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© 2009 University of Massachusetts Amherst • Site Policies, Privacy 2. Architecture Masters Theses Collection, Urban Inter-Space: Convergence of Human Interaction and Form, Clayton Beaudoin, Architecture, The Hues of Hadley Massachusetts: Pioneering Places for Preservation and Growth, Elisha M. Bettencourt, Architecture, Architectural Agency Through Real Estate Development, Hitali Gondaliya, Architecture, Multimodal Transit and a New Civic Architecture, Samuel Bruce Hill, Architecture, Rethinking The Suburban Center, Andrew Jones, Architecture, Resilient Urbanism: Bridging Natural Elements & Sustainable Structures in a Post-Industrial Urban Environment, Nicholas McGee, Architecture, Adaptive Airport Architecture, Yash Mehta, Architecture, Rethinking School Design to Promote Safety and Positivity, Emily Moreau, Architecture, The Built Environment and Well-Being: Designing for Well-Being in Post-Industrial Communities During the Age of Urbanization, Tyler O'Neil, Architecture, Spatial Design for Behavioral Education, Madeline Szczypinski, Architecture, THERAPEUTIC COMMUNITY: FOR REFUGEES, Raghad Alrashidi, Architecture, From Archaic To contemporary : Energy Efficient Adaptive Reuse of Historic Building, Nisha Borgohain, Architecture, (RE)Developing Place: The Power of Narrative, Kinsey Diomedi, Architecture, Rethinking Ambulatory Care Delivery, Senada Dushaj, Architecture, Photosynthesizing the Workplace: A Study in Healthy and Holistic Production Spaces, Kaeli Howard, Architecture, Museum Design As A Tool For A City, Cunbei Jiang, Architecture, Architecture and Wilderness: An Exchange of Order, ashley lepre, Architecture, Cross-Species Architecture: Developing an Architecture for Rehabilitative Learning Through the Human-Canine Relationship, Jake Porter, Architecture, Intermodal Transit Terminal: Integrating the Future of Transit into the Urban Fabric, Guy Vigneau, Architecture, Bangladeshi Cultural Center: for the Bangladeshi Population Living in New York City, Sabrina Afrin, Architecture, THE ENHANCEMENT OF LEARNING THROUGH THE DESIGN PROCCESS: RENOVATING THE FORT RIVER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL IN AMHERST, MA, Reyhaneh Bassamtabar, Architecture, LEARNING SPACES: DISCOVERING THE SPACES FOR THE FUTURE OF LEARNING, Michael Choudhary, Architecture, ARCHITECTURAL SYNERGY: A FACILITY FOR LIFELONG LEARNING IN ACADEMIA AND PRACTICE, Ryan Rendano, Architecture, Resilient Architecture: Adaptive Community Living in Coastal Locations, Erica Shannon, Architecture, New York City 2050: Climate Change and Future of New York | Design for Resilience, Abhinav Bhargava, Architecture, The Performance of Light: Exploring the Impact of Natural Lighting in the New UMass School of Performance, Dylan Brown, Architecture, Regional Expression In The Renovation Of Remote Historic Villages, Jie chen, Architecture, An Incremental Intervention In Jakarta: An Empowering Infrastructural Approach For Upgrading Informal Settlements, Christopher H. Counihan, Architecture, UMASS Dining Hall. And here is a thing for consideration that coming from a personal experience, choose a topic for the final year of b.arch that: 1. – Interface with immediate city context. This page is sponsored by the University Libraries. (Here design will respond to city morphology, vehicular movement through road, major node and users like architects, delegates, artist and citizens. Young, Architecture, Investigation of Historical Area in Xi'an, China, Zhaoxiong Yu, Architecture, Redevelopment of Urban Village in Shenzhen, Hang Zhou, Architecture, Core-House: a Proposal for Re-Inhabiting Underused Buildings, Thom P. Barry, Architecture, Canvas and Catalyst: Reinventing Urban Space, Ricardo A. Borges, Architecture, Architecture for a New Food System- An Investigation into Healthy Eating through Architecture, Emily M. Gasperetti, Architecture, Interactive Music Experience, Gaetan Jacques, Architecture, Divergence: Creating a Closed-Loop Mobile Seaworthy Civilization, Marcus Lafond, Architecture, Riverside Brewing Facility: The Sustenance of Water Allocation, Ryan T. Luczkowiak, Architecture, A Sustainable Urban Village for the "Six Corners" & "Old Hill" Neighborhoods of Springfield, Massachusetts, Patricia O'flaherty, Architecture, Post-Industrial New England: Repairing the Voids, Jaime Ryznic, Architecture, Investigations Into The Program and Typology of a Contemporary Public Thermal Bath House, Brian Schumacher, Architecture, A Place of Dwelling for Graduate Students, Garth H. Schwellenbach, Architecture, Of Dirt and Decomposition: Proposing a Place for the Urban Dead, Katrina M. Spade, Architecture, Rebuilding Urban Place: Negotiating Individuality and Belonging, Peter R. Webster, Architecture, Envisioning a New Public Space, Kathryn J. Wetherbee, Architecture, Building Empathic Consciousness Toward our Biosphere, Lawson R. Wulsin Jr, Architecture, Enhancing Human Health and Recovery Through Biophilic Design, Matthew T. Blair, Architecture, City Principles: The Application of the Four Visual Characteristics on Helena, Mt, Cienna Cullen, Architecture, Fostering Sustainable Behavior Through Design: A Study of the Social, Psychological, and Physical Influences of the Built Environment, Neil Cummings, Architecture, Transformation of Urban Public Space, Ruthanne Harrison, Architecture, Redesigning Suburbia: Establishing a New Infill Development Model for Existing Suburban Communities, Richard Holt, Architecture, Performance Space for Niche and Emerging Artists, Bradford S. Hutchison, Architecture, Housing for the Aging, Sybil R. Idelkope, Architecture, Community School: A Design for Wilmington High School, Kaitlyn Jordan, Architecture, Re-Defining the "Cookie-Cutter" Development: Designing the Home Through Adjustable Architecture, Alexander L. Koslow, Architecture, Passenger Rail and Development in Small Cities, Towns, and Rural Areas: 21st Century Transit in Holyoke, Massachusetts, W. Scott Laidlaw, Architecture, Biomimicry: Using Nature as a Model for Design, Michael J. Maglic, Architecture, Rebuilding Holyoke: Revitalizing Urban Neighborhoods through Education and Engagement, Jason L. Newman, Architecture.


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