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In my opinion, a Paloma is one of the best tequila cocktails you can make, not only because of it’s delicious citrus taste, but also because you can … The freezing process should take about three hours, so consider prepping this the night before. The Paloma is one of the best tequila drinks. https://drizzleanddip.com/2012/03/14/the-perfect-paloma-cocktail Well, those 3 hours sure went by quickly. Refreshing Paloma Cocktail using Tequila and Grapefruit. When it comes to alcoholic beverages, Palomas make the perfect summer drink. Jump to recipe. Alternatively, prep a bunch of batches at the same time, and have some Frozen Paloma kits you can pull out of your freezer whenever you’re longing for a tall, pink, smooth frozen drink. https://www.chewoutloud.com/grapefruit-paloma-cocktail-recipe Step Five: Blend. Light, refreshing, and perfectly tart, this keto cocktail makes a flawless pairing with brunch, lunch, dinner, or let’s be honest — anything in between. The drink I have for you today is called a “Paloma”, which means “dove” in Spanish. Move over mimosa, it’s Paloma time. Use this recipe to make Palomas on National Tequila Day and mix it up while everyone else is drinking Margaritas.


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