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John has considerable experience regarding matters related to the distribution and exhibition of content by broadcast, cable, and internet platforms, affiliate relations, broadcast standards, and matters involving media-related technology and the formation of network platforms including the creation of Over The Top (OTT) services. A Trump presidency, Republican Senate and Democratic House. In those roles he was responsible for Media Sales, Finance, Technology, Business Affairs, Legal, Broadcast Standards, Network Distribution, and Human Resources. The initiative focuses on three areas — economics, governance, and security — and was a focal point when the secretary traveled to the region July 30–August 5. Currently he organises (virtual) trade missions and journeys for executives to innovation hotspots around the world (USA, Korea, Japan, Israel, China). Some of these programs aim to stop human trafficking and drug smuggling. He lives near Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and has an excellent personal network in and outside Europe. The Trump administration has maintained US alliances throughout the region and diplomatic commitments to Southeast Asia. Washington remains, by and large, wedded to the commitments to Asia that have characterised its role for many decades. Bringing together complementary enterprises for a new era of global commerce. Innovative software design and production for a global user market. This will constrain the economic component of any US Asia policy. Between 2012 and 2015 he lived and worked in California (USA). How far and what shape they take will depend on who wins in November.

He has led dozens of television projects with partners including AT&T, Betfair UK, Comcast, De Telegraaf, DIRECTV, Disney, Goldman Sachs, Intel, IPG, NBC, Neo Cricket Mumbai, Nokia, RTL, SBS, Showtime, Sun Microsystems, SVT, Telstra, Time Warner Cable, Turner Networks and Universal Pictures. In 2018, he received an award from the Republic of South Korea for his contributions to the global success of k-pop. Meanwhile, trade remedies that the Trump administration has made ample use of—anti-dumping and safeguard provisions—will continue to receive a great deal of attention. Stay Connected! Washington’s approach to the Indo-Pacific will change over the next four years, regardless of the outcome of the November election. There are competing factions within the Biden camp, one reminiscent of Obama’s conciliatory China policy and another more focused on competition with China. The problem is, all things are not equal. Like in much of the world, 2020 has been a very difficult year for the United States. Expansion of local media formats to global markets. All things being equal, bipartisan consensus on geostrategic competition with China will carry the day whoever wins the American presidency.

And while they won’t break, they will bend. Remedies that appear to most contradict US commitments to the World Trade Organization, like restrictive tariffs, will receive less attention in a Biden administration. The choices will be to maintain defence spending at the considerable cost of domestic programs; to attempt the China competition on the cheap—most significantly, cutting into military readiness and shipbuilding plans; or to prioritise the Indo-Pacific theatre over other global interests. He was active in the hart of the transitioning media industry, working for both Dutch and American companies. In 2017, he was a key contributor to the campaign music of the current president of South Korea, Moon Je-in. There are a number of likely configurations next year’s distribution of political power could take. An example: the United States, Australia, Japan and New Zealand are partnering to build infrastructure that will bring light and power to 70 percent of Papua New Guinea by 2030. He was an executive at Warner Bros. and its related companies for almost three decades. He was previously Head Professor of Hanyang University Conservatory. A Biden administration’s national security strategy would more resemble the Trump administration’s 2017 document than anything produced during Barack Obama’s administration.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration’s consistent focus on its Indo-Pacific strategy has helped catalyse similar conceptual frameworks as far afield as Berlin. Expanding properties to find new regional audiences. “The American people and the whole world have a stake in the Indo-Pacific’s peace and prosperity,” U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in 2018 when he laid out the initiative.

As for his opponent, former vice president Joe Biden is the definition of the bipartisan Washington establishment.

In this context, we stated that the so-called ‘Indo-Pacific strategy’, as it was planned by the initiators, only leads to the separation of the region’s states, and is therefore fraught with serious consequences for peace, security and stability in the Asia-Pacific Region.” For India, this is an anomalous development. The US military is still forward-deployed. Our Pacific Economic Strategy was developed with the expertise of our Pacific Community of Practice and Pacific Senior Officials Group and feedback from the Le Tanoa seminar. The problem is, all things are not equal. NEW DELHI: Germany, current EU president and Europe's biggest economy, has launched its Indo-Pacific strategy with India that is expected to play a key role in Berlin’s outreach in the region where China’s aggressive foreign policy has rattled countries. The Indo-Pacific region includes world’s four big economies: USA, China, Japan and India.

