We recommend using the accessible trip feature on the homepage of this website, but we also have additional resources. Search for procurement opportunities across all MTA agencies, Update contact information and remit to address, as needed, View POs and associated payment / invoice status, Respond to public procurement opportunities online, Select categories for the goods and services you sell. Coronavirus updates: MTA Service During the Coronavirus Pandemic, Read more. Lowers your days sales outstanding (DSO) to an average of 22 days when paid early. MTA Home; NYC Subways and Buses; Long Island Rail Road; Metro-North Railroad; Bridges and Tunnels; MTA Capital Program; Schedules; Fares & Tolls; Maps; Planned Service Changes; MTA Info; Doing Business With Us; Transparency. The Business Service Center portal, www.mymta.info, is temporarily unavailable.MTA Information Technology is working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible How to change your name, address, email, or phone. studies, visual and material cultures, women's and gender studies, Social sciences – Commerce, economics, environmental studies, It is important that you follow these guidelines to assist the BSC in getting your payments processed in a timely manner. Track key metrics we use to measure how people with a range of access needs navigate our bus and subway system. The reduced fare is half the base fare. Invoices that do not meet the above criteria will be returned to the vendor for correction, possibly delaying payment. PCAs may also ride for free on the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad. You will have access to: In order to qualify for a Bachelor of Science degree, students must complete 120 credits.

We hold trainings to ensure that customers who have disabilities may be able to ride the bus or subway to work, school, health and recreation facilities, and the many cultural institutions for which New York is famous. Find out more about the "living lab" and the features that we tested, some of which are still on display. Why NYC Transit. LIRR Emp. Benefits. Exam Information .

Be a part of the team solving today's most challenging transit problems. Home.

Greek, history, Indigenous studies, Latin, philosophy, religious

Invoices should be emailed to invoice@mtabsc.org. ALL MTA EMPLOYEES AND CONTRACTORS NEED TO COMPLETE THE ONE-TIME IAMS REGISTRATION! We incorporate customer feedback in all that we do. Find out more about how and if you qualify. It is important … Your card refills automaticaly. From travel to health insurance, quickly find the form you need.

A "forward" of a forwarded email.
Help Center. It is enabling thousands of medical workers and first responders to get to and from their jobs. Exam Information . Ask a question and a BSC representative will contact you.

Student Program. Student Program. For fastest processing, please send only one invoice per email. Do not send "interactive" or "fillable" PDFs (i.e., PDFs that require input). Personal care attendants (PCA's) help people with disabilities in their daily life, including in travel.

Provides secure access to view your approved invoices. Students must complete six credits (two courses) in each of four categories: For more details, see the Mount Allison Academic Calendar, Campus Maps / Contact Us Science at Mount Allison is hands-on and engaging.

Save time, skip the line. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science

Although customers are not required to carry identification for their service animals, New York City Transit, through its Office of ADA Compliance, issues a service animal voluntary identification (ID) card that customers may obtain and carry for convenience. Include an email for billing inquiries in your invoice.

Bridges and Tunnels Details about tolls, rules and regulations, and service notices. Please know that your work is critical during this health-care crisis. Bridges and Tunnels Details about tolls, rules and regulations, and service notices. Please scrutinize any purchase orders that are out of the ordinary or appear to be suspicious. The BSC encourages all vendors to accept payments through ACH/EFT.

LATS-NY COVID-19 Time Tracking for Extra Service, Extra Time and... Holiday Payment Automation Module Reference Guide, Guidance: Work Related to COVID-19 on a Holiday. LATS-NY COVID-19. New York City Transit Welcomes A Wide Variety Of Professions. You can also check out previous editions of our newsletters. Make sure your invoice has an 8 1/2" x 11" print area.

Search All Jobs. Diversity and Inclusion. Jobs that require exams

Simplifies and provides easy account activation through the C2FO administrator.
Download an Accessible Subways and Bus Travel Guide, Make an ADA-related Complaint or Reasonable Modification Request, Personal Care Attendants & Service Animals, NYCT Advisory Committee for Transit Accessibility, Reasonable Modification Request or appeal, Find out more about how and if you qualify. Send invoices with accompanying supporting documentation to the contracting agency (MTA Construction & Development, NYC Transit and Staten Island Railway, Metro-North Railroad, Long Island Rail Road, MTA Bus Co., or Bridges and Tunnels. Your balance is always protected. Contact us with questions, concerns, experiences, or ideas about accessibility in our system. MTA eTix How to buy and use commuter rail tickets on your phone. Diversity and Inclusion. Enter your Single Sign-On credentials below. Current Employee Benefits. You may choose to: Science programs at Mount Allison: In some science programs, students can choose to do a Bachelor of Science (BSc) or another degree (as indicated). MTA eTix How to buy and use commuter rail tickets on your phone.

THE MTA . program of study through distribution requirements. sociology, women's and gender studies, Sciences – biochemistry, biology, chemistry, computer science, data MTA employees must apply via the My MTA Portal. Read more. With a degree in Science from Mount Allison, you will not only acquire notable research and technical skills, but also the interpersonal skills needed to succeed in any science-related career. Enter your Single Sign-On credentials below. Find answers to common questions at the BSC Help Center. Put the invoice in the body of the email.

The MTA separates capital-funded expenditures from operating-funded expenditures.

Do not include gifs, tifs, or jpegs, even in your company email header. • Medical The MTA Business Service Center (BSC) processes all invoices for vendors doing business with the MTA and its operating agencies, which includes: MTA Headquarters; New York City Transit; Staten Island Railway; Long Island Rail Road; Metro-North Railroad; Bridges and Tunnels; Construction & Development ; MTA Bus Company; Following are the guidelines for invoice processing. At New York City Transit you get more than just a paycheck. Do not send Microsoft documents that are read-only.You can check by opening the document. How to fill out your timesheet and account for special occurrences. Find out more about the "living lab" and the features that we tested, some of which are still on display, The Advisory Committee for Transit Accessibility, Sign up to receive our regular newsletter.

Find out how to register. All vendors should contact the BSC for inquiries about the status of invoice payments.

The Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) has provided information on how to file for retirement benefits during the COVID-19 emergency. approach to important issues by taking courses from outside their Employment Home. You will receive payment from the BSC. At Jay St-MetroTech Station in Downtown Brooklyn, tested over a dozen new features - including both physical infrastructure and smartphone apps, all designed to make subway travel more accessible for riders of all abilities, including those with vision, hearing, mobility or cognitive disabilities. My MTA Portal is a self-service way for suppliers and bidders to conduct business with the MTA.

At New York City Transit you get more than just a paycheck. Do not send Microsoft documents with non-standard print areas and margins If the print area is outside the standard 8 ½" by 11", adjust the margins before sending.

Looking for a recent or past announcement?

Sign up to receive our regular newsletter and be among the first to learn about all the exciting accessibility projects we are working on and how you can get involved. usage trends for the Reduced-Fare MetroCard program, how often buses deploy their lifts or ramps, and. Information about eligibility, the process, and your rights. Ensures that your payment process does not change.


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