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One of them is the legendary M 130. The dual ribbons in the M130 are back-to-front, rather than side-to-side as in some … (Beyerdynamic’s M160 is the directional counterpart to the M130, and a great choice for the “mid” mic in this scenario.) Find all of your Beyerdynamic needs at Get the lowest price on the Beyerdynamic M130 Ribbon Microphone. beyerdynamic) FREQUENCY RESPONSE CURVE 2.5 dB) M 130 dB 10 20 50 250 500 Hz 200 900 1200 500 1000 2000 5000 YEL BLUE 10000 20000 f(Hz) POLAR PATTERN 3000 270 240' 330 210 8 kHz WIRING DIAGRAM M 130 … The M 130… Studio recordings Instruments Overhead Ambience recordings MS (together with the M 160) and Blumlein recordings beyerdynamic is one of few microphone manufacturers world-wide that still produce ribbon microphones. Beyerdynamic TG D35d Specifications; Beyerdynamic TG D35d User Manual; Beyerdynamic GMS-32 / GMS 52 Specifications; Beyerdynamic Orbis Control Unit Data Sheet; Beyerdynamic Orbis MU 21 Data Sheet; Beyerdynamic Orbis MU 23 Data Sheet; Beyerdynamic GM 313 Q Data Sheet; Beyerdynamic Classis RM 30 - Specifications; Beyerdynamic … Free shipping on many Beyerdynamic items!


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