oxo good grips chopper how to clean
h�b``�```f �{h��Y8��$���1�����{����������Ik��N�tkfH�Z�\��0c���G�z��LNP�? Once the insides have been aired out, grab a microfiber cloth to clean the keys themselves, because all those times you’ve typed with chip-dust on your fingers add up. Not only is it satisfying to use, and like a mini-stress ball with each squeeze, it also smells great and is made of biodegradable material. Water works well, but if you want to step up the cleaning power with a DIY concoction, you can mix one part water with one part vinegar, or water with a bit of dish soap (just make sure to unplug your keyboard or turn off your computer beforehand). Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. 'F� A�>����@������U�����|��O�皯ޝs���������\���,�����9�~��>�Ӆ~�����5��e��s��4��/O釛���/ϗ���|u����ˏ����%}I�䁽�0���J�ѕ5?>�t��K��|����o�|��+=�!�Ȝ�����! JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. I misplaced the product manual for my Oxo Good Grips salad spinner. %%EOF The nicely soft brush breezes away dirt, while the microfiber pad can remove smudges and streaks from your screen. Free Ground shipping on all orders over $19.99! Both the brush and cloth ends are retractable, easily sliding up or down depending on what you need to clean. To store chopped food To order additional OXO GOOD GRIPS Chopper cups (with cup cap and cup base), call the OXO Consumer Care Center at (800)545.4411 or Tell us what you want to hear and we’ll make sure you’re the first to know! The first step to dislodging all that dust is to simply shake it off: Turn your keyboard a little over 90 degrees upwards, so that the bottom edge below the spacebar is now against the table or desk, and gently tap it against the surface, knocking loose the remnants of a thousands snacks from the past months or years. If your keyboard’s got that one (or more) key that sticks, crunches, or won’t bounce back after being pressed, it may be time for a deep clean. Easy to operate and clean, this chopper offers a safe way of chopping without using a knife. No more tears! Let’s create one now. The 19-inch flexible hose makes angling towards any and all keyboard gaps possible, and includes all the necessary tools to really do a deep clean. 45 0 obj <>stream If your cursor is getting stuck on screen, it’s not always your computer’s fault — your mouse could be due for a little TLC. The OXO Good Grips Vegetable and Onion Chopper takes its place as one of the best gadgets in my kitchen. 7 0 obj <> endobj Quickly and safely chops fruits, vegetables and more in one easy motion . 0 (��5�Ѐ��!�v�# �f�0%aP��׫��#��J6&D�io3o�"��� K�raK���֘���S-x�3��y}:���u9ڻ��|�AW[7_���׻4p'��ټ[.sKIv��b��6�������U5��ҧ����*&ȿ�_ΫEV.�:+�e����q��r�������BD{������0�­���&O_�p���k?���5��ZRJ�NN�}H��O�V���P��u�(Qo�(���/\[[ Q�tn�$g!f���?Bs�"��(��U����*�n�) {�-s{�Z�& �|Q@d���uD,�P�[����p��[h�-4�ޖ`w��l9��r�=k�_���ć{x�-�d����ŘhD��ɣB�$�_���x�x#Ż���Tj��Xc4������x¾�z��@�5��RT��t�9$��zV�ҕ"� B+U9]g艒F�DLyn�]F�`���!���26X��c�أ��D��*��~�?r���F�ő�@ηl;��rpY���D�?�Y��f���� �w� Canned air, or one of its equivalents, can really be a huge help to get in there between the keys and blast out the leftover dirt that wasn’t shaken loose too. %PDF-1.6 %���� ; Features soft knob to push on and blades that rotate for even chopping. Egg Slicer. 2�� Welcome to the world of OXO, thank you for signing up! This goes beyond just keyboards though, and the opportunities for picking up dust and dirt are all around: use it on TVs, stereos, vents, ACs, car cupholders and controls — really any surface, since it won’t leave a slimy residue behind. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. We’re all guilty of eating at our workstations, sometimes even while working. The company started out designing utensils to be easy to hold, grip, and use efficiently, and this double-sided brush does the job for both keyboards as well as laptop screens. This OXO GOOD GRIPS EASY-POUR VEGETABLE CHOPPER ia an excellently designed, made and ready solution to vegetable preparation needs. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. To disassemble for cleaning To reassemble Store leftover chopped food in the cup, cover it with the white cup cap and refrigerate. Add to Wish List. It’s also a nice, (as well as environmentally friendlier) alternative to buying cases of canned air. At the end of the day, clean gear runs better, and lasts longer, ultimately saving you money in the long term. Quickly and easily slice hard-boiled eggs. H�lUMkG����cr���菺j-��%�hM�! #�L���5�sX��[X� $19.99. Though it can be great for detailed cleaning on its own, it really works best when paired up with an air-blowing product. hެVmO#9�+����:/�y�V�ڡ�r,-GY@��!ۆvļT3)���ggJ�=�`O�*�~�$?NU�8S� 32�C�"�x�Pp�T�4�(�Xs&$ʁd"���� g����02�=�6�օ����qma��[c������^�8��x���9��-lI���#���Lu�~~�r��T�����NҴg�`"�3^̦0�kS�U%�wG��Q�7ɃX�3��, ��|*>q�3HŔJ���O�f����qU���"v�M9��tf&aD�paʥ�m��Y�3�%�'vk��B�F�.������;���� �t��7&g��Chi���n�f`n�_�n�:�_��)~��h���X�pH���͖+�"@�2�ĺ0��֍)0�r|]�A All parts are dishwasher safe. Please enter your email address below to create account. ]ߢ�ӷ:i�y`���,�Kҁjz�g���k�&�P�_?�_�g�kȭ�i�N]�̆��!+�2�i�������e�J�ÖQt�b���L/� i�����V�ga�R�ȏ�@l ����BF̅����Ԫ!�g��r-U[�Z;������P��'�X�0�d[.���={�(�5�oУ;|����>�)�ܥ>7q�{��B`ϸ�B�cZ��1(n@�BCa˘e����]��@c�pmb�[� ;��i�kp��g���4��k�\�,�p��bъ�$0�UD���bOlA ^=�:F-�J��h�����K���h�xgDJ�*�ci-��h��td�(�xDZ V��Hf9&[߳ph�� ���{�%��64�X%:���+�m1�8w��JG~��T�1]^�xˬ. But to take things a step further and really do an intensely deep clean, we’ve picked out four additional tools to help keep your workstation tidy and debris-free.


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