occupy wall street

Maybe they win of number, 99% against 1%, yet they should hold this protest continuously so that the OWS hope for equality can be reached. This matter got worse when gender is involved, because – thanks to the notorious sexism – women are paid less than men in that horrible economic situation. They're not protesting banking. At one point, protesters started to push police barricades into the streets. The second one is the unemployment level. [44][45] Huffington Post reporter Paul Taylor said the slogan was "arguably the most successful slogan since 'Hell no, we won't go!'" • Give a Loud Voice for Social Problem Because of the Wall StreetThe problem was not only the economic problem. "[231], Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said that while there were "bad actors" that needed to be "found and plucked out", he believes that targeting one industry or region of America is a mistake and views encouraging the Occupy Wall Street protests as "dangerous" and inciting "class warfare". (Nov. 4, 2011) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/02/occupy-wall-street-congress_n_1071745.html, Memmott, Mark. Instead of getting better jobs to improve their economic situations, the immigrants are stuck to the border and being killed slowly in their detainment. It’s no secret that America has a horrible law regarding minimum wage, as minimum wage workers such as servers had to rely on customer tips instead.

Here are the notable issues from this movement. These students have been in cooperation with the knowledgeable activists of the economic justice. They can persuade the government to make some laws that only be beneficial for them and these laws usually became the disadvantage for poor people. The declaration stated that the "grievances are not all-inclusive". "[55], An article on the same subject published in Salon Magazine by Natasha Leonard noted "Occupy has been central to driving media stories about income inequality in America. This made the gap between rich and poor people greater and also made living in the US difficult.

Why did people join OWS? Please fold/pack up your tents during the day - it will be crazy full with activities at FDR Park.

(Nov. 4, 2011) http://www.npr.org/2011/11/04/142002704/income-gap-becomes-politicians-latest-battleground, Matsu, Kono.

", "Income inequality in America: The 99 percent", "Tax Data Show Richest 1 Percent Took a Hit in 2008, But Income Remained Highly Concentrated at the Top. [191] Nationally, a little under 8,000 Occupy affiliated arrests have been documented by tallying numbers published in local newspapers. They can do nothing when the one percent already gives out the rule. They can still make money and seem didn’t care about the lower and middle-class people’s condition. To achieve their goals, protesters acted on consensus-based decisions made in general assemblies which emphasized redress through direct action over the petitioning to authorities. The effects can be seen, for example, in the criticism of Hillary Clinton for paid speeches she delivered to Wall Street firms. What kind of movement is it? Not only that, but this movement was also a chance to open others’ eyes about the current condition in the US.

Bloomberg. Join us to #OccupyDNC by joining #OccupyFDR. After quite long grueling experience on these problems, there has been a massive turn on the public opinion to fight against the government because of the releasing Wall Street and also the ignorance on the devastated economic crisis of people on the main street by having so many job losses and also foreclosures. 43% of those polled had a higher opinion of the Tea Party movement than the Occupy movement. There were so many people camped in Wall Street area, almost 20,000 people camped and held protested that the government should take action for this. East Side This “Arab Spring” could be counted as a success, so people who join OWS also hoped that this movement can get similar success. • Immigrants Issues Zuccotti Park Press. : Scenes From Occupied America, published by Verso Books in 2012. Abu-Jamal, Mumia; Walker, Alice (2012). Micah White, [74] However others, such as those who issued the Liberty Square Blueprint, are opposed to setting demands, saying they would limit the movement by implying conditions and limiting the duration of the movement. Click here for a list of actions, meetings, assemblies in New York. Programmed by the co-creator of Occupy Wall Street and powered by Ethereum, Sparkle is a better money. ", "Occupy Wall Street Doesn't Adequately Represent Struggling Black Population, Experts Say", "Occupy movement fails to connect with blacks", "Occupy This: Wall Street Pay Rises as Profits Fall", "Wall Street paychecks back near pre-recession highs", "Demonizing the Rich Misappropriates the Blame", "Occupy Wall Street Spreads Class Warfare Across the Country", "Remember Occupy Wall Street? “OWS, along with the events of the Great Recession, created this demonization of Wall Street that we’ve seen in both political parties,” Skocpol says. [149][150][151][152], Occupy Wall Street activists disseminated their movement updates through variety of mediums, including social media, print magazines, newspapers, film, radio and live stream. Eventually both factions came together. "[280] Though the day fell short of its wildest ambitions, tens of thousands of people participated in a march through New York City, demonstrating continued support for Occupy Wall Street's cause and concerns. This condition can lead to the high inequality of the nation. this website is free / open source software on github, call to action published by Micah White in Adbusters magazine, The End of Protest: A New Playbook for Revolution, THE END OF PROTEST: A NEW PLAYBOOK FOR REVOLUTION, Everyone has the Right to Occupy Space, Safely, “making technologies, knowledge, and culture open to all to freely access, create, modify, and distribute.”. In addition, it also can affect the difference in education level in the USA. They came with so many slogans and even unique costumes, to get the attention, from the government and also from the media. [71][72] One OWS group that favored specific demands created a document entitled the 99 Percent Declaration,[73] but this was regarded as an attempt to "co-opt" the "Occupy" name,[74] and the document and group were rejected by the General Assemblies of Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Philadelphia. communique. Our peaceful presence in this beautiful park will help us strengthen our networks to each other and build political power beyond the campaign of Bernie Sanders. However, in 2012, the group attempted to celebrate the 6-month anniversary by taking over Zuccotti Park once again. Occupying Language: The Secret Rendezvous with History and the Present. Protesters blocked access to the New York Stock Exchange as well as other intersections in the area. San Jose Mercury News. (Nov. 4, 2011) http://abcnews.go.com/Business/slideshow/occupy-wall-street-global-14743854, Adbusters. [2] By October 2, all but 20 of the arrestees had been released with citations for disorderly conduct and a criminal court summons. If you choose to interact with the content on our site, we will likely receive compensation. It seemed that democracy has vanished from the country.

