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Prudence lost her legs below the knee to a bone disease called arthrogryposis. It became quite the event… It became quite the event… March 4, 2011

RRW: Audiences have been blown away. Buoyed by an inspirational, likable, and talented protagonist, this too-short documentary did a superb job of introducing Prudence, giving background on her, and allowing the audience an unobstructed view into her daily life. So, to continue this series of conversations, here is Roger Ross Williams, director/producer of Music by Prudence, which is nominated in the Documentary Short Subject category. This film from Roger Ross Williams earned him the Academy Award for Best Documentary, Short Subjects, making him "the first African American to win in this category." 651 likes. Read more…, Tags | Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, CRPD, Human Rights Watch, Shantha Rau Barriga, In latest blog postslatest newsprint media, On 14, May 2010 | Tags | Chris Bertolotti, Emmy, Emmy nomination, Joseph Colmenero, Liyana, Prudence Mabhena, Ted Mason, Mar “I got a call from HBO saying that the film was nominated.”.

2011, On 18, Dec 2011 |

IDA: As you've screened Music by Prudence--whether on the festival circuit, or in screening rooms, or in living rooms--how have audiences reacted to the film? For additional information, visit or call (310) 247-3600. All seating is unreserved. My first reaction was to call Prudence in Zimbabwe to tell her she was coming to the Oscars. All films will screen at the Linwood Dunn Theater at the Academy’s Pickford Center for Motion Picture Study on Wednesdays at 7 PM. Includes experimental, animation and short film work alongside features from early cinema through current releases.…, Inspired by Adam Davie’s essential list of Black Life on Film, I decided to put together a similar list dedicated…, Full list of HBO documentaries produced and/or distributed by HBO Documentary Films, HBO/Cinemax, HBO Max, HBO Sports, and all international…, Includes titles that are 60 mins or less, mostly more along the 2-30 minute region though :), My current map of Africa includes only twelve nations from which I have seen films, so this will be an…. Report this film, Part of my African Safari/Nollywood Challenge. His reach would take him halfway around the world – from his home in New York to the King George VI School Children’s Centre & School in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Read more…, Tags | getting Kanyed, interview, Philadelphia Inquirer, Prudence Mabhena, Roger Ross Williams, Oscar-winning director speaks at Berks Catholic, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Docs Series travels to Zimbabwe, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Huffington Post: voices to be heard, in harmony, Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Interview: upstaged during his big moment with Oscar. All documentaries about women (and girls) are welcome!!

And two, he is the first Oscar winner to be Kanyed when he stepped up to accept his award. Tags | David Holbrooke, Dr. Mark Erickson, Dr. Rick Hodes, Mountainfilm, Prudence Mabhena, spine surgery, Dec The location is Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and the subject is Prudence Mabhena, a wheelchair-bound paraplegic who loves to sing but despairs of ever being able to bring her voice to a large audience. One – and this is the important one – is that he’s the first African American to win a directing Oscar, for his documentary short, “Music by Prudence.”. Roger Ross Williams won the 2010 Academy Award for his documentary short subject film called Music by Prudence.

“Her voice has provoked positive actions for children and has helped move Unicef’s work in Zimbabwe,” he said. “Her music reflects on the neglect she experienced by her parents because of her condition and encourages love and protection of all children regardless of their physical condition. Prudence and director Roger Ross Williams were interviewed by O, The Oprah Magazine: ... That voice pours out of Music by Prudence, a moving portrait of the 23-year-old Zimbabwe native, lead singer of the Afro-fusion band Liyana. Here's an interview we conducted with director Roger Ross Williams in the days leading up to the Oscar telecast on March 7. Would you like to receive event invitations, news, and updates from the International Documentary Association? They were unable to overlook her body: crippled and deformed with a debilitating condition called arthrogryposis. On Jan. 24, she had a surgery there in which doctors put rods into her spine and were able to straighten it.

IDA: What docs or docmakers have served as inspirations for you? RRW: I grew up with a single working-class mother who was a maid, and there were many struggles in my own childhood. © Letterboxd Limited.

They were on the phone from Zimbabwe, talking to the hosts in London, while director Roger Ross Williams joined in from the US. RRW: Albert Maysles, because Salesman is one of my all-time favorite films, and he's a genius.

And Mountainfilm, in large part, made that happen. Very light. In extreme cases, families kill them--to remove the "curse" from their family. Physical Disabilities (KG6), which offered her a scholarship, and her new life as a singer/songwriter began--first as a student, and now as a teacher. The honor? Listen to the interview right here: Oscar Kanye Gate has received quite some attention in the past year.

