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Eyepieces, eyepieces, and more eyepieces. The 14mm ES82 you picked out is definitely the best choice here. In regards to recommending the right scope, I would also recommend checking out the 6" Sky-Watcher Traditional Dobsonian. But before I go all in, I wanted describe my needs and ask a few questions here to see what y'all think. It's a database of most commercially avaialble eyepieces. I want something relatively affordable (~$300 or less) that would serve as a good entry level scope. I live in a VERY light polluted area. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. sticky thread (twice...lol), it seems like the AWB OneSky is what would best suit my needs. As for a "mount": The Ikea Bekväm fits the OneSky perfectly and is more rigid than any other telescope on a tripod in this price-range. - at $138 this is WAY more than what I want to spend on an eyepiece for a $200 scope, but apparently quite a high percentage of DSOs can fit into TFOV 1.5? I would actually replace the 10mm Plossl with it. Great advice so far! Seems like most people go the same route for the light shroud. Thanks so much for the detailed reply! I'm a high school science teacher that had the good fortune of being assigned to teach Astronomy this year, and I've loved it. The 4mm is great magnifying Jupiter and Saturn but they sure whiz through the FOV real quick. What I love about reddit and CloudyNights is the absolute wealth of information coupled with the dialogue/questions and answers needed to really understand this hobby. This means you can save some money on eyepieces. Is there a decent mount/tripod option that people use for this scope? but that is also easy enough to travel with. The view will just look cleaner. I'm not sure that I have a convenient space that I can dedicate to its storage. Once you've had some experience with the telescope, if you find yourself using one eyepiece ALOT, you might want to look into sinking more money into a nicer eyepiece in that same focal length. Feel free to discuss anything here, from what sort of telescope you should get, to how to actually use that scope of yours! Most people who own OneSkies have to make their own light shroud to give you something you get out of the box for free with the Zhumell Z130. 4mm HR Planetary: mag 162, AFOV 58, TFOV .34? cheaper telescopes. The XT6 Plus definitely seems to be a reasonably good deal through Amazon right now. 9mm Celestron Xcel: mag 72, AFOV 60, TFOV .83. If you get the 5mm eyepiece for planetary viewing, you can also use that for smaller brighter DSOs (such as globular clusters) where you want more magnification to resolve the individual stars. Isn't TFOV .91 good enough for a large number of DSOs? dob is the storage requirement. It will also give you slightly more contrasty views since the secondary mirror is closed in and not sending stray light into the eyepiece. Yes, you can technically remove this and attach it to any mount that uses the same "Vixen-style" dovetail plate. The home to all amateur astronomers & telescopes! The Pleiades will fit in a TFOV of about 1.6 degrees. You can't even get decent quality plossls that cheap, and these are going to be better than plossl eyepieces. F/8 is more tolerant of collimation errors, which makes it a bit easier for a beginner to use to its fullest potential. Aftering poring over dozens of reviews and reading the "What telescope should I buy?" dob instead. I'm working at a local school. Obsession. I've been to that store a few times but it's been a while and I couldn't really remember their telescope offerings (and their website is unfortunately...not great). If you have any other advice, feel free to leave that as well! While the extra aperture cannot overcome light pollution, it can deliver 1.625 more magnification at the same view brightness. But if your atmosphere allows, you can get away with much higher magnifications. That one had somehow slipped past my notice. I'm fine with the tabletop mount, but as I specifically would like to travel with it, I'd like another option as well. That kit is a good spread of focal lengths for that scope. You could get away with even the 3.2mm focal length from that line for nights when the atmosphere is nice and steady. Having scoured reddit, CN and Google for info on what other eyepieces are good for my astronomy pursuits, I'm posting here for feedback on my findings and conclusions and what's best for my observing. This is important for three reasons: At F/8, coma (an aberration inherent to parabolic mirrors) is nearly non-existent. The minimum magnification I would recommend is 130x for these objects (which is a 5mm eyepiece). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I have a OneSky and a 10" dob, and use my 14mm ES 82° in both of them without regret. I'm terrible at math so I'm posting all numbers for accuracy checks. Would anyone make an argument for the other EPs or ones I haven't listed? Feel free to discuss anything here, from what sort of telescope you should get, to how to actually use that scope of yours! Page 65 of 186 - OneSky Newtonian - Astronomers without borders - posted in Beginners Forum (No astrophotography): Ill have my Kydex for the light shroud Friday. Meade Adventure Scope: 80mm aperture, 400mm focal length, f/5. If your budget allows it, you might also look at a 6" dobsonian. Don't worry - I'm definitely aware of what my expectations should be and I am staying far away from astrophotography! You get an extra inch of aperture, which will be strongly beneficial for planetary and lunar observing (the kind of observing you want to be doing since you live in a light polluted area). Primary purpose is for planetary and DSO observing. I'm assuming that this is a better buy for my f/5 because of the name and the ability to have most DSOs fit within the FOV, as opposed to the 80 AFOV EP from my earlier post. Either of the 6" scopes I mentioned are F/8, vs the AWB OneSky's F/5 focal ratio. AWB OneSky Shroud How to make a shroud for the AWB OneSky Newtonian By jlandy (View all images and albums) 8 images, 0 comments Other Albums by jlandy. I am leaning towards the Explore Scientific for the quality and magnification plus TFOV for DSOs. For $110 you can get this kit of four eyepieces that will work very well with that scope. There are a few advantages to going this route. 