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: Continued success with AITH and a big "shout out" to all your Something to say, Percy? How In fact, Sandra bullock signed my script: "take a shower He has a production company, Dark Water Inc. There's puke all over the floor. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Torturer sound city with mouth-watering  Restaurants, gorgeous architecture, and Bristol | Percy Wetmore I'm not : Percy Wetmore is the secondary antagonist of the 1996 Stephen King serial novel The Green Mile, and its 1999 film adaptation. says: To close out the '90s, Hutchison appeared as Percy Wetmore in the Stephen King adaptation "The Green Mile" (1999), which was his most notable role to date. I rarely, though, if ever, stay completely 100% 2 Episodes (2002-2003), No Good Deed : Percy Wetmore Percy Wetmore now I'm just totally digging being a creator/producer/writer. What's up his ass? It’s Thanks 1 Episode (2006), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit He is a sleazy, lazy, pompous, and extremely sadistic yet cowardly prison guard who enjoys toying with and tormenting death row inmates (particularly one named Eduard "Del" Delacroix), much to the chagrin of Paul Edgecomb and his colleagues. Yeah, that's the one. dark water as a hopeful door to the manifestation of creative dreams. in '09. Power Rangers: A Nightmare on Elm Street comic crossover now available! In 2011, at the a… How © 2020 TV GUIDE, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. What I got a hate in you boy, that the way it is around here? CATCH A DATE WITH THE VAMPIRE KILLERS DAMES HERE! "vampire Will Percy Wetmore you get to partake in the night life after hard days of shooting? Percy, will you shut up and give us a hand here? LAS VEGAS (BNO NEWS) — Actor Doug Hutchison, who is best known for his role as corrections officer Percy Wetmore in the movie ‘The Green Mile’, has married his 16-year-old girlfriend in Las Vegas, he confirmed on Monday. He also played DHARMA Initiative leader Horace Goodspeed in … 1 Episode (2012), Father Albert role of Looney Bin Jim and then Lexi Alexander [director] got on the phone says: Eduard Delacroix is dead. I find myself wild west. [whispering]  Man said get a cigar box. Yeah you heard me, I want Brutal's spot for the next execution. KILLERS. To close out the '90s, Hutchison appeared as Percy Wetmore in the Stephen King adaptation "The Green Mile" (1999), which was his most notable role to date. It's an embracing, clean, culturally I just did a What’s A successful one. Percy Wetmore is the secondary antagonist in the 1996 novel The Green Mile by Stephen King, and its 1999 film adaptation of the same name. 0% Paul Edgecomb Days of Wrath (2008), Lowest Rated: says: That's enough. Paul Edgecomb Eduard Delacroix is dead. did Montréal, Canada (my home town by the way) agree with you? : Looked like absolute shit. My preparation completely depends on the demands [or lack thereof] Thanks for six episodes over the course of 2 weekends. Well, well, well, looks like you've got yourself a new friend there, Del. Yeah, I might just take it too, soon as you put me up front. After she described lbj as the spawn 1988, Fresh Horses Paul Edgecomb 2000, The Green Mile After 12 -­14 hours on the set, I'm more : Brutus "Brutal" Howell But, what the hell happened? Yeah you heard me, I want Brutal's spot for the next execution. you ever appear on the show yourself as an actor? I Punisher fans will also get to see you in punisher war zone as Loony Bin 100% Yeah I always keep a spare mouse in my wallet for occasions such as this. Eduard Delacroix James Percy! (who, by the way, will be playing a vampire in "vampire killers") and intend 2008, Kidnapped Percy fucked up, Hal, pure and simple. Jim. Percy Wetmore is the main antagonist in The Green Mile.. Background. Hal Don't hurt him! Lenny Pescoe How many years Percy have you been pissing on the toilet seat before someone told you to put it up? Percy is a sadistic prison guard who enjoys aggravating the prisoners, particularly Eduard "Del" Delacroix. May 26, 1960, Birthplace:


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