The increasing population will lead to an increase in vehicle demand. Oct. 14, 2011. [162][163] Afterwards, it continued to collect and publish images under the Creative Commons for non commercial use license, to spread the artwork throughout the movement.

The movement started small with only 200 people joined at that time. [243], Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Chris Hedges, a supporter of the movement, argues that OWS had popular support and "articulated the concerns of the majority of citizens. They have learned lots of things on how to seek for justice in the United States. – The Appearance of the Community MovementRight after this economic crisis in 2008, people started to begin protesting against the insurance companies and banks like AIG. Once purchased, the group chose to forgive the loans.

They demand that everyone has the same chance to voice their ideas in public, have the right to own property, and have the same access to social services and social goods. Cecily McMillan was charged with and convicted of assaulting a police officer and sentenced to 90 days in Rikers Island Penitentiary. • Bad Effect on Social Side The economic condition in the US affected the social condition too. According to Jones, contemporary anarchists involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement face the same dilemma as their early predecessors — whether to use violence. The big group of ethnicities in the USA consists of native America, White People, Black People, Asians, and Hispanics. She stole a Democratic nomination that rightfully belongs to Bernie Sanders. The ethnicity of the USA can be also correlated with the inequality of unemployment level, education, and poverty.

The protesters were forced out of Zuccotti Park on November 15, 2011.

It turns out that the condition that the gap between the poor and the rich ones make a great social problem. Here Are 8 Smart Money Moves You Can Make Now, Bad Dogs: These Breeds Are the Worst for Your Home Insurance Policy. We chose Everest because it is the most blatant con job on the higher ed landscape. Tags: Why Occupy Wall Street Exists – Occupy Wall Street is a movement to protest about different things. Both of them and the rest of the team created a poster and wrote the background of the protest. From the OWS, the leaderless mass protest in Wall Street, DC, we can learn that no need for violence in order to make other people listen to your problem.

They see it more like a possibility than problem, just how people see it today. Huffington Post. Oct. 17, 2011. However, this slogan highlighted their suffering. I'm hoping we can strike a balance on parameters because this could be a long term stay."[137]. [198] On October 4, a group of protesters who were arrested on the bridge filed a lawsuit against the city, alleging that officers had violated their constitutional rights by luring them into a trap and then arresting them. On 9 October 2011, activists in cities in over 25 countries repeated calls for a global protest on 15 October.

New York used a progressive stack, in which people from marginalized groups are sometimes allowed to speak before people from dominant groups. This place is well known as the centre of the US economy. Nov. 2, 2011. Normally the park is cleaned and inspected every weeknight [but] because the protesters refuse to cooperate ... the park has not been cleaned since Friday, September 16 and as a result, sanitary conditions have reached unacceptable levels. [118] Eric Smith, a local chef who was laid off at the Sheraton in Midtown, said that he was running a five-star restaurant in the park. "#OccupyWallStreet." The protest about the gap between rich and poor people in the US was held back in September 2011. Kazin described the Occupy Wall Street anarchists as "ultra-egalitarian, radically environmentalist, effortlessly multicultural and scrupulously non-violent", describing them as the "cyber-clever progeny of Henry David Thoreau and Emma Goldman." There were the mostly college educated activists and intellectuals who essentially made up the government of the park, and the drifters who slept in the park and relied on donations mostly allocated by the first … The 99 percent of US citizens are included as poor people with minimum wage. “Now elected officials, people running for office, and pundits all feel they have to address this issue—and that was not true before 2011.”, Sanders’ criticism of the corrupting influence of big money on politics was to some degree an outgrowth of the Occupy movement, Skocpol agrees: “Those themes, championed by Occupy Wall Street, have also been championed by Sanders.”, Ad Practitioners, LLC


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