pupil company

This guarantees correct measurements which assist accurate valuations and helps to avoid potentially misleading real estate transactions.

We want to hear from you. And we do it on an industrial scale. Build rich visualizations of gaze on first-person video. Learn about eye tracking data. Adapt Pupil Core hardware and software to your needs. Pupil Core is more than just a product, it is a global community of researchers. Use this configuration and get robust binocular pupil data in real-time or for post-hoc analysis. Build novel prototypes. Interface with other devices with our network based API. Check out the source code on github. Connect your Pupil Core headset to a desktop or laptop. Use Pupil core for gaze estimation, pupillometry, and egocentric vision research. Pupil Core is ready to empower your eye tracking research. The world’s first deep learning powered eye tracking glasses. 3D reconstruction and scene-understanding systems allow Pupil to take real-world spaces and convert them into hyper-accurate digital records. Founded four years ago by James D. Marshall (CEO), Oliver Breach (COO), and David Mullett (CDO), Pupil’s aim is to capture, publish, and deliver 3D information available on an industrial scale. “Our current capture and data pipeline is integrated with the BLK360 and has enabled us to produce better data and faster imagery than ever before,” adds James. Eye movement research - Only need data for pupillometry? The complete chain of custody of all of our spatial data delivers value across the property transaction lifecycle and beyond.

Copyright © 2020 Pupil Labs GmbH All rights reserved. We’re creating a 3D reconstruction and scene-understanding system that takes real-world spaces and makes them digital. christopher.dollard. “Leica’s accurate and easy-to-use laser scanning devices are currently allowing us to offer more reliable and accurate property measurements to our customers. Pupil is also currently in beta with its second brand which focuses solely on the commercial property market: Stak. Build novel prototypes. Need help getting started with Pupil Core?

We want to hear from you. If you’re a developer, you can use our network based API to connect to other devices and computers. All rights reserved. We deploy the highest standards of security at our application layer during every property capture, at the transit layer when data is uploaded to Pupil’s cloud, and at the server layer with Pupil’s AI and engineering systems. Hyper accurate.

It puts us in a unique place to leverage cutting-edge advances in machine learning for 3D datasets. Incredibly robust. Pupil’s army of Digital Surveyors visit and scan properties and locations across London on a daily basis, and the large amounts of data are then fed through a proprietary cloud architecture and processed by a team that provides Spec’s clients with access to consumer-ready assets within 24 hours.
Connect with the community or get help from an expert. A lot of work went into making our software modular and accessible. The very first eye tracking device that truly looks and feels like a normal pair of glasses.

Learn how to use Pupil products. Copyright © 2020 Pupil Labs GmbH. Pupil and Leica Geosystems are aligned in their mission to democratize access to accurate data, which is manifested in the deliverables Pupil provides to its clients. All rights reserved. “We capture everything within a property, with a level of accuracy that ensures trust and confidence in our digital assets.”.
If you’d like to get in touch with us, or have any questions about the Pupil mission, send us an email today. Get robust binocular pupil data, gaze data, and first person field of view video. Copyright © 2020 Pupil Labs GmbH. The rest is just a grayscale blur. Get the latest business insights from Dun & Bradstreet. You can! This means that our spatial data is secured from falling into the wrong hands. Adapt our hardware to suit your needs. With a team of over 85 employees based in central London and an advisory board made up of former senior executives at companies including JPMorgan, Uber, and IAC, the UK company launched its first brand, Spec, in June 2018. Learn how to integrate eye tracking into your workflow. Learn about our robust wearable eye tracking tools for real world applications and VR/AR. We believe that tools are nothing without an active community.


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