reasons why we should not defund the police

", Those who are now questioning an increasingly militarized approach to law enforcement should also question a militarized approach to foreign relations.

But that is now beginning to change. But the recent uprisings have turned "Defund the Police" from a fringe chant to a national conversation, and some cities are already reallocating millions of dollars from the police to community programs. The power of the military-industrial complex has become far more dangerous than even President Eisenhower himself feared when he warned the nation, in 1961, against its undue influence. It is no accident that hiring and promotion within police departments have historically favored whites, and officers of color around the country continue to sue their departments for discriminatory practices. U.S. police kill about 1,000 people per year, disproportionately in the Black community and other communities of color. Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., introduced a historic, aspirational resolution proposing a massive $350 billion in cuts, which is more than 40 percent of the Pentagon budget.

“We’re ready to chip away at the line items inside of a police budget that really are nonsensical. Nearly 80 percent of people in federal prison and almost 60 percent of people in state prison for drug offenses are Black or Latinx. Lobbying machines solidify support for police and war industry funding. (Meanwhile, U.S. Customs and Border Protection personnel were also deployed to the borders of occupied Iraq. These lobbies for military contractors have become more powerful and influential not only over the budget but also over the creation of U.S. foreign policy. The same relationship of repression at home and abroad is true of torture techniques, which were taught to militaries and police throughout Latin America during the Cold War. Mainstream politicians have long been afraid of being painted as "soft on crime" or as "soft on defense." Repressive techniques used abroad inevitably come home. This self-perpetuating ideology reproduces the idea that the U.S. needs more police on the streets and more troops policing the world, or else chaos will reign. The Army forts stationed in Native nations back then were the equivalent of foreign military bases today, and the Native resisters were the original "insurgents" who were in the way of American conquest.

Trump has deployed federal troops and wanted to send in more, much as active-duty troops were previously used against several workers' strikes from the 1890s to the 1920s, the Bonus Army veterans' protests of 1932, Black uprisings in Detroit in 1943 and 1967, in multiple cities in 1968 (after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.), and in Los Angeles in 1992 (after the acquittal of the police who had beaten Rodney King).

Closing the 800-plus overseas military bases alone would save $100 billion a year. 1 thing anyone can do who wants to help is to research how much of their city’s budget goes toward police. People of color are more likely to be stopped, searched, arrested, convicted and harshly sentenced for drug-related offenses.

He also decried the xenophobia resulting from turning our immigration debate into a debate about Americans' personal security, pitting millions of U.S. citizens against undocumented and even documented immigrants. The U.S. military has been responsible for the deaths of millions of Black and brown people around the world, and the denial of their rights to national self-determination. Law enforcement lobbies have long built support for police and prisons among state and federal politicians, using a fear of crime and a desire for the profits and jobs that are funneled to its backers. The police and military are both internally plagued by racism. "homeland." Here are some of those connections: The U.S. kills people of color at home and abroad. The xenophobia and Islamophobia at the heart of the "War on Terror" has fed hatred of immigrants and Muslims at home. During his iconic anti-imperialist speech, "Beyond Vietnam," Dr. King famously said: "I could never again raise my voice against the violence of the oppressed in the ghettos without having first spoken clearly to the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today: my own government.".

The War on Drugs has put more money into the police and military but has been devastating to people of color, at home and abroad.

This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. The HBO host was enraged and tearful in an episode of Last Week Tonight focused on police … The use of unaccountable mercenaries abroad also makes their use more likely at home, as when Blackwater private security contractors were flown from Baghdad to New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, to be used against the devastated Black community. Central America is now home to some of the world's most dangerous cities, leading to the mass migration to the U.S. that Donald Trump has weaponized for political purposes. The double standard that sanctifies the lives of U.S. troops and citizens, but disregards the people whose countries the Pentagon and its allies destroy is as hypocritical as the one that values white lives over Black and brown lives at home. When the Pentagon ended up in the 1990s with weapons of war it no longer needed, it created the "1033 Program" to distribute armored personnel carriers, submachine guns, and even grenade launchers to police departments. More than $7.4 billion in military equipment and goods have been transferred to more than 8,000 law enforcement agencies — turning the police into occupation forces and our cities into war zones. But the upper echelons of the military remain almost exclusively a white-boys' club (of the 41 senior commanders, only two are Black and only one is a woman). The No. The 9/11 attacks precipitated hate crimes against Muslims and Sikhs, as well as a federally imposed travel ban that denies entrance to the U.S. for people from entire countries, separating families, depriving students of access to universities, and detaining immigrants in private prisons. ------------------------------------------, endless series of wars the U.S. military has fought abroad, view of the world that dehumanizes foreign peoples, long been imported to suppress dissent at home, The militarization of the U.S.-Mexico border, Closing the 800-plus overseas military bases alone, high salaries, good benefits and union protections, Inside Iran: The Real History and Politics of the Islamic Republic of Iran", Kingdom of the Unjust: Behind the U.S.-Saudi Connection, Unlikely Alliances: Native Nations and White Communities Join to Defend Rural Lands, Asserting Native Resilience: Pacific Rim Indigenous Nations Face the Climate Crisis.


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