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Few squares in the world combine churches, defensive walls and towers, museums, a cemetery with a mausoleum, and a huge department store in a single space. It took some time for any empty space to form beside the Kremlin walls. Red Square win the exciting opportunity to remodel a Georgian house in Kensington; managing the entire process from concept to completion. In his spare time Richard loves watching sport, trips to the theatre and visiting art galleries. In her spare time Vikki enjoys travelling to distant shores and spending time with her family and friends. The Iberian IverskayaChapel was built in 1781 to enshrine the Icon of the Iviron TheotokosRussian: ikona Iverskoy Bogomateri or икона Иверской Богоматери, one of the most revered shrines in Russia. Commence design & build process for a large property in Kensington. Ros spends 2 years in Nicaragua. Over the last three years he has made a significant difference to our Health & Safety processes; and is currently waiting for his Nebosh results. You don’t hear much from Dimitri, he just gets on with it. Considerate Constructors are an organisation whose principle goal is to improve the image and working standards of construction. 7.) Follow this link for examples. from the Latin by F. Granger, Loeb Library [Harvard Univ. Richard brings the commercial rigour to the company. Long, long ago, the Greeks gave the ancient masterbuilder the name ảpxitέktwv (architekton), from which the Romans derived the Latin name, architectus. Curiously, the victory over Poland had taken place in 1612, exactly 200 years before the French were driven out of Moscow. David is a keen sailor and voracious reader. Ale studied interior design, jewellery design and photography. The Kazan Cathedral has an appearance typical of its time: it is a pillarless (with no supports inside) single-domed church featuring a set of recurring decorative elements such as kokoshnikssemicircular or keel-like exterior decorative elements in traditional Russian architecture, panels, and window surrounds. The late 15th century witnessed the... Resurrection Gate and Moscow State Historical Museum. This understanding of materials and detailing have been a natural segway into a broader skill set. Its monuments embody Moscow’s centuries-old history in all of its manifestations. Richard believes in forging strong long lasting relationships which have continually proven successful. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Our first office opens in the Kings Road, Chelsea. Instead, it was a platform used for delivering public speeches and reading out tsars’ edicts. Red Square are appointed to completely refurbish and modernise a Grade 2 listed Holland Park mews house, providing a full design & build service. After moving to the UK in 1998 and completing a number of successful commercial projects for Morgan Lovell, Ros returned to her first passion, and founded Red Square. The owners of a large double fronted house in Hampstead ask Red Square to undertake a baroque inspired refurbishment and extension. The history of this profession extends all the way back to the building of the pyramids of Egypt and the world’s first civilizations. Our services extend to any individual or organisation who’d like to 3D capture a property at any stage of its presentation. The Spasskie Gate of the Kremlin has been traditionally considered a sacred, Tsar’s gate, and everyone who passed through it had to take their hats off in former times. However, as the square was rearranged in 1931, the monument was transferred to neighbour the St. Basil’s Cathedral. As an accredited partner we’re able to provide services to our project customers and partners. As well being a keen sports person Barbara is very interested in literature and cinema. It was critical to our client the project was completed during their holiday and before school started. Although its recently reconstructed appearance raises certain questions among architectural historians, the Kazan CathedralRussian: Sobor Kazanskoy Ikony Bozhey Materi or Собор Казанской Иконы Божией Матери is a symbolic monument for Moscow. Based in the heart of the town, Red Square relocate their headquarters to Tunbridge Wells, just forty five minutes from London and their satellite offices. PersonTroska 1940 / approx Victor Troska is born in Nogova. Nicola enjoys investigating problems and finding a solution. In fact, the vast majority of the history of architecture, including a majority of its most significant works, were designed and built by the masterbuilder. Squeaky has been with Red Square for over fifteen years. One of the focal points of Red Square is the tomb of Vladimir Illyich Ulanov, better known as Lenin. The museum building is large and ornate, with spires and turrets echoing the outlines of the Kremlin towers. The Spasskaya TowerRussian: Spasskaya bashnya or Спасская башня was later built over the gate, and the entire area around the tower and the cathedral was named Krasnaya PloshchadRussian: Красная площадь, meaning ‘beautiful square’ (which is why the contemporary translation of the name into English as ‘Red Square’ is actually wrong). In her spare time Ros loves to paint and sail. Ленина. Red Square share an equal passion for excellence and innovation; bringing their experienced design team and a comprehensive technical understanding of high end residential construction to the work in hand. The permanent exhibition gives a vivid overview of the history of Russia since the most ancient times. Not only tourists but Muscovites as well come here to enjoy a stroll, as the square hasn’t turned into a frozen open air museum but keeps up with the pace of the modern megalopolis. Their attention to detail throughout the project has resulted in beautiful, crisp, unique finishes that are frequently commented upon.”, “The build team went the extra mile to ensure we met our fixed deadlines for occupation.”, “In my opinion, the key to a project like this is the confidence you have in your professional team and the project has only strengthened my view of the quality of the Red Square team and the standards they strive to achieve.”, “I love the end result and feel I have a home I can be proud of which expresses my unique style.”, “Red Square’s attention to detail and quest for perfection ensured we had a wonderful final product, where all our original requests from the brief were somehow incorporated.”, “What a lovely surprise to find on our way to the coffee shop your superb bouquet of flowers.


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