In February, the film won an Oscar and Prudence became a national hero. Haven't seen the other nominees, so I can't speak to it's deserving of it's Oscar, but this is a fine little film. “In the Oscar-winning documentary film, ‘Music by Prudence’, Prudence relieves her many hardships in life to encourage and empower young people living with disabilities,” reads the press release. 2011, On 08, Feb 2011 | Tags | Dr Peter Salama, Prudence Mabhena, Unicef, Aug Tags | Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Linwood Dunn Theater, Feb While at the Ashland Independent Film Festival in Oregon last April, director Roger Ross Williams was a guest at the Jefferson Exchange,on Jefferson Public Radio. Four years later, she left. They live and work at the King George the IV School for Children with Disabilities. Music by Prudence traces the path of this young woman, and her remarkable transcendence from a world of hatred and superstition into one of music, love and possibility. Music by Prudence has been nominated for an Emmy in Outstanding Music and Sound!

This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. TMDb The New York Observer presented a list of “Best Watercooler Moments of the Year”, and guess what’s on number 5? For more information on DocuDays NY, click here. One Comment | In latest blog posts, latest news, online media | By Casper. POV (US television’s longest-running showcase for independent non-fiction films on PBS) recently hosted IDA’s Doc U on the Road to examine the question “Can Your Doc Really Change the World?” with a panel of documentary heavyweights and the conversation continued afterwards with a Q&A and reception. IMDb

There, Prudence fell prey to neglect and isolation, in an unloving and unsupportive environment.

It would be nice to say that Prudence’s story provides a human face for persons with disabilities, a majority of whom – over 80 percent of the world’s 680 million or more persons with disabilities – live in developing nations. For someone like Prudence, who has had such a challenging life, to finally be recognized for her talent and her beauty, and to roll down the red carpet is beyond amazing to me.

In Zimbabwe, disabled children are believed to be the result of witchcraft. No Comments | In latest blog posts, latest news, online media | By Casper. 2011, On 30, Sep 2011 |

2010 Prudence and Marvelous, two of the film’s stars, where guests on Ouch!, the BBC podcast about the lives and experiences of people with a disability. As we did in conjunction with the DocuWeekTM Theatrical Documentary Showcase that we presented last summer, we have asked the filmmakers to share the stories behind their films--the Mobile site. Some of the words I get are "blown away," "inspired" and "entertained." But there was a haven from this pain: King George VI School & Centre for Children with 2011, On 18, Aug 2011 | Prudence Mabhena was abandoned by her family and shunned by her community, yet through music, she found a way to share her story and advocate for change. Prudence's mother kept her and fed her. Tags | acceptance speech, Elinor Burkett, New York Observer, Oscar, Roger Ross Williams, May Roger Ross Williams: As a child I was never very popular, and I lived in my own fantasy world. Editor's Note: Music by Prudence, which eanred the Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Subject, airs May 12 on HBO.Here's an interview we conducted with director Roger Ross Williams in the days leading up to the Oscar telecast on March 7. No one knew the strong, resilient woman that owned it. The location is Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and the subject is Prudence Mabhena, a wheelchair-bound paraplegic who loves to sing but despairs of ever being able to bring her voice to a large audience. I escaped by writing short stories, which eventually evolved into documenting other people's stories as a television producer/director for Sundance Channel, Discovery Channel and PBS. On March 7th 2010, Roger Ross Williams won an Oscar for his documentary short Music by Prudence. Certainly, the challenges faced by Prudence — stigma and discrimination, abandonment, barriers to education and health care – are often faced by persons with disabilities worldwide and are made even more difficult in impoverished countries that lack infrastructure and many services. The 32nd Annual News & Documentary Emmy® Awards Ceremony will be held at September 26, 2011. All nominated films across all categories for the 82nd annual Academy Awards 2010. 2012, In latest blog postslatest newsonline media, On 07, Jun 2012 |

Prudence's story shone through in a way that was illuminating and enlightening. The Philadelphia Inquirer published a recent interview with director and producer Roger Ross Williams, on his film, Prudence, and on getting Kanyed: As Roger Ross Williams says, laughing about it in hindsight, he holds two records in the annals of the Academy Awards. Congratulations to sound mixer Chris Bertolotti, music producer Ted Mason, and music engineer Joseph Colmenero, and of course to the musical geniuses of the band Liyana, and to their star singer, Prudence Mabhena. This was also the only movie seen for this month's challenge which featured people with disabilities.

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One Comment | In latest blog posts, latest news | By Casper. 2011, On 25, Mar 2011 | While I had originally set out to include other members of Prudence's band as main characters, as all filmmakers know, the story you set out to shoot isn't always the story you end up with. Her arms and back are…, Our 2016 Movie ChallengeMay - Sub-Saharan Africa# 19 - Zimbabwe. “Music by Prudence” and “Mugabe and the White African” will screen as the next installment in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ 29th annual “Contemporary Documentaries” series on Wednesday, March 30, at 7 PM at the Linwood Dunn Theater in Hollywood. Listen to the very interesting interview right here: Tags | Ashland, Jefferson Exchange, public radio, Radio interview, On 14, May 2010 | For more information on DocuDays LA, click here. This is a fine little film. IDA: How did you get started in documentary filmmaking?


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