out cold stumpy quotes
Lance: "Oh, that'd be nice. Babe, I love chicks. After all, you're practically family now. ", Pig Pen: "We should go and say good-bye to Rick." He knows that we're leaving then he's gonna throw it all away. ", Rick: "Morning, Mr. Snownook Guy: "Nice! ", "Hey, Muntz, there's some really pissed off Eskimos outside right now man. ", Majors: "This morning there was a boy with his little elvis stuck in my hot tub. Luke: "On their occasional break from their 19-hour work day in the freezing sleet, yeah, they get laid all the time, Pig Pen." You didn't hear? Majors: "No offence, Short Stack, but you give me the creeps. She was French. Inga: "Schlafenzeit. ", "At least Stewart has his act together enough to ask me out. ", "Try not to wipe out like you did last year... and the year before, and both years befor that. Babe, I love chicks. ", "It all started when a young buck named Herbert Muntz saw the promise of a new life and staked his claim to it the old-fashioned way, he stole it from the Eskimos. Ow! I swear to god, he's runnin' this country! With Flex Alexander, David Denman, A.J. What happened to John? When talk about this movie you might think it is just another Jason London movie that you barely heard about and is doubted weather to watch it or not; after all he is not very much of a extreme type of guys to be playing this role. No brains, no headache." Eric: "Don't you eyeball me. This movie is very loosely based on Casablanca (1942). ", "Oh, sorry. So my daughter's a whore! ", "I mean what are we gonna do now? The Wrap We'll cuddle. Snowboarder: "Oh yeah? All sound files are for educational, research, criticism, or review for movie purchase purposes. Slow down there, Nanook. You even fight like a retard. Anna: "Barry. I mean, your hotel looks like a Motel 6 ate a yard sale and barfed it out. You hit my ear. Jenny: "I'm sorry, it sounded like you're asking me out on a date." ", Luke: "This uniform's really cramping my Hardy Boys. Cook, Caroline Dhavernas. ", "Do ti! Retard!" ", "Okay, whatever. ", Ted Muntz (Willie Garson): "The Eskimos around here have a saying: Kwa kwanee kwona kwana taka ko..." Now! Luke: "No, remind me." Inga: "Oh, yeah?" Luke: "No, I got molested by a hot tub last night. Directed by Brendan Malloy, Emmett Malloy. You even fight like a retard." We're your friends. Not you. ", "Now, with my signature and your money we can make this dream come true. Get into the Mood for the Winter Olympics, View production, box office, & company info, HBO in January: Here’s Everything New and Leaving, Foo Fighters Covered the Psychedelic Furs, B-52s on Surprise Ep, Kickboxer Murthel Groenhart Says He Received Death Threats After Controversial Ko. ", Pig Pen: "So, Rick, did you hit it last night or what?" When Majors shoots down Eric's offer to show him the mountain. That's my motto. Anthony putting a bicycle lock on a drunken Luke's neck when he's passed out, and Luke arriving for work at the lodge asking for the key. '", Rick: "When this Barry guy gets here, I'm gonna have to face him. We'll cuddle. ", Luke: "Boys, watch confidence at work." Luke talking with Anne about Rick during the time Inga is on the motorized bull. Not you. Pig Pen: "What... how does that help me? ", "Actually Rick's got a pretty heavy workload tomorrow but I would be delighted to show you around the mountain. ". After all, you're practically family now. I'm gonna do her." 89 min ", Pig Pen: "Snownook's not our town, Rick. Luke: "Oh. Start Your Day With Stumpy's Rant From Out Cold. ", "It's okay. ", Stumpy: "You know, things worked out pretty well for our friends up here on Bull Mountain. '", "I'm the new Team Snownook patrol leader. The MovieWavs Page holds no liability from misuse of these sound files. Anyway, he did! Not King of the No-ball Pussy Losers. I'm..." We'll cuddle. Inga, will you, um... have sex with me? And tie them together. Luke: "I got, uh, fag practice in the morning, so I understand. Rick: "As long as you shave." We gonna shave his eyebrows? Some fella from Colorado shows up, starts makin' so-called improvements. Anna: "In Alaska?" Pig Pen: "No. ", "Hey, Rick, lookin' good. Luke: "I've had worse. ", Rick: "Of all the bars in all the ski towns in Alaska, why'd she have to come to this one? The prank where Pig-pen and company place an unconscious Luke in the driver's seat of Rick's car, and spin it … I was there. ", "That's more of a guideline than a rule. You know, Bull Mountain, that was our town." 2.5k shares. Comedy, Sport. Hot sluts with tits." Luke: "Oh, let's see." ", Luke: "Goin' to drink, everybody!" ", Luke: "This uniform makes my nuts rageous. I know that I'm in love with her. Friday Fun: Classic Quotes from “Out Cold” Ski Town Drunk, Stumpy CrashBrains | June 8, 2018 Friday Fun If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you now have weekend plans. Quizzes ... Stumpy: 66.9% 'I was just gonna say that I was adopted but...' Lance: 65.5% 'I think we are checking out … ", "Anybody who tells you that money won't buy you love, hell, they ain't never been to Reno. Rick: "Oh. You hit my ear. Majors: "Yeah, well, who asked you? Majors." ", Pig Pen: "Here's what I don't get, all right, is you met this chick and you got freaky-deaky with her." ", "Yeah? ", Rick: "Look, we'll always have Pedro O'Horney's, right? Rule numbec two: there are no rules. Lance: "No! ", "Hey, you're pretty good on that thing, son. Ted: "I think that's you. You jnow, maybe we should clarify something. ", "Whoa, whoa! ", "Oh, please, please. Cook): "Are you sniffing me? Some of the sound files contained on The MovieWavs Page may not be suitable for young children. ", Luke: "Where's Inga going?" '", "Hey, Pig Pen, you ever been on one of those lesbian chat rooms? I mean, we say stuff like that too but not to your face.


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