ontario budget 2019 pdf

These unjustified costs imposed by the United States have impacted the competitiveness of Ontario’s lumber producers, potentially leading to job losses and plant closures. It presents a significant opportunity to strengthen professionalism, and improve efficiency and competitiveness of the industry with the potential to create and retain more jobs. 2019-04-08T22:57:07-04:00 Through Ontario Creates, the government supports the Ontario Music Fund, which is designed to work with the province’s music organizations in expanding their economic and cultural footprint within Canada and around the world. Ontario’s skilled trades offer careers leading to secure jobs that are also vital to the health and growth of the economy. Listening to the people: developing better supports for business.
There are more than 470,000 SMEs in communities across the province employing about one-third of Ontario workers. endobj stream endobj <> The government is making Ontario open for business and open for jobs by reducing regulatory burdens and lowering business costs. Going paperless could significantly reduce the cost of administration for pension plans, and could allow plans to more effectively engage and communicate with plan members.

“On behalf of the City of Pickering, we applaud the direction the government is going in in terms of reducing red tape and promoting business.
$152 billion of goods and services to other provinces and territories in 2018, almost double that of Quebec, the next highest province. This will ensure that investment proposals are assessed on their ability to address challenges and leverage the opportunities specific to industries and regions, and to ensure that prosperity and growth are spread equitably and transparently. Such targeted investments will focus on new and emerging priorities in the agri-food and agri-products sectors. In October 2018, the government announced the launch of a new tourism strategy to support its continued growth and unlock its limitless potential. ���h��FrQ�Bw���:V���L��|�%t�Š| �&�*�c�|E���R�|K$|X�g��ʜn�����'� These athletes are supported by thousands of coaches, officials and volunteers. These changes will reduce the reporting burden for institutions while supporting sustainability through a focus on institutional strengths and differentiation. The government will work with Ontario Creates to modernize the Ontario Music Fund to focus on activities that bring the biggest return to the province, and refocus its investments into emerging talent to create opportunities to achieve success. Swift government actions already taken to reduce costs for businesses will put $5 billion back into the hands of job creators in 2019. The Province will continue to work with the federal government to challenge these duties and get a good trade deal for the softwood lumber industry.


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