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a strongly reduced carbon tax rate (natural gas), with the exception of the bulk of natural gas that is used by the offshore industry which is subject to both a carbon tax (with a rate of NOK 453 per tonne of CO

It allied fossil fuel extraction to a robust judicial system and political institutions, and created what is now the world’s largest  sovereign wealth fund. Its average carbon tax is about three or four times higher than the estimated price of quota in the Kyoto Protocol. Norway has had carbon taxes since 1991. Some view the latest project with skepticism.

October 2012., Prasad, M. Taxation as a regulatory tool: Lessons from environmental taxes in Europe, Tobin Project Conference “Toward a New Theory of Regulation.” February, 2008. Plentiful reserves of fossil fuels and rich seams of valuable minerals are no guarantee of national health, wealth or happiness. Over time, this will result in changes to production and consumption patterns and encourage the development and deployment of new technology. This has an effect on electricity prices in Norway as well, even though production is hydropower-based. Retrieved from, Turner, C. The carbon cleansers, Canadian Geographic.

This pension plan has the similar mechanism to that of income tax reduction program.

Therefore, these industries lack motivation to increase fuel efficiency and to reduce GHG emissions.

In March 2020, about 75% of all cars sold in Norway were plug-in electrics—the highest such share in any country.

There is an additional levy on the grid tariff of NOK 0.01 per kWh for households and NOK 800 per year for other end users, which is used to finance the Energy Fund managed by Enova. More information on how the power market functions can be found here. At the same, Norway has a long coastline and many glaciers, so it is especially sensitive to the threat of climate change, which causes global warming and ocean rising. General speaking, the carbon tax scheme has limited effects on reducing GHG emissions in Norway.

The price of allowances has seen a sharp rise since 2017. Sumner, J., Bird, L., & Dobos, H. Carbon taxes: A review of experience and policy design considerations. Norway government pays great attention to environmental sustainability and implements strict climate change policy. The ETS covers greenhouse gas emissions from most land-based industry sectors, the oil and gas industry and aviation, and the price of emission allowances is currently equivalent to around NOK 200 per tonne CO2-eq. The OECD has compared different countries’ tax rates in the transport sector, and found that only the UK taxes fuel use in this sector more heavily than Norway. Usually, revenues from carbon taxes are distributed in three ways: (1) to develop special carbon mitigation programs, (2) to return tax revenue to individuals, such as through income tax reduction program, (3) to use as supplement of government budgets. That was one reason why Statoil (now Equinor) built some of the world’s first carbon capture plants aimed solely at reducing emissions.

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In 2018, the tax rate is NOK 0.1658 per kWh. The millions of tons of carbon dioxide that these plants buried are monitored and expected to remain underground for many thousands of years. The $2.6 billion CCS project could lower the cost of the technology and open up a new business opportunity for Norway. Tax rates in the non-ETS sectors vary. This time might be different. For example, the metal industry and chemical industry are partially exempted from the carbon tax. Print illustration The effect of the ETS is to raise the cost of fossil electricity production in Europe, thus pushing up electricity prices.

It can be considered as a market-based mechanism to reduce GHG emissions. Required fields are marked *. Total taxes on fuel for road vehicles, including the road use duty, correspond to NOK 1 900–2 700 per tonne CO2. As a result, the carbon tax in Norway covers about 68% of its total CO 2 emissions, or about 50% of its GHG emissions (UNFCCC 2006). The effects of emissions trading and taxation, A sustainable and reliable energy supply system, The development of Norway’s energy supply system, The EEA Agreement and Norwegian energy policy. A reduced tax rate (NOK 0.0048 per kWh) applies to other manufacturing industries, mining and quarrying, onshore oil and gas facilities, district heating production, large data centres, commercial shipping and to all business and industry in Finnmark and northern Troms.
As a result, the carbon tax in Norway covers about 68% of its total CO2 emissions, or about 50% of its GHG emissions (UNFCCC 2006).

Manufacturing of pulp and paper and herring flour face half the maximum carbon tax. The administrative authorities usually decide the carbon tax rates. On the other hand, even though Norway increased its industrial efficiency, its total GHG emissions, however, increased 15% from 1991 to 2008, because of the expansion of its industries, especially its petroleum industry (Summer 2011). The rest will come from oil companies Equinor ASA, Total SA and Royal Dutch Shell Plc, experts in handling gases and drilling under the seabed. By one estimate, Norwegian government subsidies for electric cars effectively cost the state about $1,350 per ton of carbon dioxide avoided (assuming a car has a 10-year life).

At present, both Norway’s electricity industry and energy use in buildings have already realized GHG-emission‐free. In the US, the tax rate is equivalent to barely NOK 100 per tonne CO2. Do you have suggestions or questions about the website, we would appreciate your feedback: 2011. Petroleum production and natural gas extraction have been imposed the highest tax rate, which is $71.84 per tonne CO2 in 2013(Johnston 2012). In 1991, the country introduced a carbon tax for offshore oil drilling. Baranzini, A., Goldemberg, J., Speck,S.

More information on the Norwegian taxation system is available in the 2017 budget. Olav Øye of Bellona Foundation, an environmental think tank, says the cost of the carbon dioxide captured by the project would be approximately $140 per metric ton.

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Carbon Tax is a tax based on GHG generated from burning carbon content fuels. You can email him with feedback. As other European countries also look to the technology, the Norwegian shelf could become the place where the emissions are buried. Its average carbon tax is about three or four times higher than the estimated price of quota in the Kyoto Protocol. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Compliance Committee.


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