips. Just a bunch of one shots of the holy trinity of ships :3


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