Pacific Strategy Partners builds meaningful partnerships between leading companies in the East and West. He is the first Korean musician to receive global endorsements from brands such as Yamaha, Gibson, Boss/Roland, Orange Amps, AKG, D’addario, and 20 others; and has given lectures at Hyundai Motor Company and Samsung Electronics. Collaborative production of new content and IP from diverse regions. Trump will continue a forceful line on China, and this competitive dynamic will guide American foreign policy generally throughout the region. Pompeo also traveled to Australia and the Federated States of Micronesia. As part of the initiative’s security component, the U.S. works with countries in the region on military training and maritime security. He is on the board of directors of dalcomsoft, publisher of the massive hit game superstar BTS with BTS; and is a vice president of artist first alliance, a consortium of 40 korean entertainment and tech companies. John served as Co-Head of the Network/Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel at The CW Television Network. New comprehensive trade liberalisation initiatives—including joining the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership—will be nearly impossible in either administration. With 25 years of expertise, Pacific Strategy Partners builds businesses where Asian and Western Markets intersect. As Head of Production at DIRECTV Advanced Services, Mr. Shapiro oversaw over 25 service launches, including TiVo by DIRECTV, the world’s first major DVR platform. With 25 years of expertise, Pacific Strategy Partners builds businesses where Asian and Western Markets intersect.

Mr. Shapiro is an Adjunct Professor at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts and Marshall School of Business; He is author of TELEVISION: Innovation, Disruption, and the World’s Most Powerful Medium, an Amazon bestseller. Prior to his roles at The CW Network, John was the Chief Operating Officer of the WB Television Network as well as its Executive Vice President and General Counsel. Monetization of properties across additional media and territories. The government will, therefore, be left with even starker versions of the other two options, cutting into military and diplomatic capacity or downsizing commitments elsewhere. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on July 30, 2018. © Copyright 2020 Center for the National Interest All Rights Reserved. A Biden presidency, Republican Senate and Democratic House. Pompeo’s first stop was Bangkok, where he met with foreign ministers from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and participated in the Lower Mekong Initiative. No approach he takes to China will be strong enough in their estimation. He is proposing no big changes in America’s traditional Asia policy, beyond repairing the damage he estimates has been done to it by Trump. Beyond private investment, the U.S. in 2018 outlined more than $110 million in U.S. support for digital, energy and infrastructure projects to help spread prosperity in a region home to a third of the world’s population and four of its six largest economies. The U.S. fights coronavirus worldwide [rolling updates], U.S. Space Force swears in its first recruits, Americans vote on more than a president in November [infographic], U.S. advances quantum computers to tackle global challenges, Promoting women in science and tech boosts prosperity, Nobel Prize shines light on U.N. work to end hunger, U.S. hosts forum to advance Indo-Pacific prosperity, International Space Station marks 20 years of continuous human presence, In historic contact, NASA spacecraft touches asteroid, Guidance for U.S. tech aims to stop misuse by repressive regimes, U.S. approves first treatment for hospitalized COVID-19 patients, U.S. partnerships bolster Indo-Pacific prosperity, U.S. provides training to prevent atrocities, OAS: Elections in Venezuela will not be free and fair, bring light and power to 70 percent of Papua New Guinea, A trans-Atlantic awakening to the China challenge. He co-authored a book titled China’s Economic Rise and Its Global Impact in 2015. Experienced in investments and M&A activities. He later served as a senior network executive at The CW Television Network. But while there may be adjustments in the target set—expect less pressure on Canada and Japan in a Biden administration, for instance—neither administration will move off of America’s new found enthusiasm for punitive tariffs as an instrument of trade policy. In the Europe he has done major projects for KPN, Philips, Newscorp, SES Astra etc. This outcome favours the conciliatory side of Biden’s China team. 310.362.6798, Privacy Policy Cookie Policy Accessibility, Asian-North America Partnership Development, Asian economies are on track to become larger than the rest of the world combined in 2020. The way it sorts though these challenges rests on the distribution of power in Washington for the next two to four years. Se-Hwang Kim is one of the best-known musicians in Korean history. A Biden presidency will provoke persistent charges of appeasement from Republicans in Congress. The United Nations Pacific Strategy (UNPS) 2018-2022 is a five year strategic framework that outlines the collective response of the UN system to the development priorities in 14 Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs), namely Cook Islands, Fiji, Federated States of … “It’s why the Indo-Pacific must be free and open.”.


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