old texas road maps
// Want to mimic the jwPlayers functions so if jwPlayer do nothing "Albers equal area projection." Key map to edition. 1922; Republished 1952 Vol. break; AACR2: 110; 650/2; 650/3, F50272 U.S. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. 71. Discover the past of Texas on historical maps. // Time consumed preparing the new page 4 skeleton maps. player.on('seeking', function(event) {handleMediaEvent(event, eventData)}, this); * timing.getTimes(); 1970s and into the 1980s, with completion of the final link at Fort Stockton in May 1983. The description for Zilker Park also refers to Zilker Springs with the accompanying text "formerly Barton Springs". Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Mathis, San Patricio County, ... Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Texarkana, Bowie County, Texas. /* error page report */ AACR2: 110; 650/1; 650/2. Text and col. illus. of military insignia on verso. 5. s.prop32 += value + '|'; Dallas and Houston was completed in 1971. // Convert to ms F49389 U.S. Much of the future Interstate 20, shown as US 80, had already been upgraded to a dual 4-lane highway. 1:150,000. for Library of Congress. 1:42,000. The Chevron map has less detail in the urban areas compared to the Humble map. equals approx. Previous editions published under title: Texas resources and industries. 5W. UX.download = UX.trackFileDownloadEvent; Interstate 37 between San Antonio and Corpus Christi is about 50% complete. Immigrant Station on Pelican Island. Key map to edition. Shows oil and gas wells. On verso: Area map of Grapevine and Dallas--Fort Worth Regional Airport [ca. High resolution: crystal clear Copyright Office Scale ca. General Land Office - Wilson, L. J. 0.67 miles. 1911; Republished 1955 Vol.1. } Copyright Office Scale not given. // Register calls to Adobe for metrics tracking 48. True North Publishing dba Texas Map Store has been publishing This map shows several planned freeways as dashed lines. 35 X 29 cm. var firstPaint = 0; Text and illus. switch(playerType) { //else if (window.performance.timing.navigationStart && typeof InstallTrigger !== 'undefined') { // Firefox Map scans courtesy of Terry Palmer. The main roads to the Rio Grand Valley, US 271 and US 71, were two-lane highways. Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Houston, Harris County, Texas. s.Media.play(mediaName, mediaOffset); Includes index and advertisements. **/ Map of congested district. A substantial amount of work remained to be done on I-10 in west Texas. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. 35 X 29 cm. Key map to edition. player.getDuration = function() { 4 skeleton maps. 2.2 miles. Last updated 5-July-2001 (add 1938 maps), created 2-March-2001. } s.prop45 = ""; 1:15,000; 1 1/16สบ per 1/4 mile. AACR2, F51104 U.S. There was no progress on Interstate 37 between San Antonio and Corpus Christi. s.prop28 = "";// part of 1941 - Feb 1951 Vol. 7-3-65. There is no indication of trail markers, so the trail marker system appears to be phased out by this time. on verso. equals approx. s.prop54 = "";// fullText Key map to edition. The colorful flags of the revolution are displayed across the top and key participants are shown down the sides. The Interstate 45 corridor between Houston and Dallas was about 40% complete, with substantial work in progress in the Huntsville region. table[k] = { Cadastral map. Includes advertisements. AACR2: 650/1, Scale 1:4,800; 1 in. 035. AACR2, Scale ca. 35 X 29 cm. Add to cart to see our low shipping rates! Index, location maps, and text on verso. General highway map, Rio Grande Valley, Texas. AACR2. Arcadia Park, Cockrell Hill. 1:24,000. 1:12,000. Copyright Office Scale ca. }; Scale 1:3,750,000. Forest Service. Opposite pages numbered in duplicate. s.prop48 += 'Facet[LocationsExcluded]-('+value+') '; legacyTracking.prop8 = "[Button Click] - Start " + mediaType; } As of Spring 1965 the Interstate Highway System was approximately 50% complete. By 1969, the first sections of Interstate 10 west of San Antonio are open. ), Scale 1:7,200; 1 in. s.prop48 += 'Facet[Languages]-('+value+') '; Indexed. Includes index to 24 locations and illus. 35 X 29 cm. AACR2: 651/1, F48685 U.S. 130. 1930; Republished 1956 Vol. on verso. United States. legacyTracking.trackingServer = s.trackingServerSecure;


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