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COMMON FEES-PALLIATIVE CARE K023 n o Palliative Care Support (>20 min) 62.75 K015 n o Counseling of Relatives (scheduled visit) 62.75 G512 n o Palliative Care Case Management (weekly) 62.75 G511 n o Telephone Management of Palliative Care (per call) 17.75
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(OHIP) Office. 92 42

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\�E���3f�����A���>��Y@̡N3��&>�B�9��\2����ۛ����b}Q1�r�B %PDF-1.5 OHIP payments are only authorized for services that are rendered personally by the physician or by others who are delegated by a physician to perform a procedure in accordance with the Schedule of Benefits Physician Services (the “Schedule”) requirements for delegated procedures.


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Refer to the Ontario Health Coverage Document List for the list of documents you will need to present with your application.

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0000023941 00000 n The OHIP Schedule of Benefits 2019.

Health must begin where people live, work, … 0000004437 00000 n 1 0 obj
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endobj 0000002492 00000 n List 1 – Proof of Canadian Citizenship or OHIP-Eligible Immigration Status: A document …

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0000115976 00000 n 0000002205 00000 n Please print and use a blue or black pen.

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List of Revised Manual Excess Income Eligibility Notices • OHIP-0018 - NOTICE OF DISCONTINUANCE OF MEDICAID COVERAGE UNDER THE MEDICAID BUY-IN PROGRAM FOR WORKING PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES (MBI-WPD) (Over Income/ Over Resources / Over Income and Over Resources) 0000007357 00000 n P��3�p$�ՠ���xt�x�}Xq�$>�Gb~1b��[��*|��X�� �-npRL{�DS҂4���H{��*���@�o�z�a*�@[�CL���*�`Y�tH� ρ� endstream endobj 132 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/Index[5 87]/Length 22/Size 92/Type/XRef/W[1 1 1]>>stream 0000114995 00000 n %%EOF 435 0 obj <>stream x����O1��+��㝴���u�R)�(��X�����C{@lm�����z!�J9]u�Ol�v,������lq"�ё8>����v Important Reminder. D���A��

endobj An original Canadian Citizenship document or OHIP-eligible immigration document is required to switch to a photo health card.

endobj OHIP Information: 416.314.7444.

Required documents • List 1 - Proof of Canadian Citizenship or OHIP-Eligible Immigration Status Documents in this list prove you are a Canadian Citizen or hold another immigration status that makes you eligible for Ontario health insurance coverage. ",#(7),01444'9=82. 0000006036 00000 n C[F���_�%��Y�a$��m��9>�����5�;S��h�0*%v*@jŬۉ��1i(� ��:'��;��F� �j��2|��G�_���k��Q�Dvr�����L�a�kn�J1�[�l�q�2�VC��N�hב3$s�!� �{�)jߛ٭_�T�����T��Y��T��V�hs��/���m%��O����෥������(�_׮h�v����/A6El �A�2�@#�_콷����!/h��4_$Wb���[�gZI�=��Ҙ=����`r�H]�v�˺Z�#�l�9��5:��t"j�(��ANuލ��$I�T5�zp�U��,�����l�'c#����ج�Q�@T�]AccX�N�/ �_��s�J�/���>��O"�,cO���hɊ��4��˪B}Hd/o_�Y��*I&�����|=B|�;�2�У0 ��N[9y\5ܼ��F��?�mZ�l���9.��n���p�a�0Tb�6�8ܶ���h�W�k��K��V���g�h�����ϟ[�;���`O���A4��[_�£��D�͚��IZ�����\���3�����L� ��L�5���棆m �\,/7����2�P��3�r̐i���c��C��q���.�)��$�T���%3��O�����3��j;��H�%���;u\- �7����Or|Q!�����)N��`���g��Ǿ�p,� ���*]O+�8�8�Բq�q��O0��DgxL\ [�C[�Og ]Spo�Rl�zrT��D��B��"����(9Ub�קĞX�֭n�ݣ��Ry] ��gG���*���. H��W�O�@�����wH���>�H�ZZ��"� {�JahP��=쿟�����Z)��9�g���U}xã|)$�R���8�`�


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