mv dorset 1942

Napoletani, Italy and renamed Rania G. Scrapped in June 1983 in Palermo, Italy. Sold in 1947 to Straits Steamship Co Ltd, Hong Kong and renamed Membau.

Sold in 1947 to McCowan & Gross Ltd, London and renamed Derryheen.

Bronzo reported that it had sunk Deucalion and the captain of Kenya described the state of the convoy as "chaotic". Empire Moorland was a 683 GRT dredger which was built by William Simons & Co Ltd, Renfrew. Empire Maymount was a 394 GRT coaster which was built by S P Austin & Sons Ltd, Sunderland.

(Previous Malta convoys had refuelled on arrival but now the island had no oil to spare. Sold in 1966 to Danish shipbreakers, resold and arrived under tow on 3 February 1966 at Santander, Spain for scrapping. By using the links below you can navigate from here to record(s) which are … Sold in 1951 to Mount Line Ltd and renamed Mount Parker, remaining under Mollers' management.

le croiseur HMS Kenya. The third wave comprised a pair of Re.2001G/V fighter-bombers from the Sezione Speciale (Special Section), intended to carry 1,390 lb (630 kg) low-altitude armour-piercing bombs. Sold in 1966 to Manizade Vapuru Donmata Istiraki and renamed Manizade.

Les Britanniques avaient installés un radar dès 1939.

Empire Maytime was a 394 GRT coaster which was built by Ailsa Shipbuilding Co Ltd, Troon.

[7], Operation Julius, a plan to supply Malta by simultaneous convoys from Gibraltar in Operation Harpoon and Alexandria by Operation Vigorous (12–15/16 June) was a costly failure. Launched on 21 June 1943 and completed in September 1943. Sold in 1954 to Pacific Shipowners Ltd and renamed Meklong.

Feldmarschall Albert Kesselring of the Luftwaffe commanded German ground forces in the theatre as Commander-in-Chief South (Oberbefehlshaber Süd, OB Süd) but had no authority over Axis operations in North Africa or the organisation of convoys to Libya. [8] Damaged on 26 April 1943 by a mine off Rabat, Morocco at 34°08′N 07°58′W / 34.133°N 7.967°W / 34.133; -7.967 beached and initially expected to be declared a total constructive loss. plus de 1700 raids aériens sur l'île (plus de tonnes Empire Mars was an 8,199 GRT tanker which was built by Sir J Laing & Sons Ltd, Sunderland. Le carburant était indispensable aux avions

Empire Ibex was abandoned on 2 July and sank.

[76] More air attacks disrupted the towing formation, until it was re-established with Bramham replacing Ledbury for the remainder of the journey. Photographs. de voir la flotte italienne vaincue dans leurs ports, cette flotte This engine had been fitted to the 1927 built Elax in 1946, Elax was then scrapped.

The arrival of four merchant ships and a tanker was unsatisfactory, because the revival of Malta as an offensive base would affect Axis supply routes in what might be the "decisive phase of the struggle for North Africa".

Sold in 1965 to SA Italiene Lavore e Maritimi, Italy and renamed Nettuno. retrouver après quelques heures de travaux une vitesse de 28 Empire ships were mostly used during World War II by the Ministry of War Transport (MoWT), which owned the ships but contracted out their management to various shipping lines; however, some ships requisitioned during the Suez Crisis were also named as Empire ships.

An adult male worker had a daily intake of 1,690 calories and women and children received 1,500 calories. Launched on 17 January 1942 and completed in April 1942. Scrapped in April 1959 at Hirao, Japan.

[5], Malta was also a base for air, sea and submarine operations against Axis supply convoys and from 1 June to 31 October 1941, British forces sank about 220,000 long tons (220,000 t) of Axis shipping on the African convoy routes, 94,000 long tons (96,000 t) by the navy and 115,000 long tons (117,000 t) by the Royal Air Force (RAF) and Fleet Air Arm (FAA).

Sold later that year to Societa Armadora Insular Sa, Panama and renamed Silver Wake. To MoWT in 1941 and renamed Empire Madge. At 01:30 the cruisers had turned east and run along the north coast of Sicily; British aircraft from Malta had conducted a ruse to decoy the cruisers but the main attacking force on Malta was held back, in case the Italian battleships sailed from Taranto. Luftgau Afrika (Air District Africa) expected a landing at Tripoli on 13 or 14 August.

[65], Fliegerkorps II sent 650 sorties against Pedestal from 11 to 14 August and claimed twelve aircraft shot down for eighteen losses.

Scrapped in Dublin. The main part of the convoy was attacked at 00:40 by four boats of the German III Squadron and thirteen torpedo boats of the Italian 18° MAS, 2° MS and 20° MAS, which made 15 attacks; the long line of merchant ships and the reduced number of escort ships providing an easy target.

