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Chair, KABN This website works best with JavaScript enabled. �-q�D�#*��k��'s�~��;��4pei���t"��m�u;� ´?����5�c��@v�|��$� �x 9�x w�Æ;���s�h�87�������u��V��rƂA.c�ms���,A��d|�S ���@�EU.�D����&/X�� Pat has both a legal and accounting background, with nearly 20 years of progressively senior regulatory experience, most recently leading the OSC LaunchPad team from its start as a pilot program to its current integral role in supporting Ontario’s innovation community. <> Dec 6, 2013: SASKATCHEWAN APPROVES EQUITY CROWDFUNDING! endobj “The basis of change in finance comes from many places, and embracing new approaches is critical to Ontario’s economic competitiveness,” Steiner said. How innovation leads to growth Learn more about workplace innovation. Dazu gehört der Widerspruch gegen die Verarbeitung Ihrer Daten durch Partner für deren berechtigte Interessen. OSC’s Pat Chaukos to lead the Office; entrepreneur and financial industry veteran Doug Steiner joins the OSC in senior advisory role. Doug Steiner joins the OSC in the role of Executive Advisor, Innovation, effective June 22, 2020. The Office is led by Pat Chaukos as Director, who will work in collaboration with Doug Steiner, who joins the OSC in the unique role of Executive Advisor, Innovation. Rather than support persistent innovation in all businesses we argue that government business innovation policy would be most effective in supporting young SMEs to overcome the downside risk of investing in the human, organisational and capital required to build lasting innovation capability. Download the proceedings now (free). Under the Build to Scale Program, EDA manages a portfolio of grant competitions that further technology-based economic development initiatives that accelerate high quality job growth, create … Serving Canada’s science, technology, innovation and investment community with in-depth reports and analysis. In addition, the Office will conduct extensive outreach with the market, innovation hubs, other regulators and government to identify opportunities for the OSC to champion innovation and economic growth. Or become a contributing member and get perks. If you would like to submit an article or if your organization has news or events that it would like to appear in RE$EARCH MONEY please contact Adity Das Gupta ( for further information. Learn more about social innovation. Nov 6, 2013: NCFA Canada Response to FCAA: Consultation on General Order 45-925, Oct 17, 2013: Saskatchewan Getting Ready to Legalize Equity Crowdfunding, Oct 7, 2013: Securities – FCAA Asks for Comments Regarding the Proposed Saskatchewan Equity Crowdfunding Exemption. Under Mayor Garcetti’s leadership, the unemployment rate dropped from 10.2% to 4.5% in six years, alongside Yahoo ist Teil von Verizon Media. Français. OSC announces leadership of new Office of Economic Growth and Innovation CEO and Executive Director In addition, the Office will conduct extensive outreach with the market, innovation hubs, other regulators and government to identify opportunities for the OSC to champion innovation and economic growth. ?f��d���/��lUUdx:"�����]�h2��g?�Fc��9〬fy��y�3�����\Q�Vp Learn more about the European innovation scoreboard. stream Los Angeles is where the world comes to innovate and turn today’s ideas into tomorrow’s innovations. 5 0 obj Learn more about social innovation. Oct 30, 2013: Summary of Canadian Regulations, Oct 24, 2013: Canadian Resources for Proposed US Equity Crowdfunding Rules, Sep 21, 2017: Changes to start-up crowdfunding exemption will increase access to capital for B.C. <> Innovation economics is based on two fundamental tenets. Learn more about the Business innovation observatory. Organization: OSC Office of Economic Growth and Innovation The Short Report, June 24, 2020: Canada’s pandemic recovery, investments in sustainability, and more. issuers, July 2015: Start-up Crowdfunding Guide for Investors, Businesses and Funding Portals, Breaking News (May 14, 2015): Certain Canadian securities regulators to adopt start-up crowdfunding exemptions, May 1, 2014: BCSC Request for Comments on Startup Crowdfunding Exemption by BCSC, Mar 20, 2014: BCSC Proposes New Startup Crowd Funding Rules, Mar 20, 2014: [Breaking News]: Canadian Securities Regulators Propose New Crowdfunding Exemptions, Oct 2013: BCSC Capital Raising for Small Business Guide, Feb 12, 2013: BCSC National Instrument 45-106 Proposed Prospectus Exemption to Assist Capital Raising by Small Businesses, Oct 29, 2020: ASC Updates Raising Capital for Small Businesses Resource: Fostering Alberta’s New Economy, Oct 2, 2019: ASC adopts Start-up Crowdfunding Blanket Order, Dec 12, 2017: Saskatchewan and Alberta make cross-border financing easier, Jul 26, 2016: ASC Adopts Startup Exemption (45-517) and 30 day comments 45-108, ASC OM exemption to facilitate small business. %���� Contact | ��"�,]3�0&�*4>�� The booklet “Applied Research Comes of Age” contains stories and messages from colleges and institutes across Canada, including details of leading-edge student projects, state-of-the-art facilities available for use by industry and innovative solutions being co-created by students, faculty and companies. Social innovation. But we…. 1 2019 Ontario Budget, Budget Papers The Office will expand the work of OSC LaunchPad through deeper engagement with businesses and support for a strong Ontario innovation ecosystem. TORONTO - The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) today announced the leadership of its newly-established Office of Economic Growth and Innovation (Office). TORONTO - The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) today announced the leadership of its newly-established Office of Economic Growth and Innovation (Office). Workplace innovation. As Director, Pat Chaukos will lead the Office in the development, implementation and maintenance of programs that focus on innovation and economic growth and will ensure that market participants’ input is appropriately considered in all OSC policy making and operational programs. Access to innovation spurs regional diversification and growth By: Dr. Mehdi Sheikhzadeh, Executive Dean, Applied Research & Innovation, Lambton College. ��w̕Ф��;����t��ak\��%�7o�o���-��?�ۺ�s���� A central part of the Ontario Government’s five-point capital markets plan, the new office focuses on accelerating innovation, bolstering capital formation and reducing regulatory burden in Ontario’s capital markets. generates a disproportionate contribution to economic growth in Australia. The first Economic Adviser to the Government of India in pre-Independence India, Sir Theodore E.G. The Vision of the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development is that by 2021, Birmingham will be a hub of qualified and diverse talent and a premier destination for small businesses, startups, and businesses looking to expand, propelling shared prosperity through innovation and inclusive growth. Für nähere Informationen zur Nutzung Ihrer Daten lesen Sie bitte unsere Datenschutzerklärung und Cookie-Richtlinie. Working closely with Pat, the Office and executives across the OSC, Doug will advise the OSC Chair and other senior leaders on opportunities to support innovation in Ontario’s capital markets, and on ways the OSC can use innovative applications and technology in its regulation and operations. He has extensive experience helping companies develop systems and products to lower the cost of investing and saving. aus oder wählen Sie 'Einstellungen verwalten', um weitere Informationen zu erhalten und eine Auswahl zu treffen. This scoreboard is an annual comparative analysis of EU countries' innovation performance, benchmarked with other European international competitors.


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