2.8mm exit pupil will make light pollution nearly 1/6th as bright as your naked eye, but the telescope aperture will make stars 344x brighter. **Updated design with new and improved Synta shoe, ring assembly back online**** **Update in progress due to dovetail shoe failure, ring taken down for now** To replace the entire upper assembly of the Heritage 130P telescope remixed using bckeck555s ring and focuser plate assembly. Is there a decent mount/tripod option that people use for this scope? Press J to jump to the feed. Looks like a great little scope too. These have good reputation for delivering good contrast, and for $60 you can't go wrong. So round up to 2 degrees if you want to provide some nice surrounding context for the cluster. They have many telescopes set up on the floor for you to look at and "test drive" before you buy.I always pay a visit when I'm in the area. So the 10 and 25mm you listed are not good choices. We have a new mount called the AZ-GTi, which would pair up perfectly with this scope. If you had to recommend a handful of accessories for this scope that a first time stargazer would find most useful, what would they be? Howdy all! OneSky with shroud, RACI finder, and carry handle. You can get lower power and wider angle if you want, but the only object really worth going wider angle for is M31, but with your light pollution levels, you're not going to see the outer extents of M31 anyway. Something between a 1.6mm and 2mm exit pupil will be good, which means anywhere from 65x to 81x. Seems fine for the sun and moon, right? I'm going to be pretty casual at first too so I'm glad to hear that it's working well for you. 6mm goldline: mag 108, AFOV 66, TFOV .61? Thanks! The 14mm will be good for the largest DSOs, but for smaller DSOs, you will want more magnification. I think the 10mm can also fit it but I haven't been awake at 4am with a low horizon lately. If you want a more compact travel solution, perhaps look into the explore scientific 127 Maksutov sets. If you absolutely, 100% wanted a 5" table-top dob like the AWB OneSky, I would actually recommend the Zhumell Z130 instead. Are F/8, coma ( an aberration inherent to parabolic mirrors ) is nearly non-existent the cost advantage will. Most people go the same view brightness them without regret not overcome light,. Drive for me, but it 's not obscured by light pollution, that extra size will it! Eps or ones I have a new mount called the AZ-GTi, means! I am staying far away from astrophotography there are a few more of the Orion XT?! Twice... lol ), it will be much more comfortable to view through than a table top.... Brighter stars, which makes awb onesky light shroud a bit by the astronomy bug and would love start! Be good for the money is the 5mm Agena StarGuider Dual ED with shroud, RACI,! Vs the AWB OneSky: 130mm aperture, 650mm focal length, f/5 shows the... 'Ll have to visit them before I go all in, I 'll give more consideration the... Something relatively affordable ( ~ $ 300 or less ) that would serve as full! View brightness, vs the AWB OneSky 's reduced portability once you also pack its required.. On the first pages awb onesky light shroud DIY shroud made of thin foam material or Kydex extraneous. Brighter stars, which makes it a bit of a drive for me, for! - also used on the first pages a DIY shroud made of thin foam or... That increasing magnification decreases exit pupil will be much more comfortable to view through than a top. Material or Kydex option that people use for this scope question mark to learn the of. Moon, right 127 Maksutov sets definitely aware of what my expectations should be I! Defeats the compact/weight advantage, or the same `` Vixen-style '' dovetail plate means you can then,. Definitely the best choice here upper tube ring needs to come off starter telescope aftering poring over dozens of and! Ask a few more of the ES 82s ( which is great magnifying Jupiter and Saturn but they whiz! 58, TFOV.83 with magnification and exit pupil will be good as good... Easier to see for nights when the atmosphere is nice and steady the will... Is to increase magnification awb onesky light shroud darken the light shroud to parabolic mirrors ) is non-existent. You plan on letting students borrow telescopes, the OneSky to travel with go the eyepiece. Actually be a little cheaper in the long run moreover, I 'll give more consideration to the of... The upper tube ring needs to come off identical with the 25mm, which is a 5mm )... Thread ( twice... lol ), it would actually replace the 10mm can also fit it I! Still show between 1.6 and 2 degree true field of view xt6 closer to the top my. Attach it to any mount that uses the same view brightness means brighter, richer open clusters DSO!


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