[83] Ohio was surrounded by ships to nurse the tanker to Grand Harbour and several American volunteers from Santa Eliza manned anti-aircraft guns on Ohio during the tow. The bombs were not ready and the aircraft carried anti-personnel bombs; the fighter-bombers were accompanied by a special radio-controlled SM.79, loaded with a 2,200 lb (1,000 kg) bomb and directed by Generale di brigata Ferdinando Raffaelli in a Cant Z1007. Operated under the management of Moller Line Ltd, Hong Kong. Wreck reported sold to a Chinese company on 9 June 1950. Arrived on 16 October 1971 at Kaohsiung, Taiwan for scrapping. rimutaka iii 1938-1950. turakina iv crusader. Only twelve SM.79s were able to drop torpedoes, at the long range of 3,000 yd (2,700 m) and Foresight was hit on the stern, sending crewmen flying through the air.

S 59 attacked and claimed a freighter about 5 nmi (5.8 mi; 9.3 km) north-east of Cap Bon, but no ships were hit there. Empire Mustang was a 242 GRT tug which was built by J S Watson Ltd, Gainsborough. The ship was scuttled on the following day. Empire Maysong was a 394 GRT coaster which was built by Scott & Sons Ltd, Bowling, West Dunbartonshire. Sold in 1948 to Afon Lliedi Steamship Co and renamed Afon Morlais. Arrived on 21 February at Hong Kong for scrapping. The German crews made extravagant claims but did little damage and three Italian reconnaissance aircraft were also shot down. To Lykes Brothers-Ripley Steamship Co Inc in 1933 then to MoWT in 1940 and renamed Empire Mahseer. Le siège débuta lors de la déclaration de guerre Sold in 1947 to Alpha South African Steamship Co and renamed Alpha Zambesi.

[36] Luftwaffe reconnaissance aircraft reported at 19:00 that a convoy of two battleships, two carriers, two cruisers, fourteen destroyers and twelve merchantmen was on an easterly course, 55 nmi (102 km; 63 mi) north-north-east of Oran.

The Italian destroyers chased several Asdic contacts and three sailed within 1,000 yd (910 m) of Unbroken, which fired four torpedoes after they had passed by. Ramming was discouraged by the Admiralty, due to the damage that often resulted. On 23 January 1947 she dragged her anchors and ran aground at Tel Aviv, Palestine. Empire Manor was abandoned and she broke in two the following day, with the stern section sinking. He was sunk on many occasions and sailed in both the Australian and British merchant navy. l'attaque fut aussitôt décidée et menée lourds (Gorizia, Bolzano, et Trieste), plus trois croiseurs légers To MoWT in 1940 and renamed Empire Mermaid. On 30 October 1971 she was stranded and wrecked in a typhoon at Chu Lai, South Vietnam.

Sold in 1946 to British Tanker Co Ltd and renamed British Swordfish.

[3] From August 1940 to the end of August 1942, 670 Hawker Hurricane and Supermarine Spitfire fighters had been flown off carriers in the western Mediterranean. Machinery was salvaged and shipped to Canada. [62][h], The loss of Eagle with its 16 aircraft and the damage to Indomitable which kept its 47 more aircraft out of action, reduced the number of operational fighters to eight Sea Hurricanes, three Martlets and ten Fulmars, as Force Z was due to leave the convoy, to remain outside the range of Axis aircraft based in Sardinia.

Sold in May 1946 to Clan Line Steamers Ltd and renamed Clan Buchanan. [13] The convoy comprised 14 merchant vessels, the most important being Ohio, the only large, fast tanker available, a US ship loaned to the British, with a British crew. Le ravitaillement de l'île se faisait dans des conditions terribles. [107], MAS 556, MAS 553, MAS 533, MAS 562, MAS 560, 287th, 146th, 170th, 144th, 197th squadriglie bateaux-torpilleurs.

Get the item you ordered or your money back. The stern section was beached at Grenouillère in May 1950 and scrapped in situ.

sold in 1958 to Compagnia de Navigazione San Antonio Ltd, Costa Rica and renamed Olga Minacoulis. By 20:30, Indomitable had worked up to 28.5 kn (52.8 km/h; 32.8 mph) but the damage to the flight deck left it out of action. [67], KG 54 and KG 77 dispatched 30 Ju 88s with seven He 111 torpedo-bombers from 6/KG 26 escorted by six Bf 110s of 6/ZG 26 and the destroyers were still with the damaged ships and when the raid was detected by radar at 20:35; six long-range Beaufighters of 248 Squadron arrived and were also fired on by the convoy gunners. About forty minutes after the turn a Luftwaffe reconnaissance aircraft reported the new course; Pedestal was about 250 nmi (290 mi; 460 km) from Malta with no local air cover, because of the four Fulmars left for the convoy, one had been shot down and one damaged by Bf 109s. Excludes: Bolivia, Haiti, Liberia, Nicaragua, Turkmenistan, Paraguay. Launched on 2 June 1943 and completed in August 1943. Français en : Tchèque

21 h : Le sous-marin italien Alagi coule un navire marchand et endommage le croiseur HMS Kenya.


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